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Curtis, Inc. is a leading supplier of solid state storage accelerater products, with two decades of experience in providing solid state disks (SSDs) on a worldwide basis. Curtis has established a reputation for innovative product designs, high quality workmanship, on-time delivery, and adopting advanced manufacturing techniques. Curtis has supplied solid state disks in over 25,000 installations. Curtis has a history of providing cost effective solutions that are technically sound, and engineered with excellence.

Deploying a plug and play Curtis Solid State Storage solution will avoid the cost of additional processors, rotating storage, or bandwidth that are usually deployed to chase application performance challenges. Curtis solutions can be deployed in less than 30 minutes, and will provide instant performance increases.

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Curtis Milestones from SSD Market History

In 1985 - Curtis introduced the ROMDISK, the first SSD for the original IBM PC.

In January 2000 - Curtis became the 1st company to advertise SSDs here on Their ads here ran continuously until early 2009.

In March 2005 - Curtis revealed that its Nitro SSDs (3.5" FC RAM SSDs) had accelerated the network infrastucture in a major phone provider in China. The customer, the GuangDong Branch of China Mobile was the biggest provincial branch in the Chinese Telecom industry, with over 30 million users.
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Curtis solid state disks
Clipper II
5 1/4" SCSI Solid State Disks
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