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AMCC - 2008

AMCC makes the highest performance SATA and SAS RAID controllers and provides the essential building blocks for the processing, moving and storing of information worldwide.

The company blends systems and software expertise with high-performance, high-bandwidth silicon integration to deliver silicon, hardware and software solutions for global wide area networks (WAN), embedded applications such as PowerPC and programmable SOC architectures, storage area networks (SAN), and high-growth storage markets such as SATA RAID. AMCC's corporate headquarters are located in San Diego, California. Sales and engineering offices are located throughout the world.

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editor's comments:- AMCC (acquired by LSI in April 2009) used to be an advertiser here for several years on You can see one of their archived banner ads (dating from from 2007) below. Clicking on it takes you to our SAS SSD directory.

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AMCC - editor's comments from Storage History

In August 2007 - Gartner said that since 2004, 3ware has grown its host bus SATA RAID controller unit market share almost twofold and that in 2006, 3ware outpaced its nearest competitor by over 45,000 units in the distribution sales channel.

In May 2008 - in an exclusive interview with - AMCC confirmed it is working with leading SSD oems to develop products which will support the flash SSD RAID market.

In April 2009 - LSI announced a definitive agreement to acquire the assets and certain associated intellectual property of the 3ware RAID adapter business of AMCC for approximately $20 million in cash.

There are nearly 500 storage acquisitions and mergers listed on Here are some others, previously acquired by LSI.
  • Agere Systems (merger) - storage controllers / adapters
  • AMI's RAID business
  • Infineon's HDD Chip Business
  • Mylex - RAID adapters
  • IntraServer Technology - SCSI & Ethernet HBAs
  • SiliconStor - SATA chips
  • StoreAge - SAN systems
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Say Goodbye to the RAID HBA...
from the article Storage Market Outlook 2010 to 2015
The high end of the RAID controller market is going to disappear.

There's little point in spending money aggregating IOPS in an array of hard disks - if the result costs more, is slower and is less reliable to operate.

Some oems, like EasyCo, have been marketing arrays of COTS 2.5" SSDs which use traditional RAID controllers since 2007. But this "open" type of design approach has been a niche within the SSD rackmount market.

Controller companies need high volume markets. Within the server accelerator part of the SSD market there are too many performance and design compromises involved in keeping the SSD and RAID controller as separate sub-systems. So fast RAID controller companies have to integrate SSD functionality - or lose this market.

AMCC 3ware (later acquired by LSI) was the 1st RAID controller to publicly confirm it was working on SSD related products - in May 2008. This was in response to asking all the leading RAID companies what their SSD plans were. Most of them - at that time - didn't seem to realize that the SSD market would soon intersect with their businesses and render their fast controllers irrelevant.

Viking was one of the 1st oems to include a true SSD (with wear-leveling) as a module for RAID adapters in early 2009. But such solutions merely improve a product type within a declining market - rather than extend the market's life.

SSD ASAPs - Auto-tuning SSD Accelerated Pools of storage - represent one way for traditional RAID companies to leverage their technology assets garnered from their hard drive experience - while making inroads into the SSD space. It's a new market in which there are no established market leaders.

PCIe SSDs are the quickest way for HBA companies to enter the SSD market -because of the low technical entry costs. And in January 2010 LSI announced its intentions to enter this market segment - making it approximately the 163rd company to enter the SSD market.

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