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Neartek, headquartered in Westborough, MA, was founded in 2000. Neartek’s Virtual Storage Engine (VSE) enterprise-class virtual tape software solution dramatically accelerates and enhances the reliability of backup and restore operations for open systems environments, while saving money through storage consolidation and improved efficiencies. VSE delivers unsurpassed power and simplicity with the fastest throughput in the industry and unbounded scalability, coupled with quick, easy installation and seamless integration. Neartek’s VSE enables IT organizations to implement disk-based data protection strategies without impacting existing backup policies and procedures. Neartek is establishing a strong worldwide network of storage resellers and integrators. For more information visit the Web site at, or call 866-NEARTEK or 508-475-3300.

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article:-  Virtual Tape: Can You Afford to Ignore It?
Virtual Tape: Can You Afford to Ignore It? - article by MaXXan Systems

Network connected disk to disk backup systems for the enterprise have come a long way since the first pioneering products started to appear in the pages of in the late 1990s.

Some of the growing sophistication in the market can be seen by the way that the marketing terminology has morphed from the early D2d (let's kill tape backup), via D2D2T (let's be friends with tape / peaceful coexistence) to the current VTL (Virtual Tape Library - let's just see if they notice that it's more reliable and works faster - and don't tell them that there isn't a tape in the box) type of approaches.

But if you think that speed, reliability and cost are the only things you need to know about the "virtual" versus "real" tape library argument - take a look at this comprehensive article from MaXXan Systems which shows there are a lot more benefits than that. the article, ...MaXXan profile, Disk to disk backup

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