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IntelliProp is a Colorado-based company founded in 1998 to provide ASIC design and verification services for the storage industry. The company is headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, strategically placed in the heart of an area dominated by major storage manufacturers. The primary focus of IntelliProp is to provide storage IP and products. Capitalizing on the 50+ years of combined storage expertise of IntelliProp's engineers, IntelliProp provides a wide-range of industry-proven storage products and interface cores. Our customers are provided with the flexibility of integrating our products into a multitude of FPGA families, along with using our engineers' extensive design and verification experience to create their own ASICs. IntelliProp continues to gain recognition as a leading expert in the storage industry, and actively participates in committees for creating new and maintaining existing storage protocols.

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Editor's comments re IntelliProp from SSD history

March 2011:- as you know my main interest is in trying to work out where companies fit in the SSD market and the long term transition to solid state storage.

Hiren R. Patel the founder of IntelliProp told me - "I don't think we fit into the category of SSD manufacturers, nor do we fit into SSD controllers, but we offer a SATA to SATA RAID (level 0, striping) bridge."

This bridge allows SSD manufacturers to connect several smaller SSDs (250GB, for example) into a larger drive (like 1 or 2 TB SSD drive). It makes 2, 4 or 8 drives look and feel like one single SSD drive. Another benefit is the increased performance and since we are 6GHz SATA compliant, we saturate the interface throughput. Some of our customers are already listed as SSD manufacturers on your website. We plan to have a SAS RAID bridge available soon as well."

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IntelliProp demonstrates Gen-Z memory controller
Editor:- November 13, 2017 - IntelliProp today announced demonstrations of 2 new controller IPs.
  • A memory controller for the emerging Gen-Z memory interface.

    IntelliProp's Gen-Z IPA-PM185-CT "COBRA" controller combines DRAM and NAND and sits on the Gen-Z fabric, not the memory bus. COBRA has the ability to support byte addressability to DRAM cache and Block addressability to NAND flash. COBRA-based Gen-Z memory modules provide low latency, persistent, shared memory access to multiple processors and accelerators on the Gen-Z fabric supporting up to 32GB of DRAM and 3TB of NAND.
  • An NVMe 1.3 compatible host accelerator IP core.

    IntelliProp's IPC-NV164-HI for for Xilinx and Altera FPGAs accelerates performance by off-loading command and completion queue management from the processor to hardware.
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