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Hagiwara Sys-Com

Hagiwara Sys-Com Co., Ltd., established in 1971 and headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, is an industry leader of semiconductor application products, designs, manufactures and markets highly innovative and versatile products for industrial/embedded computing. Designed, 100% pre-screened and tested for the discriminating client seeking high quality, high reliability and feature rich Industrial-grade solid state storage.

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  • editor's comments:- April 2012- 5 years ago in 2007 - Joe Koyanagi (who was at that time US Sales Manager at Hagiwara Sys-Com) impressed on me the future importance of what he called the 1 inch SSD form factor (a convenient phrase for very small form factor SSD chips and modules - none of which are actually 1 inch in size). He said - "1 inch is the next 2.5 inch!"

    For alternative SSD suppliers take a look at these directories:- 1" SSDs, 1.8" SSDs, 2.5" SSDs, 3.5" SSDs and industrial SSDs.
selected Hagiwara milestones - from SSD Market History.

In March 2009 - Hagiwara Sys-Com extended its range of 1" SSDs - with the launch of the CFast Storage Card which will ship in Q2. These industrial grade SSDs are form factor compatible with CF cards, but have a SATA interface. Capacities range from 2GB to 16GB. See also:- CFast - Evolution (pdf)
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1.0" 2.5" 3.5" reliable industrial flash SSDs from Hagiwara Sys-Com
1.0" / 1.8" / 2.5" / 3.5" industrial flash SSDs
from Hagiwara Sys-Com

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You'd think that when it comes to the person working in purchasing - who's looking for old fashioned SSD products to go into industrial or embedded systems - it should be simple.
There's no such thing as a simple standard legacy industrial SSD