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article:- Noise Damping Techniques for
PATA SSDs in Military-Embedded Systems (pdf)
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Interconnect Solutions

Interconnect Solutions, Incorporated is a full service, ISO-9001 registered manufacturer of cable assemblies and high-speed interconnects. With 3 strategic locations worldwide, ISI offers global support to OEMs, VARs, System Integrators, and Resellers including local cable assembly inventories and a multi-lingual sales department. The primary markets for ISI's interconnect products include:- high-end servers, SAN storage arrays, RAID controllers, SCSI hosts, PBX and wireless switching equipment, mainframe and mid-range computers, network bridges and routers, industrial electrical controls, medical analytical equipment, and communications and video transmission equipment.

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Testing Storage Solutions - article by Extreme Protocol
Testing Storage Solutions - article by Extreme Protocol Solutions

In the data storage industry, testing is generally considered a neccessary evil in bringing a product to market and as a result often companies will do the bare minimum neccessary in order to cross the item off its checklist. This article by Roger Gagnon President / CEO Extreme Protocol Solutions attempts to explain why testing is so important to product validation and also to provide a concise methodology to testing. the article, ...Extreme Protocol Solutions profile, Storage Testers

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