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JMR Electronics

JMR founded in 1982 and headquartered in Chatsworth, CA is a leading design center and manufacturer of scalable storage systems for high performance and capacity driven applications for multiple markets including; video and post-production, military and government, education, VOD, DCC, gaming, security, medical imaging, HPC and Web 2.0. JMR's reliable and innovative RAID systems are proudly made in the U.S.A., manufactured entirely from their Chatsworth, California facilities. JMR's complete line of affordable Lightning™ storage products; SilverStor™ SMB focused products, and BlueStor™ Cloud-ready rackmount and desktop solutions are built to handle the most demanding project needs for A/V centric markets. . For further information, please visit, contact sales(at)jmr(dot)com, or call 818-993-4801.

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JMR's NVMe PCIe SSDs for HPC and datacenters
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re JMR

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - June 2017

JMR first came to my attention in a storage context in 2000 when they expanded their JBOD business to enter the NAS market. And then later in 2002 they extended that business with the acquisition of Trimm Technologies.

JMR kept me updated in subsequent years as they expanded their support of more storage interfaces and faster drives.

But my interest in me-too companies in the RAID market was diminishing.

There were (over 150 RAID companies listed on this site in 2001) and by around 2004 I knew I would soon dedicate nearly all my time to accelerate the growth of the SSD market. So JMR - as an enclosure specialist - was no longer the kind of company which I was focusing on.

Unsurprisingly I may have missed their first entry in the SSD market - although I was aware that in 2015 they began shipping PCIe SSD expansion boxes to the Mac (consumer) market.

But if you're in the PR business - here's a lesson.

Even though I hadn't written about the company for nearly 15 years due to my reader focus being similar but not close enough they kept me updated with their news emails.

And in June 2017 that paid off for me when I saw that the company now offers a range of NVMe PCIe SSDs for the HPC market - which they call SiloStor.

Now here's the curious thing.

If this story came from anywhere else I wouldn't be interested because enterprise PCIe SSD market and its pioneers were a hot part of my editorial and business from 2007. But flash PCIe SSDs are now a commodity market. And I'm more interested in writing about disruptive technology changes than shades of catalogware.

Nevertheless when a specialist enclosure company - JMR - gets into that market - the lesson is - that SSDs today occupy the same place in infrastructure that hard drive trays did in the 1990s.

And whereas there are huge differences of approach seen in the rackmount SSD market and many SSD software revolutions still waiting to be decided in mediating bumpy transitions from big SSD storage to big memory systems - there will always be a need by specialist integrators for boxes and drives.

The commoditization and customization of (no software) vanilla SSD arrays is one of the cornerstones of future rackmount SSD consolidation.
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JMR enters the HPC SSD market
Editor:- June 16, 2017 - Persistence can be a virtue for PR folk and not just memories.

Although it's been 15 years since I last wrote about JMR I was still reading their emails.

Recently they began shipping NVMe PCIe SSDs (HHHL and bigger) aimed at the HPC and other high throughput integrator markets. MSRP of the JMR SiloStor starts at $795 for 512GB. Capacities available upto 8TB.

If you need any boxes to put the new SSDs in - they might have some suggestions as they've been in the special enclosure business since 1982.
after All Flash Arrays - what's next?
Throughout the history of the data storage market we've always expected the capacity of enterprise user memory systems to be much smaller than the capacity of all the other attached storage in the same data processing environment.
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A thought provoking blog - cloud adapted memory systems - asks (among other things) will this always be true? the article

Like good software a well designed custom SSD can greatly benefit from the analysis of expensive functions which can be reduced in scale or avoided.
some thoughts about SSD customization

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For a year or so before publishing this article - I had the idea of compiling a simple list of military SSD companies here on to act as a pool for designers and specifiers of products involved in applications which needed militarized, tough and secure SSDs.

There was a part of me which naggingly said - why's it taking so long?
a (not so) simple list of military SSD companies

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