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EMTEC, positioned as a world wide player in the multimedia business, is focusing audio, video, data storage and printing media. With sales of approximately 750 million US dollars and 3000 employees worldwide, Production facilities are located in Germany, France and Brazil. EMTEC a market leader throughout most of Europe, continues its presence in Asia and is now working toward market leadership in South America. With its recent entry into the North American market during the 4th quarter of 2000, EMTEC is expanding a truly global player.

A spin-off of BASF AG in Germany, EMTEC today is an independent company featuring more than 1200 analog and digital products for consumer and professional use. Adding a presence in retail stores and at the consumer level to the existing North American structure of EMTEC DataStoreMedia Inc., EMTEC Pro Media Inc. and Outsource Management Solutions (OMS), EMTEC's entrance into the consumer channels market is based on proven success serving a wide array of customers in the North America.

profile from featured press release Nov. 13, 2000

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