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Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) is a leader in the development of storage, communications, and consumer silicon solutions. The company's diverse product portfolio includes switching, transceiver, communications controller, wireless, and storage solutions that power the entire communications infrastructure including enterprise, metro, home, and storage networking. As used in this release, the terms "company" and "Marvell" refer to Marvell Technology Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries. For more information, visit

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Marvell - a candle showing the way in 2016

Marvell entered the the Top SSD Companies list which is researched and published by in Q1 2013. And in the Q3 2016 edition Marvell was ranked #19.

However, those past rankings based on crowd sourced market itelligence understate the future significance of Marvell's work for the SSD industry.

Based on the opinion of Zsolt Kerekes editor of - some of the work which Marvell talked about in 2016 has a beaconlike quality which has significance for the future of the memory systems market. And for that reason Marvell was named one of 4 shining companies in my home page blog ( December 2016).

editor's earlier comments:- December 2014 - Marvell is one of 30 SSD I/P SoC companies listed here on

Marvell's aspirations in the PCIe SSD market first became public in April 2011 - when the company uveiled its first PCIe SSD related product - the DragonFly Virtual Storage Accelerator.

More recently Marvell has collaborated on the design of a new PCIe SSD chipset used in OCZ's enterprise range. And Marvell controllers (with OCZ firmware) are the basis of the Indilinx-branded "Everest 2 platform" used in some of OCZ's faster enterprise SATA SSDs.

Until 2014 - Marvell's "high performance" SSD controllers differed to the best known SandForce controllers (originally designed by SandForce, long owned by LSI and now owned by Seagate) in that they supported and required external RAM.

For more about the differences this makes to the SSD design and characteristics see my article- RAM cache rations in flash SSDs.

However, in December 2014 - Marvell moved into the skinny RAM cache flash controller segment with the news it was sampling a new skinny NVMe SSD controller - which doesn't require any external DRAM.

This architectural decoupling from DRAM also makes it easier for Marvell to target the market for tiny SSDs - as space savings accrue not only from the absence of an additional memory chip - but also the ability to use much lower capacitance hold up capacitors to cope with data integrity in the event of sudden power loss.
Marvell - recent mentions in SSD market history

In June 2008 - Marvell announced its entry into the SSD controller market with the introduction of the ultra-slim Marvell 88NV8120 PCIe based NAND flash controller, the first Marvell product in a planned range of solid state storage controllers.

The Marvell 88NV8120 is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems, and offers comprehensive platform support for PC motherboards.

"Marvell is leveraging more than 10 years experience in the disk drive controller market as we enter the solid state storage segment," said Sehat Sutardja, Marvell Chairman and Chief Executive. "Marvell is uniquely positioned to bring the performance advantages of solid state storage to a broad range of applications. With the introduction of this product we are unveiling our strategy to address the entire solid state storage market with exceptional controller devices."

In June 2009 - SMART Modular Technologies disclosed it had used Marvell's SSD controller in SMART's new XceedIOPS PCIe SSD which offers upto 400GB capacity and 140,000 random IOPS performance.

In April 2011 - Marvell unveiled a PCIe compatible SSD ASAP. Marvell claims 10x speedups can be realized using its new DragonFly Virtual Storage Accelerator - which is designed to reduce write amplification to external storage arrays and acts as an OS agnostic multiprotocol storage cache for NAS, SAN or DAS storage arrays. The product - is expected to sample in Q3.

In January 2012 - OCZ announced is now demonstrating at the Storage Visions 2012 Conference new PCIe SSDs - which use SSD controllers jointly developed with Marvell (instead of - as in previous models - controllers from SandForce).

In March 2012 - Marvell announced mass deployment of its new high speed 6Gbps SATA SSD controller - the 88SS9187 which supports regular RAM cache (upto 1GB) and upto 500MB/s R/W even at dirty drive conditions. It supports on-chip RAID technology for the NAND device with flexible customer firmware based algorithms to optimize retiring of defective NAND block, plane, die or device and has the lowest power consumption of any controller in this performance class.

In January 2013 Marvell announced it made a strategic investment in Memoright.

In April 2013 - Marvell entered the Top SSD Companies list - based on rankings in Q1 2013

In February 2014 - Marvell announced it was sampling a new eMMC 5.0 controller - the 88NV1088 - thereby enabling "SSD class" performance (280MB/s read speed and 5K random IOPS) in a smartphone compatible footprint.

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DIMM wars at battery scale
Editor:- May 12, 2016 - A recent blog - How Marvell FLC Redefines Main Memory - by Hunglin Hsu, VP - Marvell provides authoritative examples of the replacement ratios possible in a phone design.

A strategic lesson to guide future designers is that even while getting a 50% power consumption reduction (due to flash as RAM) it is also feasible to increase application performance at the same time because the software can work with a larger memory capacity (due to the lower cost of flash bytes).
Marvell FLC - embedded flash as RAM
Among other things Hunglin says - "With FLC, better performance can be achieved by reporting to the operating system a larger than physically implemented main memory. The operating system is thus less likely to kill background apps, which is why the fast app switching is possible. The FLC hardware does all the heavy lifting in the background and frees up the tasks of the operating system." the article
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Marvell samples controller for SATAe SSDs
Editor:- May 21, 2014 - If you're designing SATA Express SSDs then Marvell today announced it is sampling the 1st SSD controller specifically designed for the SATAe market - which will enable the design of 2.5" PCIe SSDs at costs which could be competitive with fast SATA SSDs.

Marvell's 88SS1083 is a 2 lane PCIe Gen2 SSD controller with transfer rates up to 1GB/s. It supports DevSleep and L1.2 PCIe low power state - to minimize power consumption in notebook and enterprise array environments. Its flash management scales down to 15nm NAND.
Marvell samples 5K IOPS eMMC SSD
Editor:- February 18, 2014 - Marvell today announced it is sampling a new eMMC 5.0 controller - the 88NV1088 - which enables "SSD class" performance (280MB/s read speed and 5K random IOPS) in a smartphone compatible footprint.

The phrases "adaptive writes", "DSP IP in flash SSD", "LDPC codes" and "adaptive flash cell care" have appeared in a lot of SSD news stories, interviews and comments in recent years. What is it? Who does it? and why?
Adaptive flash care management & DSP IP in SSDs
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