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Gnutek (2006) - acquired by STEC

Gnutek engineers have a long history of working in the storage industry, specialising in products that deliver outstanding performance combined with long lasting reliability. In order to satisfy the ever increasing performance demands being placed on disk systems, Guntek combined their disk technology expertise with emerging Nand technology to produce the fastest, most reliable Nand flash solid state disk drives available today. At over 50,000 random I/O operations per second, they are a low power, cost effective solution to all i/o bottlenecks. The Gnutek Maracite SSD features dual full duplex 2Gbit FC-AL interfaces, with capacities up to 146Gbytes in 3.5 inch form factor that is only 1 inch high. Gnutek is based based in Leatherhead, Surrey in the UK. Phone +44 (0)1483 271 837 or visit for more information.

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Who's who in SSD? - Gnutek

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor -

As you can see from this archived datasheet (pdf) - Gnutek's 3.5" flash SSDs had 18,000 write IOPS and 52,000 read IOPS - which was a very good figure in 2006.

I first heard about the company in September 2005 when the SSD's designer Simon Haynes contacted me about advertising and free listings about their upcoming Maracite SSD in our SSD directory. It didn't take long for Gnutek to get noticed. And acquired by STEC - which happened 11 months later - in October 2006.

This acquisition provided the foundation technology for the original ZeusIOPS SSD product line.

Gnutek mentions in SSD market history

In February 2006 - Gnutek started sampling its first SSD - a high performance 3.5" FC flash SSD called the Maracite.

In October 2006 - SimpleTech announced the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Gnutek in an all-cash transaction.

..........profile created March 27, 2006..........

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