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FileTek, Inc. is a premier provider of robust data storage and access management solutions, enabling enterprises, worldwide and across multiple industry segments, to effectively manage and rapidly access ever-growing volumes of historical data. FileTek is headquartered at 9400 Key West Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850. Telephone: 301-251-0600. Fax: 301-251-1990. FileTek's international headquarters, FileTek Ltd, is located at One Northumberland Ave., London WC2N 5BW. Telephone: +44 (0) 207 872 5583. Fax: +44 (0) 207 753 2829. The company also has offices across North America. More information is available at: www.filetek.com.

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  • editor's note:- in June 2007 FileTek acquired the assets of Trusted Edge whose software classifies desktop-generated information and data assets according to their business value, enabling organizations to consistently enforce retention, disposal, and hold policies across all desktops within the enterprise.
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What is Data Recovery? - article by  Disklabs
What is Data Recovery? - article by Disklabs

The first time you try any new technology service it can be a bit daunting. Who do you choose? What if it goes wrong? The pressure really turns up when you are in the situation of having lost your data due to a backup failure, hardware fault, operator error or physical disaster. That's usually the first time you look at the data recovery market. and it's when you're in a high state of anxiety and can't take the risk of anything else going wrong. This article is a simple guide to how the data recovery industry works and how it can help you in this frightening situation. ...read the article,...Disklabs profile, Data Recovery, backup software, Hard disk drives

profile from featured press release June 5, 2007

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