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SSD Bookmarks series

suggested by - Woody Hutsell, President Texas Memory Systems
Here's an article written by or about Texas Memory Systems

Flash SSD Reliability (pdf)

Woody Hutsell says he chose this article because Flash reliability is a topic of great interest right now, and this paper approaches the subject in a unique and very readable manner, starting at the chip level and working up through the board level all the way to the enterprise architecture perspective.

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Woody Hutsell says - "As you know, the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) started a new group last summer, called the Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI). This new organization has the ambitious goal of becoming a major advocacy group for solid state storage. SSSI is starting to publish research papers on solid state storage topics. The first one, Solid State Storage 101 (pdf), is interesting for the fact that it is the outcome of a collaboration between many companies who, in most other settings, would be serious competitors."

Other SSD bookmark suggestions...

StatspackAnalyzer - is a website where IT professionals can paste their Oracle statspacks or AWR reports and get analyses and recommendations for storage performance improvements. (It's free to use but registration is required.)

Woody Hutsell says he recommends this bookmark because - "A key ingredient to greater SSD adoption is a better understanding within the user communities of just how important storage performance is to mission success. isn't a large website, but it does have some information, a forum, and even the entire Analyzer rules list available for comment and improvement."

Editor:- thanks Woody for sharing your SSD links.

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was published - March 2009

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