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NeoPath Networks

Founded in April 2002, NeoPath Networks is leading the development of Network File Management (NFM) solutions for transparent scaling and management of network file storage resources. NeoPath's appliances deliver solutions which allow performance and capacity scaling of network storage, better utilization of existing storage resources, and intelligent, policy-based placement of files to optimize access and protection – while lowering administration and storage costs for businesses everywhere. For more information, contact NeoPath Networks at (408) 970-0300 or visit

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Surviving SSD sudden power loss
Why should you care what happens in an SSD when the power goes down?

This important design feature - which barely rates a mention in most SSD datasheets and press releases - has a strong impact on SSD data integrity and operational reliability.

This article will help you understand why some SSDs which (work perfectly well in one type of application) might fail in others... even when the changes in the operational environment appear to be negligible.
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