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DISUK Limited is a British company specialising in design and manufacture of data storage encryption systems for corporate, finance, government and military customers. Founded in 2004, it is the only privately funded independent provider of data storage encryption. DISUK headquarters are in Northampton, UK and it supports global sales through a network of established data storage and security distributors. For more information about DISUK and its encryption products, please visit

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SSDs - the big picture.......................................
Editor:- was the world's 1st publication to provide continuous editorial coverage and analysis of SSDs (in 1998) and in the years which have followed we've led the market through many interesting and confusing times.
click to read the story about why SSDs are taking up so much time on so many web pages If you often find yourself explaining to your VC, lawyer or non technical BBQ guests why you spend so much time immersed in SSD web pages - and need a single, simple, not very technical reference to suggest - this may be the link they need.
SSD encryption - does it hurt?.......................................
Editor:- a reader asked me a good question...

Does SSD encryption hurt performance and reliability?
does encryption impact notebook SSD performance and reliability? Yes, and No. But not necessarily in that order. And it depends on the SSD. the article

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