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Editor's comments:- the profile below is part of Storage History. The AIT Forum no longer exists.

In October 2009 - Sony warned users that it was - at long last - end of lifing AIT drives - and they would no longer be available after March 2010.

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AIT Forum

The Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) Forum (formed in 1999) is an industry consortium of hardware and software companies dedicated to advancing the art of data storage and protection through the widespread adoption of AIT drive and format technology as an industry standard. The AIT Forum lays the groundwork for greater industry support of the AIT tape format. By bringing together system, tape automation, media, and component manufacturers, the Forum provides the basis for future technology innovation, and leverages the combined skills and resources of the Forum members to meet the intense data storage demands ofend-users.

AIT Forum

AIT Forum founding members include: ADIC, Compaq, Cybernetics, Overland Data, Qualstar, Sony, Spectra Logic and VERITAS. Many additional industry leaders have also been added since its inception and continue to join.

The AIT Forum's primary objectives include:

  • Establish AIT and its technology as a format standard in the data storage industry
  • Develop widespread acceptance of AIT by hardware, software, and operating system providers
  • Demonstrate to the industry that a strong, core group of companies support AIT
  • Provide an effective vehicle for making statements to the data storage industry and analysts
  • Allow members to reach a consensus on general and basic directions for developing AIT technology and market approaches
  • Carry out compliance activities to maintain integrity of the AIT format

If you would like to request additional information about AIT technology, solutions, or the AIT Forum, please contact us at

  • editor's comments:- the AIT Forum no longer exists. The domain name was acquired by Qualstar.

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