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FalconStor Software

FalconStor Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: FALC) is transforming how enterprises move, store, protect and optimize data. Founded in 2000, FalconStor offers an award-winning platform for data migration, business continuity, disaster recovery, optimized backup and deduplication. FalconStor helps maximize data availability and system uptime to ensure nonstop business productivity, while simplifying data management to reduce operational costs. Our open, integrated software solutions reduce vendor lock-in and give enterprises the freedom to choose the applications and hardware components that make the best sense for their business. FalconStor solutions are available and supported by OEMs, as well as leading system integrators and resellers worldwide. FalconStor is headquartered in Melville, N.Y. with offices throughout Europe and the Asia Pacific region. For more information, visit
  • editor's comments:- January 2015 - I quietly dropped my coverage of storage related companies which weren't doing anything interesting in the SSD market 5 years ago as it was clear to me that the future of all enterprise storage would be SSD - and even back then - in 2010 - SSDs were taking up most of my time - and had already been running ads for enterprise SSDs for 10 years.

    So for those reasons - I remained silent on the topic of FalconStor - from 2010 to 2015...

    I knew that would one day change when FalconStor figured out its new role in the SSD ecosystem... I had seen that with hundreds of other companies which had been hostages to the fortunes of SSD.
FalconStor mentions in SSD market history

In March 2010 - FalconStor announced technical and VAR channel support for Violin Memory's 2U rackmount FC flash SSD - the Violin 1010 .

In February 2015 - FalconStor's launched FreeStor - a multi-vendor data migration, replication and management platform for rackmount SSDs.
I don't think we've reached stability in reference enterprise SSD designs and use cases. All the systems in the market today are implementations of transient architectures...
what kind of SSD world can we expect in 2015?
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"One petabyte of enterprise SSD could replace 10 to 50 petabytes of raw HDD storage in the enterprise - and still get all the apps running faster."
Ken and the enterprise SSD software event horizon
There are many segments for enterprise flash arrays which aren't listed or even hinted at in standard models of the enterprise market.

Many of these missing market segments don't even have names.
Decloaking hidden segments in the enterprise for rackmount SSDs
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what were the big SSD ideas in 2016?

"Nvme and soon 3D Xpoint are affordable, solve low queue depth and write performance issues and will make performance claims from the usual suspects irrelevant... Removing the interface bottleneck was the giant step here."

Guido Meijers, System Engineer at Greenpower
Kaminario supports FalconStor's FreeStor
Editor:- October 14, 2015 - FalconStor Software today announced its FreeStor software is now supported by Kaminario on its K2 flash arrays to provide data migration and multi storage vendor replication features.
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It's reasonable to ask - why isn't there already a better availability of industry wide useful enterprise software which can replace and abstract away the mish mash of different chaotic patches, tools and feature sets which arise in the systems products of SSD box makers?
towards enterprise flash array consolidation
FalconStor shows why it has taken so many years to launch an SSDcentric next software thing
Editor:- February 19, 2015 - You might think there are enough SDS companies already - but SSDcentric data architectures are pulling system solutions in different directions - so until the dust settles and the landscape looks clearer - there are plenty of gaps for companies to enter the market.

The most significant this week was FalconStor - who announced a new SSDcentric storage pool redeployment and management platform called FreeStor - which the company says works across legacy, modern and virtual environments.

FalconStor says - "The heart of FreeStor is the Intelligent Abstraction layer. Its a virtual Rosetta Stone that allows data - in all its forms - to migrate to, from and across all platforms, be it physical or virtual."

They've posted a good video which describes it all.

FalconStor's natural partners are enterprise SSD systems vendors and integrators who have good products but who don't have a complete (user environmentally rounded) software stack.

Editor's comments:- For 4 years FalconStor gave me the impression of a storage software company which didn't know what it wa going to do with the SSD market - despite having a base of thousands of customers in the enterprise storage software market.

FalconStor's delay can now be explained. They were studying what needed to be done - and it took a lot of work.

If you want to understand who else is offering a product concept which is similar in vision to FalconStor's FreeStor - I'd say Primary Data. Although due to a difference in ultimate scaling aspirations and markets - I would say that FalconStor's product is lower end and currently more accessible. Part of the reason being that FalconStor already has a customer base for pre SSD era software - which they are hoping to convert incrementally.