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Disk Duplicators - HDD / SSD / flash

Hard Disk Duplicators - are mainly used by PC manufacturers to preload the operating system and standard applications onto factory configured PCs.

Because they write at hardware speed, and can load many disks in parallel, the duplicators operate thousands of times faster than software.
ACARD's new disk duplicators

Editor:- August 17, 2010 - ACARD Technology today launched new models of 3 way and 5 way SATA disk duplicators.

The data transfer rate for single HDD is as high as 6GB/min, so when copying 1TB of data only takes less than 3 hours (The actual speed varies according to the hard drive). SATA hard drives can support the 1.5Gbps, 3Gbps and 6Gbps specifications, and supports various commonly used hard drive formats such as Windows, Linux and MacOS.

ACS8503H / ACS8505M is easy to operate, and the hard drive insertion utilizes the no-screw design. After the tray is opened just insert the source and target hard drives and press the start button to execute; there are no need for tools. The LCD displays the progress and status, the hard drive status is easy to read, the user does not require any professional knowledge and can learn how to operate it in a very short time.

The supported HPA (Hidden Protected Area) function can fully backup the data stored in the hidden protected segments of the hard drive.

Addonics Enters Disk Duplicator Market

Editor:- June 10, 2009 - Addonics today announced a family of hard disk duplicators for 2.5" and 3.5 SATA or PATA drives..

Prices start from $249.

Editor's comments:- Addonics's Zebra disk duplicator is the 2nd Zebra in my menagerie directory - Animal Brands in the Storage Market.

The disk duplicator market is not, frankly a great market to be in, at a time when hard disk market revenue is declining by double digit percentages year on year. Addonics says you can use these duplicators for SSDs too. But that won't boost demand because most oems are just going to redeploy the under utilized equipment they've already got - rather than buy new stuff.

Aleratec Launches High Volume USB Flash Duplicators
Chatsworth, CA - March 10, 2009 - Aleratec Inc. announces 2 new USB flash duplicators.

Both the 27 way model (ESP $3,799) and 118 way model (ESP $15,749) can copy up to 33MB/s. Aleratec's President and CEO, Perry Solomon says - "The performance of the duplicators is not degraded when simultaneously copying large numbers flash drives, a common shortcoming in most USB flash drive duplicators." ...Aleratec profile
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