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Coughlin Associates

Tom Coughlin, President, has been working for over 20 years in the data storage field at Ampex, Polaroid, Maxtor, Seagate, 3M and other companies. He has over 40 publications to his credit. Coughlin Associates provides Data Storage Consulting services. see also:- Tom's book - Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics - The Essential Guide

editor's comments:- Tom Coughlin has organized many storage events - including the annual Storage Visions Conference . His market reports used to focus on the HDD market - but in the past 4 years more of these reports have also been about SSDs.
Coughlin Associates cofounds Drive Trust Alliance
Editor:- August 10, 2015 - if you didn't think there were already enough ORGs related to the storage market - then a new one today has been proposed by Coughlin Associates and (new to me) Bright Plaza, Inc.

The Drive Trust Alliance at (which currently redirects to is "an alliance of companies, organizations, and individuals that will benefit from cost efficiencies in marketing on-going education and the creation and support of open source software for managing Self-Encrypted Drives".

See also:- SSD security
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Results from SSD IOPS needs survey
Editor:- November 28, 2012 - How Many IOPS Do You Really Need? - is a new 80 page SSD market report ($5,000) by Objective Analysis and Coughlin Associates which dissects the results of a months-long on-line survey of IT managers which collected their inputs on the IOPS, capacity, and latency needs for a number of key enterprise applications.
"SSDs do much more than replace hard drives and servers. - SSDs enable the creation of new data markets which could never have worked in an HDD only world..."
How will the hard drive market fare... in a solid state storage world?

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there was a flash memory bard
Editor:- August 24, 2016 - In case you missed it - there were a LOT of entries in the Flash Memory Limerick competition organised by NVMdurance.

The draw winner - announced at the Flash Memory Summit - was Tom Coughlin, President Coughlin Associates.

You can read Tom's winning entry and many other fine examples from people in the SSD industry who have invented many playful ways to link the ideas of endurance, flash, SSDs and even business development themes in unique ways that have never before been seen in SSD history. all the limericks
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old software slows new silicon in memory done by SSDs
Editor:- February 5, 2014 - In a new blog - New Vistas For Persistent Memory - Tom Coughlin, President Coughlin Associates reminds us that in exteremely fast SSDs - lowering the hardware latency is just one part of the design solution.

Tom says - "An important element in using persistent memory in the PCIe and memory bus of computers is the creation of software programs that take advantage of the speed and low latency of nonvolatile memory. With the increase in performance that new interfaces allow, software built around slower storage technologies becomes a significant issue preventing getting the full performance from a persistent memory system."

Tom's article includes a graph which shows the increasing proportion of the read access time taken up by system software in successively faster hardware interface generations. the article

Editor's comments:- living with the old while planning for a new type of SSD-aware computer architecture is complicated.

Just how complicated that picture can be... you may glimpse in a classic far reaching paper (about abstracting application transactional semantics in usefully different ways when viewed from their interactions with the flash translation layer) - called Optimizing I/O Operations via the Flash Translation Layer (pdf) by Gary Orenstein, Fusion-io (August 2011).
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