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Memofix, based in Ontario, Canada, are a team of seasoned data recovery professionals focused on one goal; to provide an affordably priced data recovery service with exceptional technical capabilities and superb customer service. With over 20 years of experience and the largest inventory of used hard drives in Canada, Memofix can quickly recover data from any storage device or operating system. And with a money back guarantee and a no data = no charge policy, we offer peace of mind. We have a reputation for honesty and integrity and are extremely well known in the Toronto computer industry.

Our technical team is led by Mr. David Foster, former VP of Lab Operations for Seagate Recovery Services.

  • editor's comments:- September 2010 - regular readers of know that I'm skeptical about the claims which most data recovery companies put on their web sites about their abilities to recover data from failed SSDs.

    David Foster, General Manager of Memofix emailed me to say - "I was reading what you were saying about SSD drives and data recovery. I agree 100% with your view that most recovery companies cannot deal with most SSD hardware issues. But please remember a large portion of the cases any recovery company sees are the result of file system damaged or corruption .. and these cases are easily handled by any half descent DR company.

    "Memofix has only ever seen 3 SSD drives for data recovery and 2 cases were file system damage including a simple deletion case. In the other case we were able to replace a non-memory component and make the device accessible again.

    "Additionally we do dozens of USB flash drives with anywhere from 1-4 actual memory chips onboard, so we do intimately understand the intricies of translation tables and putting all the pieces back together."

    Editor:- it's good to hear from people who know what they're doing in this new area of SSD data recovery. David Foster also writes a blog in which he discusses storage reliability and recovery in a more informative way than many others I've seen - based on his long experience in the industry.

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SSD Data Recovery Methodologies
It's hard enough understanding the design of any single SSD. And there are so many different designs in the market.

Have you ever wondered what it looks like at the other end of the SSD supply chain - when a user has a damaged SSD which contains priceless data with no usable backup?
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