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Call/Recall Inc. is privately funded and was founded in 1987 providing advanced research into optical storage technologies and ultra-high storage solutions for military and commercial customers. Call/Recall develops affordable, innovative, high-performance, terabyte-class optical storage systems that address the needs of a broad range of applications across consumer, entertainment, industrial, enterprise, and government market segments. The company's patented, versatile 2-photon 3D optical technology is based on optical storage technology invented by company co-founder, Dr. Peter Rentzepis, a world-renowned optical scientist whose work is at the core of many of the world's most advanced optical technologies in use by global technology leaders including IBM, Sony, Panasonic and Hitachi. For more information, visit www.call-recall.com or call (858) 550-0596.

  • editor's note:- in June 2007 Call Recall said it is licensing its patented optical storage technology. This currently enables a recordable a 1TB disk and has a product roadmap capable of storing multiple terabytes of information per disk.

    I was so impressed I ran it on our news page with the headline "New Company Aims Death Ray at Blu-ray Archiving"

    See also:- patent stories on STORAGEsearch.com

profile from featured press release June 27, 2007

Do you remember the movie Back to the Future?

If you could go back in time (not to the 1950s but to the 1970s, 1980s. 1990s and early 2000s) and take with you (not the idea of skateboarding) but instead a truckload of modern memory chips and SSDs (along with compatible adapters) what impact would that have?

That analysis leads onto the consideration of "back from the future" memory ideas and what their viability could be today.
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