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Density Dynamics

Founded in March 2008, Density Dynamics, a majority owned subsidiary of Speedus Corp., is a green technology company. Its high performance solid-state storage and computing devices are some of the most environmentally friendly in the world. Density Dynamics can be found on the web at

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Power, Speed and Strength in SSD brands
Does what marketers call their SSDs impact who SSD buyers will call?

This new article surveys how vendors have played with awesome and mundane words to make their SSDs sound better - with examples from across the whole spectrum of the SSD market - the good, the bad and you know how this goes - because a Clint Eastward movie made 45 years ago is still better known than any SSD today.
accelerating the SSD marketer - click to read article And that's the challenge which wannabe T-Rexes in the SSD market have to meet. the article

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