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Merlin Software Technologies

Merlin integrates leading-edge technologies into affordable, high-performance data storage/protection and security/loss prevention solutions. Designed to protect critical data, commercial assets and the people who use those assets, Merlin's products utilize state-of-the-art digital storage and backup and are easy to deploy and use. Merlin's EssentialServer is a fast and economical way to add network attached storage (NAS) or integrated data backup, recovery and storage to a LAN. It is designed specifically for small to medium-sized business, corporate departments and regional offices to ensure that critical data is secure, protected and always available. Merlin's SecurDVR is a network attached digital video recorder (DVR) designed and implemented specifically as a proactive security and loss prevention solution. Capable of managing up to 16 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras and a host of alarm mechanisms, the SecurDVR is being deployed throughout Canada in banks, retail chains, shopping centers, manufacturing facilities and commercial/residential buildings. Merlin has offices in Burnaby, British Columbia and representation in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Ontario, Calgary, Alberta, Seattle, Washington and Tampa, Florida. The company's website is available at

  • editor's note:- Merlin's web site is no longer contactable

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