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CipherMax, Inc. is the technology leader of enterprise-class storage security solutions. The CM product line has been designed to protect medium to large volumes of data on tape and disk from unauthorized viewing or tampering and address information regulatory compliance relative to information confidentiality. The company has developed the only Storage Security solution that can scale from 16 to hundreds of encrypting ports, which are centrally managed through a single graphical interface. The unique CM solution also provides the convenience of remote key management and cost-effectively scales to meet the requirements of medium to large, distributed storage networks. Founded in 2000, CipherMax is headquartered in San Jose, California. CipherMax business and technical teams are from Cisco, EMC, HP, McData, NetApp and Symantec. For more information about CipherMax, visit

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SSD encryption - does it hurt?..........................
Editor:- a reader asked me a good question...

Does SSD encryption hurt performance and reliability?
does encryption impact notebook SSD performance and reliability? Yes, and No. But not necessarily in that order. And it depends on the SSD. the article

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