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Hedvig, founded in 2012, and headquarterd in Santa Clara, CA, is rearchitecting software-defined storage. Hedvig accelerates data to value by collapsing disparate storage systems into a single platform, creating a virtualized pool that provisions storage with a few clicks, scales to petabytes and runs seamlessly in both private and public clouds. Built by software engineers of the world's largest and most successful distributed systems, Hedvig delivers modern storage for any enterprise compute environment running at any scale. The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform is unconstrained by traditional thinking and existing architectures, resulting in the only software-defined storage incorporating true distributed systems capabilities. Built to keep pace with scale-out applications and the velocity of change in today's business climate, the Hedvig platform gets better and smarter as the system scales, transforming commodity hardware into the most advanced storage solution available today. Customers such as Intuit, Dovilo, Van Dijk and Paul Hastings LLP use the Hedvig platform to transform their storage from a box where data resides to a fundamental business enabler.

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editor's comments:- June 2015 - Hedvig is in the software defined storage business and their products enable you to construct SSD accelerated applications servers and storage in scalable pools upto thousands of nodes.

Hedvig's founder and CEO - Avinash Lakshman co-invented Dynamo while at Amazon (2004-2007) and Cassandra at Facebook (2007-2011).

Hedvig recently secured $18 million in series B investment - bringing the company's total funding upto $30 million.

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Hedvig has $30 million to fix broken SDS market
Editor:- June 1, 2015 - Hedvig - which operates in the SDS market - today announced an $18 million Series B funding round (bringing the company's total funding to date upto $30 million).

Hedvig's founder - Avinash Lakshman - who is credited with building some of the most successful distributed systems in the world, including Amazon Dynamo, the foundation of the NoSQL movement, and Apache Cassandra for Facebook said - "We've identified the potential in a broken and fragmented storage market, and are not only looking to bring software-defined storage mainstream, but fundamentally change how companies store and manage data."

Editor's comments:- I was curious about the origin of the company's name (because I am interested in such things) so I asked if the company name "Hedvig" had anything to do with Harry Potter's owl - Hedwig (spelled differently but sounds similar).

Instead it seems the name is an "acronym for Hyperscale Elastic Distributed Virtual Integral Granular – all qualities Hedvig was designed around."

Ah well. Perhaps I should have guessed.

But I had missed Hedvig's emergence from stealth in March 2015.

So - what is Hedvig about? And should you care?

As is the case for nearly every enterprise software company nowadays - SSDs are essential enablers of what Hedvig does but Hedvig is an SSD-ecosystem company rather than an SSD-inside company.

Nevertheless - digging around for the best single document which describes what they do in an SSD context I found this - Why scale-out big data apps need new scale-out storage (pdf) - which among other things shows where they think their kind of solution fits into the current sprawl of generationally overlapping and mixed heritage, datacenter architectures.
Hedvig SDS context paper
It's a valuable guide to this flavor of SDS thinking even if it's not in your immediate plans - because this kind of philosophy - which we've been seeing coming from many other webscale sources in recent years - will have a trickle down effect and influence the design of other types of products too.