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Compellent - circa 2010

Compellent is a leading provider of enterprise-class network storage solutions that are highly scalable, feature-rich and designed to be easy to use and cost effective. Compellent Technologies' principal offices are located in Eden Prairie, Minn. For more information, please visit:

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Compellent milestones in recent SSD market history

In October 2008 - Compellent announced support for SSDs - a feature which is being tested and expected to be generally available in Q2 2009.

"The Compellent SAN will reserve frequently accessed, active blocks of data for "tier 0" storage for applications like transactional databases that can take advantage of the significant performance gains of SSDs, and dynamically move inactive data blocks to lower storage tiers."

In March 2009 - Compellent announced it would demonstrate its tiered SSD technology at a user event in May 2009. The physical layer is based on STEC's ZeusIOPS SSDs. The soft part, something which Compellent calls policy driven Data Progression apparently " minimizes the number of SSDs required while providing the highest levels of performance for mission-critical applications."

In June 2009 - Compellent announced results generated through attendee polling conducted at its annual customer conference in May. 91% of business partners and 78% of customers responded important, very important or critical when asked, "What is your level of interest in evaluating SSDs in your environment?"

In February 2010 - Compellent published a case study (pdf) - which shows the benefits of automated tiering SAN storage - applied to the online marketing of real estate. Demonstrating the flexibility of Compellent's "Fluid Architecture" their customer - - is quoted as saying - "With the Compellent system... I'm able to get a million-dollar SAN over time and without that one-time million-dollar capital expenditure."

In February 2011 - Dell completed its acquisition of Compellent.

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"Across the whole enterprise - a single petabyte of SSD with new software could replace 10 to 50 petabytes of raw legacy HDD storage and still enable all the apps to run much faster..."
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Do you need SSD Acceleration ASAP? - see SSD ASAPs invented the term ASAP in 2009 to describe a new type of SSD appliance - Auto-tuning SSD Accelerated Pools of storage.
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What you see isn't always what you get.
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