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Axxana was co-founded in 2005 based on unique innovation by veterans of the storage industry in order to address the number one challenge in data protection; recovering data at any distance with zero data loss. Axxana provides a compelling solution that is set to change the face of Disaster Recovery. Axxana has introduced a new domain in the Data Protection arena, namely Enterprise Data Recording (EDR). Serving enterprises around the world and developed in close conjunction with some of the most prestigious names in the data storage industry, Axxana has risen to the challenge by developing its first EDR System.

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Editor:- in the future there will be 3 types of SSD in the datacenter.

Two of them will be successors to product ranges shipping now - but one of them doesn't exist yet - not even as a prototype.

The new model of the datacenter - in which bulk storage SSDs will displace hard disks for content backup (and the economic reasons why that will happen) is just one of the many ideas explored in this visionary article - Reaching for the petabyte SSD.