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Brocade Communications Systems

Brocade (Nasdaq: BRCD) develops extraordinary networking solutions that enable today's complex, data-intensive businesses to optimise information connectivity and maximise the business value of their data. For more information, visit

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  • editor's notes:- Brocade's own company profile doesn't tell you what they do. They're in the SAN switch business. And have been for over a decade as this 1998 archived copy their home page demonstrates.

    Since those early days ethernet based storage networks and IP SANs have become a much bigger market than fibre channel SANs - but Brocade is involved in both.

    Fibre channel switches & hubs, which are now taken for granted, were once hot topics as many more companies once fought to control this market. In the summer of 2000 SAN switches were the #1 most popular subject viewed by our readers. Many of those early SAN switch pioneers were eventually acquired by their competitors.

    Today in 2008 - this topic doesn't get into the top 20 subjects viewed by our readers. It's not that the SAN switch market hasn't grown - just that many other markets have grown much bigger and faster.

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HA enterprise SSD arrays
high availabaility SSD arrays Due to the growing number of oems in the high availability / fault tolerant rackmount SSD market earlier this year published a directory dedicated to HA / FT enterprise SSD arrays.
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