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MCA Computer

Founded in 1993, MCA Computer Corporation is a leading, independent open market & global distributor of new, unused, used and refurbished Sun, HP, CISCO, SGI & IBM equipment and systems. We specialize in secondary market hardware sales, service, warranty & repair. MCA can help you make informed decisions on purchasing new, unused, used and refurbished Sun, Cisco & storage hardware by presenting options above and beyond what the manufacturer offers, at significant savings. MCA has product specialists who have years of expertise and experience and can help you make the right decisions for your business needs. Through the use of refurbished and used Cisco & Sun hardware, as well as Sun memory and workstations, we can optimize price and performance with superior quality and service on all of our refurbished Sun equipment. We offer custom system integration and can build a system, specifically for your needs. All products are covered by our 1 year standard warranty.

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Hard disk drives
Megabyte discovered that a magnet could
come in really handy for a hungry explorer.
3rd Party RAM,, article by Keystone Memory
3rd Party RAM, Your Rights on Server Warranties - article by Keystone Memory

Users know that memory and hard disk drives aren't made by most of the companies from whom they buy their servers, notebooks and desktops. But they are often intimidated from competitively buying 3rd party upgrades by sales tactics aimed at locking them in to a single source. Such tactics often hint that maintenance contracts and warranties will be void or negatively impacted by the presence of 3rd party upgrade products. That kind of anti competitive pressure is illegal in many countries. This article provides an overview of the legal protection that users may have under a US law called Magnuson and Moss. the article, ...Keystone Memory profile, US Storage VARs

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