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Storage news - 2000, March

nStor enters SAN market

SAN DIEGO, CA - MARCH 31, 2000 - nStor™ Technologies today announced the first in a new series of Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions.

The NexStor 2050 is designed to satisfy the storage requirements of Internet and e-commerce operations, broadcasting video and audio files, or other demanding storage applications, and offers the best in performance and fault-tolerance. Sold as a total storage solution, the NexStor 2050 includes nStor's active/active Fibre Channel RAID controllers and SES-compliant storage enclosures that feature support for up to 18 disk drives in a 7" (4U) space. Additional 18-drive enclosures can be added for capacity expansion.

StorageTek Spins-off Storage Solutions Business

LOUISVILLE, CO - March 30, 2000- /BUSINESS WIRE/ - StorageTek ; Forms ManagedStorage International With Great Hill Partners.

StorageTek and Great Hill Partners LLC today announced the formation of ManagedStorage International Inc. ManagedStorage International will offer data storage services including storage on demand, server backup, PC backup and content management services. Content management services will support and expand vertical market storage solutions previously developed by StorageTek. These solutions reduce the complexity and risks associated with the storage management activities necessary in high storage demand and Internet-based business applications.

"Customers of ManagedStorage International can focus on the growth of their businesses rather than engage in the details and tactics of storage and content management," said Patrick Curran, partner, Great Hill Partners. "We are enabling customers to buy storage services in the same way they currently purchase electricity - as the need arises on a pay-as-you-go basis. This is particularly appropriate for dot-com start-ups where efficient capital utilization and flexibility is crucial to success, especially in the first few years of operation."

The deal represents one of the largest start-ups ever funded in Colorado, combining StorageTek's contribution to ManagedStorage International of certain managed storage customer contracts, hardware, software and related intellectual property along with the $50 million equity funding commitment from Great Hill. Approximately 70 skilled storage professionals, formerly employees of StorageTek, will become employees of ManagedStorage. In return, StorageTek will receive a minority ownership interest in the stock of ManagedStorage International. In addition to its ownership interest in ManagedStorage, StorageTek will sell hardware and services to ManagedStorage.

Boulder, CO - March 28, 2000 - Ecrix Corporation today announced the VXA AutoPak, an entry-level library for VXA-1 tape drives and media. The AutoPak will provide users with a highly reliable, entry-level library solution at the best value available in the market today. Priced at $4,495 (MSRP), the 990GB AutoPak is one-half the price of other comparable library solutions.

"We are committed to providing IT users with the absolute best value and reliability in mid-range storage solutions today, which is reflected in our aggressive pricing for this product," said Kelly Beavers, president of Ecrix. "With the AutoPak, users can now backup and restore almost a terabyte of data for only $4,495 MSRP. To offer this much capacity in a reliable product at this price point is a significant breakthrough in our industry."

The VXA AutoPak features one VXA-1 tape drive (expandable to two drives) and holds 15 tape cartridges for up to 990GB of data storage capacity (2:1 compression). It is available with a single-ended SCSI-2 interface, or an LVD interface. This small enclosure, which sits comfortably on a desk or fits conveniently in a rack, allows users to automate their system backup and spend valuable time on other tasks.

SANTA MONICA, CA - March 29, 2000 - /BUSINESS WIRE/ - Xdrive, the universal file access company, today announced a strategic agreement with StorageNetworks, Inc. Under terms of the agreement, Xdrive will utilize StorageNetworks(SM) Global Data Storage(SM) Network (GDSN) to support XdriveES, a new business-to-business solution designed to provide end-to-end file access, storage and backup services to major global corporations and mid-sized businesses. XdriveES is the ideal solution for companies with a large number of geographically diverse employees who need to access and exchange all types of files, from graphics to Word documents to sales presentations. Now, network administrators can reduce the complexity, expense and difficulty of supporting a mobile workforce.

Xdrive's Internet-based solution frees up critical IT resources, requires no additional hardware, is compatible with existing systems, and has the highest level of network reliability and security available today. XdriveES is able to deliver these capabilities by leveraging the StorageNetworks GDSN, as well as its best-of-breed storage expertise. Xdrive gains easy access to the GDSN by plugging into the StorageNetworks StoragePort(SM) Access Channel. Once plugged in, Xdrive has access to virtually unlimited data storage capacity and capabilities via the StorageNetworks private high-speed fiber network connecting it to StorageNetworks Storage Point-of-Presence (StoragePOP(SM) or S-POP(SM)) data centers, featuring industry-leading storage hardware, software and networking technologies.

