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"leading the way to the new storage frontier "

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STORAGEsearch - has been leading the way to the new storage frontier since 1998.

It was the first enterprise storage portal on the web, the first to cover emerging subjects like iSCSI, SATA and SAS, and the first market authority to recognise and report the disruptive effects of solid state disks on the server market.

Our logo (shown enlarged at the top of this page) shows Megabyte and Killerbyte on their way to the new storage frontier. See also:- Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
Zsolt Kerekes - Publisher
About the editor/publisher:- ..........................
Zsolt Kerekes, who is now the same age as the hard disk drive, founded ACSL in 1991.

Following a geeky teenage interest in electronics Zsolt got a degree in Electronic Engineering from Southampton University in 1977.
In 1977 he knew he just had to get hands-on with the new generation of 8 bit micros - there was no question of doing anything else.

After designing first generation microprocessor based products for 3 international companies in the instrumentation and factory automation markets he cofounded a venture capital backed startup manufacturer of networked I/O products called Digital Instruments in 1983.

In 1988 Zsolt became development manager of a Unix systems integrator called Databasix which produced COTs 680X0 / SPARC VMEbus platforms for the defence, intelligence, broadcast and industrial markets. He led a reverse acquisition by startup Venturon, and became technical and marketing manager of the data systems division which continued the Databasix product line.

In 1991 he founded ACSL. Zsolt loves his current job and is passionate about the great opportunities in the SSD market.