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Enterprise Strategy Group

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) is an integrated, full-service IT analyst and business strategy firm, world-renowned for forward-looking market intelligence, analysis, and consulting services that deliver proven, measurable results. Recognized as one of the world's top 10 analyst firms by offering a unique blend of capabilities—including world-class market research, hands-on technical product testing, and expert consulting methodologies such as the ESG Strategy Lifecycle—ESG is relied upon by IT professionals, technology vendors, institutional investors, and the media for actionable IT and business intelligence.

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What happens next in SSD's future?
SSD market analysts - is my pick of the best SSD clairvoyants who sell reports and market data services. As opposed to the SSD clairvoyants who are busy running their own SSD product companies.

SSDs - the big market picture - explains - what's all the fuss about SSDs?

This way to the Petabyte SSD - gives you a dense picture of SSD datacenter components in 2016.
click here to see our directory of SSD market analysts The future of enterprise data storage - is a light sketch of the market's destination in 2020.
the SSD story - market survival of the fittest?
The emerging size of the flash SSD market as you see it today was by no means inevitable. It owes a lot to 3 competing storage media competitors which failed to evolve fast enough in the Darwinian jungle of the storage market in the past decade.

My article - SSD's past phantom demons explores the latent market threats which hovered around the flash SSD market in the past decade. They seemed real and solid enough at the time.
SSD past phantom demons image - click to read the article Getting a realistic perspective of flash SSD's past threatening demons may help you better judge the so-called "new" generation of nv memory contenders - which are also discussed in the article. the article is published by ACSL