Waterford, MI - March 29, 2000 - SoftTech Solutions, publisher of the On-Line! Detective for Sun, said that Version 13.0 is filled with new benefits to the end-user. - New features include a global search engine, hundreds of new part numbers and X-options, detailed Solaris 7 information, a break out of SunVTS and much more. The Detective has enhanced its troubleshooting information for memory and disk drives. The Detective's new "Memory Troubleshooting" guides users through a complete troubleshooting flowchart to make sense of complex memory errors. This module also defines and explains "Catastrophic/Correctable" memory errors and provides troubleshooting tips and techniques. In like fashion, the Detective has a troubleshooting module for Disk Drives. This offers tips for determining and resolving disk problems, retrieving data from a problematic drive and a comprehensive flowchart that quickly flushes out problems and determines the root cause.

Editor's note:- if you haven't looked at this richly featured information product, yet, view the online demo

CARLSBAD, CA - March 27, 2000 /BUSINESS WIRE/ - Arkeia by Knox Software Corp., a Southern Calif.-based developer of enterprise network backup software, announced today that its Arkeia® network backup software application has been selected for inclusion on the latest edition of the Red Hat Linux Application Library CD. The Red Hat Linux Application Library is part of the new Red Hat Linux 6.2 release announced today by Red Hat Inc., the leading provider of open source solutions for Internet infrastructure. The CD will include a full version of Arkeia Personal Version 4.2 and a 30-day evaluation version of Arkeia Professional Version 4.2. The Linux Application Library is updated with each new release of Red Hat Linux, and has included Arkeia as a featured Linux product for four prior releases.

SAN LEANDRO, CA - March 27, 2000 - /BUSINESS WIRE/ -When the U.S. government took on Microsoft in court, it scored points with e-mail -- which had long been deleted. They did it with electronic data recovery. And now, anyone else can too, according to an announcement today from the Center for Computer Forensics (CCF). The Center has operations in California, Michigan and North Carolina. And it specializes in arcane computer tasks. But it's not a dot-com -- think of it, instead, as the Sherlock Holmes of the computer world. If it's been typed, e-mailed, filed, or otherwise stored electronically, CCF will retrieve it. Whatever it takes.

"This makes in-depth investigation a realistic tool for the little guys," pointed out Terry Rogers, an analyst with the eSTARTUP strategy group. In addition to the expected legal clientele, Rogers expected corporations and insurance companies investigating fraud, harassment, discrimination, misappropriation, and workers' compensation issues to take a hard look at the CCF offering. The company was started in 1987 as a spin-off of Data Recovery Group.

CCF has managed to leverage that experience. It claims that its experts can enter any computer system, network, or data storage device to recover data and determine whether it has been tampered with, deleted, or damaged. The result -- a dramatic change in the way court cases are fought and won. Those changes have already been felt. One construction company was sued by a nearby manufacturer which claimed it had negligently disrupted electrical service. CCF dived into the disks, and found that the manufacturer had actually doctored the data. Charges were dropped -- chalking up another one for the CCF spin doctors.

Redmond, WA, March 27, 2000 - Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) announced last week that it will nearly double the size of its Redmond Washington facilities with the signing of a lease to add a 78,000-sq. ft. building to its current operation. The new facility will provide for increased manufacturing capacity, additional office space, and expanded test and systems engineering labs. Occupancy of the new building is expected to take place this summer, just over two years after ADIC moved into its current Redmond headquarters.

Company officials noted that new space is needed to support the new products and customers that are fueling ADIC's growth. ADIC has sustained a compound annual growth rate in excess of 50% since 1995. Today, the Company is the industry's largest drive-independent supplier of automated tape libraries, which it markets under the ADIC brand as well as through OEM partners. During the last year, new OEM agreements with IBM, Fujitsu Siemens and Tandberg Data were added to existing relationships with Dell, Unisys, and Exabyte. The company is also one of the leading suppliers of storage management software, offering several products that allow data to be shared between different network users, including the CentraVision™ file sharing system which enables high-bandwidth collaborative workflow in SAN environments.

