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Freecom Technologies

Since the founding of the company in the year 1989, Freecom has concentrated on being the first manufacturer to make innovative and reliable storage solutions ready for the market – backed up by outstanding service. Freecom's product range offers the right solutions for the widest possible range of storage requirements: from the USB stick and mobile hard disks, to tiny DVD burners, and on to NAS systems or professional TapeWare products. In future Freecom intends to further extend its portfolio of external hard disks, increasingly linking this with multimedia and entertainmentelectronics .

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  • editor's comments:- in September 2009 - Verbatim's parent company (Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., Ltd) acquired Freecom.

    This is sandwiched between FolderShare and in our list of 499 gone-away storage companies. Who will be the 500th?

    "As part of the MKM/Verbatim group, Freecom will benefit from the economies of scale that can be achieved as well as the geographic and channel synergies of the Verbatim and Freecom brands,” said Dick C. Hoogerdijk, Freecom B.V. President, CEO and co-founder. “We also look forward to the opportunity to leverage the strengths of the Freecom organization to contribute to the total business of the MKM/Verbatim/Freecom group, both now and in the years to come.”
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