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Network Appliance

NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that accelerate business breakthroughs and achieve outstanding cost efficiency. Discover our passion for helping companies around the world go further, faster at

See also:- NetApp editorial mentions on, NetApp's Flash Cache page

  • editor's comments:-November 2013 - Like many other big name enterprise companies from the HDD array era - and for the same reasons - Network Appliance was a me-too (late) follower rather than a leader in the SSD market in the first decade of flash in the enterprise (2004 to 2013). So its interim business strategy has mostly been a mixture of acquisition, and oeming 3rd party SSDs rather than advancing SSD architecture with its own unique designs.

    NetApp has never appeared in the fastest SSD lists nor in's 4 year running series the top 10 SSD companies, nor in the lowest price SSDs.

    If you're looking at NetApp for SSDs you may also be interested in looking at these articles for alternative suppliers:- SSDs ASAPs (Auto-tuning SSD Accelerated Pools of storage), rackmount SSDs and PCIe SSDs.

    Despite a late and slow start in solid state storage there's no doubt that NetApp is a fount of knowledge when it comes to network storage architecture related to rotating storage arrays.

    Something which may have helped was the company's 2003 acquisition of patents from the world's first NAS company Auspex Systems - whose Storage Architecture Guide (published in 2000) remains a classic reference which has been read by hundreds of thousands of our readers.
NetApp mentions in SSD Market History

In November 2008 - published details of its thinking re SSDs.

NetApp's paper - Flash Memory Technology in Enterprise Storage (pdf) didn't actually say much beyond the fact they're qualifying some products and will launch systems offerings which include flash SSDs sometime in 2009.

In February 2009 - Network Appliance announced 2 strands in its solid state storage acceleration strategy:-

Although NetApp's PAM is a PCIe RAM card and not a PCIe flash SSD - it's just a short walk from one to the other - which is why I've mentioned it here. I have little doubt the company has already been evaluating options in this market space.

In June 2010 - Network Appliance disclosed that it had shipped more than a petabyte of flash SSD acceleration storage since introducing the product 9 months earlier. See also:- SSD petabyte milestones

In November 2013 - Network Appliance disclosed it had has shipped over 59 petabytes of flash storage in the past 3 years.

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NetApp has shipped 59PB of SSDs in 3 years
Editor:- November 19, 2013 - Among other things - Network Appliance today disclosed it has has shipped over 59 petabytes of flash storage in the past 3 years.

Editor's comments:- What NetApp actually said was "over 60PB to date".

My calculation goes like this...

The company shipped 1PB in its first year in the SSD market - which ended in the 3rd quarter of 2010.

So it's shipped approximately 60PB in 3 years. Probably more than 1/2 of that will have been in the past year.

How does that compare with others?

It doesn't sound like a lot in the context of today's market.

According to a (quirkily pro-HDD) blog by Toshiba - the analyst data which they have aggregated projects that 8,000 PB of enterprise flash SSDs will ship in 2014.

I think the likely figure (PB of enterprise flash installed in systems) will be much higher than even that - because Toshiba's data probably doesn't take adequately into account the ability of some systems vendors to ship enterprise grade SSD racks using consumer grade flash chips (rather than using enterprise SSD drives) due to technologies like adaptive R/W - and the increasing appetite for enterprise SSDs.

See also:- petabyte SSD shipment milestones.
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