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JML Computer Products

JML was established in 1977. Since 1980 JML has built over a million cables. Early on we built mainframe and storage device cables for Sperry Univac and Unisys. Then for IBM, HP, DEC, and SUN enterprise systems. Today we handle the full spectrum of copper and fiber optic communication and power cables needed to run large corporate data centers, schools, and communities. If you are within a 3 hour drive of Philadelphia we can even install them for you. We are dedicated to finding a solution to your cable needs.

Military storage - Killerbyte
Military Storage on
If Megabyte got into serious trouble he
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Emma Peel in the Avengers.
Squeak! - the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide
This is the 4th annual edition of this very popular report.

The earlier edition of this article was the most popular storage article viewed by STORAGEsearch.com's readers in the previous year.
the solid state disks buyers guide
The SSD Buyers Guide lists all SSD products commercially available in the market by form factor, interface type and memory technology. It also includes a summary of key milestones in the SSD market in the past year. ...read the article, solid state disks

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