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AoE Storage

AoE (ATA-over-Ethernet) is a network storage standard which provides a simple user interface to mount disks on the network.

The 1st news mention of AoE here on StorageSearch.com was in September 2003. But support for it hitherto has been miniscule and compatible products are only available from a handful of vendors.

New storage interface standards can take many years to grow into significant markets. iSCSI - for example - took 6 years to become a billion dollar / year market from the time in March 2001 that we 1st created a directory page for it.

AoE has been slow to take off. - It's still a tiny market compared to iSCSI. But 2010 may be the year that the AoE vendor count grows - due to the better availability of design kits and platforms for systems integrators and cheap availability of GbE components.

But AoE is not slow. - Due to cutting out several network layers - its fans claim it's faster than iSCSI or FC SANs - using the same network speed in a VMware environment.
Here are some AoE resources and articles which you might find useful.
  • What is AoE? - published by its inventing company - Coraid - is a good starting point for technical features.
  • AoE - this Wikipedia, article lists known OS support.
  • How AoE Storage Works - a simple graphic in this page by 2Degrees Frost shows why AoE could be quite good at performance. AoE operates at a low network layer - which minimizes overhead latencies.
  • Access over Ethernet: Insecurities in AoE (pdf\) - this white paper says that AoE may be great for implementing a consumer SAN but shows why you need to be careful in corporate networks. "The protocol is without security. The security lies with the infrastructure and it's correct configuration."
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AoE storage article on StorageSearch.com
AoE storage
Megabyte found that hitching together
2 proven platforms could yield interesting results.
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AoE Storage Manufacturers List

Editor:- January 29, 2010 - StorageSearch.com plans to publish a list of known AoE storage oems.

As with our other directories - it will be updated daily.

If you think your company should be added - contact the publisher by email with supporting evidence.
AoE Storage oems - preliminary

2Degrees Frost


JW Electronics

LayerWalker Technology

Nexenta Systems

Swift Systems

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