Baughurst, UK, March 27, 2000 - ACSL, publisher of disclosed today the 10 most popular product areas visited by viewers of its computer storage web directory. The results measure the recent viewing patterns of over 50,000 readers. RAID systems are #1

Publisher Zsolt Kerekes said "The biggest change in the top 10, since we published a similar table a year ago, is the appearance of Storage Area Networks (SAN), in the top 10 list. Also, fibre channel adapter cards at #12, came slightly ahead of SCSI adapter cards which were at #13. The results above would not be typical for the storage market as a whole, but represent the interests of our readers which are predominantly in high value enterprise computing environments. Also RAID, which was the #2 subject last year is now the #1 most popular subject on our site".

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA — 23 March 2000 — Seagate Technology, Inc. today announced that Company technologists have demonstrated the world's highest data storage capacity of 45 billion data bits (45Gb/in2) stored in one square inch of recording media. - This achievement almost doubles the density set by Seagate previously and is the third world record established by Seagate in just over one year. The 45Gb/in2 areal density record means that more than 60 gigabytes of information can be stored on a single 3.5" disc.The 45 Gb/in2 areal density was achieved with linear densities of more than 640,000 bits per inch and track densities near 70,000 per inch. The on-track raw bit error rate, before applying usual error correction codes, was better than one error in 10 million bits of data. The data rate used for the demonstration was 211 megabits per second. The head/media separation was 20 nm.

As with Seagate's previous demonstrations, the recording components were fabricated using equipment identical to that in Seagate's production facilities, and the technology, design, materials, and processes are compatible with current production practices.

SAN JOSE, Calif. - March 22, 2000 - TrueSAN Networks today launched SANdesigner™, the company's new web-based SAN configuration and management platform. SANdesigner enables end-users to rapidly design powerful and scalable storage-area networks online with an intuitive graphical interface. SANdesigner, which received tremendous response from customers in previews, allows users to visually prototype storage-area network implementations through the Web. After indicating the current applications and existing network environment, the user can drag and drop SAN components in the GUI to form a visual prototype of a unified storage framework. Users may specify parameters such as the server operating system, RAID level, backup device, and Fibre Channel host and switch connectivity to create a custom SAN that perfectly matches their specific requirements.

Based on the visual diagram, SANdesigner intelligently determines the precise hardware and software components necessary to implement the end-to-end solution, from the server to the storage subsystem. Before finalizing the SANdesigner configuration, prospective customers may indicate the levels of service and support which best fit their needs. Upon completion of a storage network topology, SANdesigner stores the information in an advanced database, making the SAN design readily available for the user to edit at any time.

"During a time when enterprise wide business-critical requirements call for immediate advancements in the conception and implementation of extensive storage topologies, I believe TrueSAN's approach to managing storage networks is right on target," states John C. Dean, research analyst with Salomon Smith Barney. "TrueSAN's SANdesigner is a welcome advancement that is expected to significantly simplify today's complex networked computing storage needs."

BOULDER, Colo., March 21 /PRNewswire/ - Exabyte Corporation announced today a strategic alliance with Hitachi Ltd. to strengthen manufacturing and technology development for Exabyte tape products. - Through this long-term alliance, Hitachi becomes a second supplier of M2(TM) (Mammoth-2) mechanical decks and scanners, and will team with Exabyte engineering to strengthen roadmap schedules for M3(TM) (Mammoth-3) and future MammothTape(TM) technology generations. Under the terms of the agreement, Exabyte and Hitachi will focus on the second source supply of M2 decks and scanners, as well as the acceleration of future products -- starting with the M3 --through joint development. By combining resources, each company capitalizes on its respective strengths. Through the alliance and continuous development of the technology and product roadmap, Exabyte will move forward with its objective for increased market adoption of MammothTape technology and it becoming a standard in the industry.

SLINGER, Wis.- March 17, 2000 /BUSINESS WIRE/ - Genroco Delivers World's First Gigabit Ethernet SAN. - GENROCO, Inc. installed the first ever Storage Area Network (SAN) with Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) clients having direct file system access to Fibre Channel (FC) disks without intermediate servers at Compaq Computer Corporation's European CustomSystems Group offices here this week. The installation was done for a demonstration at the semi-annual meeting of the European High Performance Network Forum hosted by Compaq and for ongoing development and testing by the firm - the largest global supplier of computer systems. GENROCO's revolutionary Network Independent SAN technology allows clients on any network, including GigE, OC48, HIPPI, etc., to behave like FC clients and have direct access to FC storage using standard file systems and access methods. The Company offers software drivers for most networks supported on Compaq Tru64 UNIX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Hewlett-Packard HP-UX, SGI IRIX, open Linux, and Windows 2000 based computer systems.

