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Forward Insights

Forward Insights provides independent, insightful market and technical research, consulting and information services focusing on semiconductor memories and solid state storage. The company offers unparalleled depth and understanding of the strategic, market and technical complexities of the semiconductor memory landscape.

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editor's comments:- January 2014 - Forward Insights is listed in my recommended short list of SSD Market Analysts.

Gregory Wong - who founded Forward Insights has been publishing regular reports and alerts about the flash SSD market since 2008.
Forward Insights - selected mentions in SSD market history

In July 2009 - Forward Insights published a market report - Key NAND Flash Memory Design IP (price is $9,999).

Technical innovations in NAND flash memory design are key enablers of MLC flash memories, especially 3 and 4 bit-per-cell technologies.

The report identifies important intellectual property related to sensing architectures, source voltage noise compensation, programming algorithms, disturbs reduction, temperature compensation, high voltage switch, coding schemes and error correction codes from Hynix, Micron, Samsung, SanDisk, STMicroelectronics and Toshiba.

The author, Luca Crippa is an MLC flash memory designer with more than 10 years of experience and is the author/co-author of 20 U.S. patents.

In March 2010 - Forward Insights announced imminent availability of a new report - SSD Innovations ($4,499) - which explores key innovations to improve the performance and lifetime of SSDs.

It focuses on innovative solutions from major industry players such as FusionIO, Intel, Pliant, Sandforce, SanDisk and STEC for improving the performance, endurance and reliability of SSDs. An exploration of the evolution of application requirements in computing applications, performance limitations of flash-based storage systems, trends and industry innovations is provided. In addition, innovative SSD architectures incorporating new memory technologies, external power supply and linked chain architectures are investigated as future SSD development directions. ...Table of Contents (pdf), SSD Market Analysts

In November 2010 - Forward Insights was one of the contributers to a new book called - Inside NAND Flash Memories.

In January 2012 Forward Insights published a new report - SSD Technology and Applications: A Primer (88 pages $1,499).
new report by Forward Insights ranks SSD vendors by revenue
Editor:- May 13, 2013 - Forward Insights has published a new report SSD Supplier Status 2012 ($4,250) which among other things ranks vendors by revenue in these key markets:-

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new report - How 3D NAND Stacks Up
Editor:- January 15, 2014 - "In the 2D planar era, the basic underlying floating gate technology (with a few exceptions) was essentially the same amongst all the NAND flash manufacturers, however in the 3D era (which has recently begun) all NAND flash memory manufacturers are developing different 3D architectures" said Gregory Wong, President, Forward Insights in a recent email introducing a new market report ($5,499) called How 3D NAND Stacks Up (outline pdf) - which is co-authored with NaMLab (Nano-electronic Materials Laboratory) - in Dresden, Germany.

The new report describes the various different approaches to 3D NAND design and provides an independent view of the technical challenges which memory vendors have to solve to deliver viable competing memories at different geometries.
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"Advanced decoding schemes employing soft decoding use the NAND statistics and soft information to determine the most probable read signal that corresponds to the actual stored data."
Gregory Wong, President, Forward Insights (June 2012) in a footnote comment to the article Adaptive flash care management & DSP IP in SSDs
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