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Micro Peripherals

Micro Peripherals Ltd was established in 1980 and is one of the leading distributors of business and consumer technology products in the UK. Operating from state of the art facilities in Altham, Lancashire and Basingstoke, Micro-P offers a wide product portfolio from around 100 partners/vendors to one of the largest IT reseller customer databases in the UK. Micro-P has built a first class reputation amongst it's customers, through exceptional product knowledge, Integrity and value added sales. ©2005 Micro Peripherals Limited - all rights reserved. Micro Peripherals and registered Micro-P logo are trademarks used under license by Micro-P Ltd. The names of actual companies and products mentioned here may be the trademark of respective owners. For more information visit Micro Peripherals Ltd, trading as Micro P, is one of the largest subsidiary of DCC Plc. Founded in 1976 DCC is one of Ireland's largest companies and a world class sales, marketing and value added services organization.

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NAS, DAS or SAN? - Choosing the Right Storage Technology for Your Organization - article by Xtore

It's 4 years since we published the Storage Architecture Guide a classic reference written by the world's first network storage company Auspex. The new overview article from Xtore places the main storage connection strategies in a current context. Here's an extract.

"Another important consideration for a medium sized business or large enterprise is heterogeneous data sharing. With DAS, each server is running its own operating platform, so there is no common storage in an environment that may include a mix of Windows, Mac and Linux workstations. NAS systems can integrate into any environment and serve files across all operating platforms. On the network, a NAS system appears like a native file server to each of its different clients. That means that files are saved on the NAS system, as well as retrieved from the NAS system, in their native file formats. NAS is also based on industry standard network protocols such as TCP/IP, FC and CIFS. " ... read the article, ...Xtore profile

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