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Michael Raam, CEO, SandForce
Here's an article written by or about SandForce

SandForce SSDs break TPC-C records - published in SemiAccurate

Michael says he chose this article because it provides a good independently written overview of the key features that differentiate SandForce SSD Processors from other controllers available today. The article covers the key features of DuraClass technology which bring unprecedented reliability, performance, and energy efficiency to Enterprise, Client, and Industrial storage markets.

Here's an article written by SandForce

Key Challenges in SSD Controller Development - published in Electronic Design

Michael Raam says There are some major challenges in SSD controller design that require very creative solutions. And this article discusses many of those challenges that better explains the issues."

Other SSD article suggestions...

SSDs Take Out the Garbage - published in EnterpriseStorageForum

With so much confusion around how garbage collection works, Michael wanted to pass along this article link with some interesting information and explanation around this feature.

7-Way SSD Roundup - SandForce vs JMicron - published in HotHardware

Michael says because SandForce does not build SSDs directly, it is often difficult to know which SSD offerings include a SandForce SSD Processor. This article names a number of SSD suppliers and the recent models which include the SandForce processor as well as the performance expectations from these drives.

Write amplification - on Wikipedia

Michael has come across a good summary on Write Amplification that explains in detail what makes up this very complex element of Solid State Drives. It also provides details as to what causes the number to increase or decrease.

Editor:- thanks Michael for sharing your SSD links.

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this set of SSD bookmark suggestions

was published - July 2010

and updated with new suggestions - January 2011

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Editor's comments from SSD market history.
In 2009 - SandForce became the 1st company to offer high performance symmetric R/W IOPS in a 2.5" flash SSD form factor. Previously such performance in flash SSDs (as opposed to RAM SSDs) had only been achieved in much larger form factors such as PCIe SSD cards and rackmounts.

Soon after launching its first products - in April 2009 - SandForce became the best known maker of SSD controllers. And the company has achieved high rankings in's quarterly rankings of the top 10 SSD oems.

How did the SSD market change from:- Who cares? to You care! about the identity of SSD controllers? - I discussed that in an article called - Imprinting the brain of the SSD

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