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introduction to the 2.5" SSD market - 2011

In recent years the 2.5 inch form factor has been one of the most crowded parts of the solid state disk market - with new oems entering the market every day. At stake are the applications described in our SSD Market Adoption Model. See the SSD market research page for more info about market size.

The 2.5" form factor is the only size which straddles the wide range of SSD application slots.

The technical characteristics of the ideal 2.5" SSD product varies considerably from design slot to design slot (sometimes raw speed, othertimes capacity, reliability, the ability to recover data, or the converse, TCO, initial price or power consumption and even weight). These are often conflicting parameters and cannot be met by any single product. However, the overlap of capability and technology between some high volume applications and the sheer number of oems guarantees a very competitive market - from which users will benefit much sooner than predicted by out of date graph theory projections proposed by classical storage analysts.

Number of manufacturers making 2.5" SSDs? - over 100 current SSD oems with most of them listed here.

Most popular interface? - SATA

The fastest 2.5" SSD today are 6Gb/s SAS models. See the fastest SSDs for details. In future the fastest 2.5" SSDs will have PCIe interfaces - 2.5" PCIe SSDs. This concept has already been demonstrated in 3.5" SSDs.

In August 2011 - the highest capacity 2.5" SSD was 1.6TB - first sampled by SMART.

It's technically possible to build multi-terabyte 2.5" SSDs today - but the interfaces in the 2.5" form factor and the market apps don't justify the economic deployment of this type of product yet. Instead - if you want higher capacity - you can get 10TB SSDs in a PCIe SSD module from Fusion-io.

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