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Dynamic Solutions International

Founded in 1973, Dynamic Solutions International is the premier supplier of solid state disk solutions to the financial services industry.

From large financial trading markets to small credit unions and banks, DSI works closely with their customers to identify system performance problems and bottlenecks. Backed by the expertise and experience working with the financial community, DSI's solid state disk products provide the easiest and fastest way of removing I/O bottlenecks and increasing system performance.

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  • editor's comments:- Dynamic Solutions was one of the world's first systems integrators and VARs which consistently leveraged SSDs for civilian enterprise server / database applications.

    Their unique focus on banks and the financial industry led them to publish many of the earliest customer case studies which demonstrated the concept of SSD-CPU Equivalence in large distributed SANs. Although these techniques of accelerating server applications had been used before then - it was mainly in real-time or defense markets which were far removed from the typical datacenter.

    DSI oems SSDs from Texas Memory Systems.

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"It's like putting the wrong tires on your car. Everything's OK on the daily commute. You see the difference only when you hit snow or drive around a bend at 120 mph."
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flash SSD capacity - the iceberg syndrome
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What you see isn't always what you get.
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