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Lexar Media

Lexar Media is a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of NAND flash and DRAM memory products under the Lexar®, Crucial® and Ballistix brand names. Lexar offers products in all major flash and DRAM memory categories, including consumer and enterprise-level USB flash drives, industry-leading memory cards for photography, and all popular form factors of memory cards for mobile devices. For computers, Lexar also offers a full range of DRAM computer memory upgrades for PCs and Mac® systems, and SSDs. An industry leader in innovative, patented flash memory technology, Lexar is vertically integrated with Micron Technology, one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. For more information about Lexar, visit

  • editor's comments:- June 2010 - Lexar markets ExpressCard SSDs and 2.5" SSDs marketed under Micron Technology's Crucial brand.

    In June 2010 - Lexar Media offered consumers a 64GB version of their 2.5" 6Gb/s SATA SSD for $149.99 - with R/W speeds upto 355MB/s and 75MB/s respectively.

    Some consumers may have been dazzled by the 355MB/s speed which sounded like it was even better than many enterprise SSDs...

    High read speeds provide a good experience in popular consumer applications like games. But imbalanced R/W speeds do little to impress enterprise users - and many 3Gb/s enterprise SSDs would outperform this product in general purpose apps (even with only 1/2 the read rate).

    The best introduction to the interplay of read and write IOPS in flash SSDs (because it's IOPS which are the important element of performance in general purpose apps - rather than simply bulk R/W throughput) is still the classic (2007) paper Understanding Flash SSD Performance (pdf) - by Douglas Dumitru, CTO EasyCo.

    It's the ratio of time spent doing each activity in enterprise apps which can mean that low write IOPS negate most benefits of high read IOPS.

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