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ECC Technologies

ECC Technologies, Inc. was founded and incorporated in 1990 to provide ECC (error correction) technology to electronic storage and communications industries worldwide, The company is located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

We supply our customers with solutions not only to conventional error correction needs, but also to the challenging needs of high-speed, wide-bandwidth, fault-tolerant systems. These solutions can be in the form of hardware or software designs, all customizable to fit customer's applications. Other services we provide are assistance with error correction need analysis, assistance with testing, and support throughout the implementation of a design.

ECC Technologies pioneered byte-parallel Reed-Solomon error correction (PRS ECC) technology and was granted a patent on it May 19, 1998. The company also pioneered two PRS RAID schemes, RAID X and RAID Y, which are capable of emulating all other RAID schemes.

The company's founder, Mr. Philip E. White, has more than 20 years experience in successfully applying advanced coding theory concepts to the design of data storage and transmission products. He began his study of error correcting codes in 1973 and has consulted with or received instruction from key authorities in the world on the subject including Dr. Elwyn Berlekamp, Dr. Robert McEliece, Dr. R.T. Chien, Dr. Edward Weldon and Mr. Neal Glover. He has more than 25 years experience as an electronics design engineer in the research, advanced concepts and product development divisions of Control Data, Seagate, Unisys and Ciprico. He was the first person in the disk industry to implement a powerful Reed-Solomon error correcting code in a disk controller.

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  • editor's comments:- August 2010 - ECC Tech's patents and IP are being offered for sale.

    Here's an extract from the more detailed company profile (doc) - "Most engineers would agree that most patents are worthless, and owning one valuable patent is much better than owning a thousand worthless patents. With respect to the fact that ECC Tek's PRS patent expires in 2015, that fact isn't extremely important. The important facts are..."
ECC Tech mentions from recent SSD market history

In November 2007 - ECC Tech entered the SSD market and announced it was offering to license or sell its US patent related to high reliability flash SSD architecture.

In February 2010 - NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, launched this month, used an SSD error correction architecture designed by ECC Technologies. Phil White, inventor of this scheme said - "You can think of the SDO spacecraft as containing a parallel-transfer, fault-tolerant SSD that uses DRAM chips instead of NAND Flash chips... Multiple DRAM chips can fail with no loss of data or performance."

In May 2010 - Phil White, President of ECC Technologies released a white paper - NAND Flash Memories for Spacecraft (doc).

Phil has been working with ECC for almost 37 years and his company is developing future ECC designs to allow systems architects to develop NAND flash memories that are highly reliable and fault-tolerant even if the NAND flash chips themselves are not so reliable.

NASA is using ECC Tek's designs in multiple missions. 2 of the designs are in space at the present time and are working perfectly. Phil White recently wrote a document for NASA and JPL which outlines how to design NAND Flash memories for spacecraft. The 22 page "preview" document excludes confidential data but gives a taste of the technology available for licensing. the article
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