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NeoMagic designs and delivers consumer electronic device solutions with semiconductors and software for video, television, imaging, graphics, and audio. We provide low cost, innovative chip technology for tomorrow's entertainment and communication needs. Our solutions offer low power consumption, small form-factor and high performance processing. As part of our complete system solution, we deliver a suite of middleware and sample applications for imaging, video and audio functionality, and we provide multiple operating system ports with customized drivers for our products. Our product portfolio includes semiconductor solutions known as applications processors. Our applications processors are sold under the "MiMagic" brand name with a focus on enabling high performance processor within a low power consumption environment. The Company has developed the Horizon Digital Picture Frame kit using our MiMagic 6+ application processor. Our capabilities give our partners and their customers high quality answers to excite and enhance the consumer's lifestyle. For more information, visit

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NeoMagic mentions in SSD market history
In March 2004 - M-Systems announced that its DiskOnChip was being used in a smart phone design which used a microcontroller from NeoMagic. Although that was long before NeoMagic decided that the SSD market was attractive in its own right - it indicates that the company's traditional chip activities would have given it good visibility into embedded SSD markets.

In January 2011 - NeoMagic announced it was seeking finance to help expand its IP and presence in the SSD controller market.

"We are pleased to have Instream Partners assist us in obtaining development funding for a new suite of USB 3.0 based semiconductors that we expect to include UFD (USB flash drive) and SSD (solid state drive) controllers," said Syed Zaidi, President and CEO of NeoMagic Corporation. Mr. Zaidi continued, "Any funding received will allow us to expand our in-house development team and execute our strategic commitment to bring new technologies to market."

In February 2012 - NeoMagic announced that the company is ready to demonstrate MagicVault, its USB 3.0 based UFD USB Flash Drive Controller solution on an FPGA platform.

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