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Fairchild Semiconductor - circa 2003

Fairchild Semiconductor International (NYSE: FCS) is a leading global supplier of high-performance products for multiple end markets. With a focus on developing leading-edge power and interface solutions to enable the electronics of today and tomorrow, Fairchild's components are used in computing, communications, consumer, industrial, and automotive applications. Fairchild's 10,000 employees design, manufacture and market power, analog & mixed signal, interface, logic, and optoelectronics products from its headquarters in South Portland, Maine, USA and numerous locations around the world. Please contact us on the web at:

see also:- history of Fairchild

  • editor's comments:- Fairchild no longer makes memory chips.

    PS - when I was a young engineer in the 1970s Fairchild was famous for having begotten that upstart Intel. And Fairchild was still marketing ECL (an ultra fast differential signal bipolar logic technology which was used in mainframes until MOS LSI killed it off - due to better logic density and and lower power per equivalent complex circuit - in the late 1980s).

    see also:- (Early) History of Fairchild Semiconductor (book), The Legacy of Fairchild” in Computer History (pdf)
Future SSD boom bust cycles have the potential to be entirely disconnected from memory business cycles.
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profile from featured press release March 24, 2003

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