"Our objective is to make it possible to seamlessly connect OC48 WAN links and/or Gigabit Ethernet networks incorporating Alteon, Extreme, and other such switches to Fibre Channel fabrics consisting of Brocade, Ancor, and similar FC switches with any clients operating exactly as if they were on the FC SAN, declared Carl Pick, Chairman and CEO of GENROCO. "Users don't want to be told what platforms or networks to build their enterprises around!"

CINCINNATI, March 14 /PRNewswire/ - The Trilliant Group, a vendor-neutral IT consulting and integration firm focused exclusively on storage and storage management, today announced the introduction of Trilliant Group Education Services. - Trilliant Group created the services offerings in response to the overwhelming need for focused, timely and effective IT education in the storage management arena. The initial courses being offered are:-
  • Storage Area Networking Fundamentals is a one-day introductory course that explores the fundamentals and technical aspects of storage area network (SAN) technology. The class identifies when a SAN is needed; reviews Fibre Channel technology and its importance to SANs; explores how to build a SAN; reviews the role of each SAN component, including switches, hubs, directors, SCSI to fibre bridges, and Host Bus Adapters; and discusses typical SAN implementations. At the end of the course, attendees will have a clear understanding of SANs, their basic components, and their implementation value.
  • Storage Area Networking Workshop is a three-day, hands-on training course that gives customers a greater understanding of all SAN components, as well as the opportunity to set up and configure the typical components of a SAN in a lab environment. Typical issues commonly found during SAN implementation will be discussed and a primer of troubleshooting will be provided. Attendees gain the knowledge to successfully architect and implement SAN technology in order to maximize return on SAN investments.
  • Storage Management Best Practices is a two-day class designed to provide a solid foundation on implementing a comprehensive storage management best practices discipline within an existing technology infrastructure. Attendees gain an understanding of proven best practices methodologies that may be implemented and/or utilized to streamline existing management processes.

Editor's note:- Megabyte originally started this STORAGEsearch site because he thought it would be a lot easier than the complicated stuff in the Cisco internetworking market. But actually it's turned out to be a lot more complicated, because with a SAN, you not only shunt data around, but you also have to remember where you put it. Other SAN storage training companies should contact me and we'll set up a training page ASAP.

CARLSBAD, CA (BUSINESS WIRE) - March 15, 2000- Dot Hill Unveils its Latest Version of SANscape. - Dot Hill Systems Corp. today announced the immediate availability of SANscape(TM) 2.2, the latest version of its Java-based software utility that allows for remote management of the company's SANnet(TM) storage systems. SANscape 2.2 is the first version of SANscape that "phones home" by sending a real-time message to Dot Hill, as well as to customers, of any issues with the SANnet systems. Upon receiving this message, Dot Hill's team of customer support experts can begin to respond immediately to any irregularities under Dot Hill's new Dot Alert(TM) program. New features of SANscape 2.2 also include support for Windows 2000 and Solaris 2.8, the ability to update SANnet firmware remotely and the integration of SANscape with SANpath, another key Dot Hill-developed software package. This integration allows customers to access important SANpath-monitored information about their systems, such as multi-pathing LUN assignments, through the SANscape graphical user interface (GUI).

"SANscape 2.2 puts even more power and information at the tips of our customers' fingers," said Dana Kammersgard, Dot Hill's chief technology officer. "With SANscape 2.2, customers can monitor, configure and now even update firmware on SANnet systems located all over the world from a single console. SANscape 2.2 also notifies Dot Hill of any issues, and allows us to start working on solutions immediately. With SANscape 2.2, Dot Hill continues to bring features traditionally found in the proprietary world of mainframe systems to the Open Systems community, and raises the bar with respect to storage management and customer satisfaction."

HILLSBORO, Ore., March 14, 2000 - Intel Corporation has made significant enhancements to its popular Intel® InBusiness™ Storage Station, a single-function appliance that helps small businesses increase productivity through collaborative file sharing, protection of critical data and automated backup of personal computer files. The enhancements include increased hard-drive capacity to 30 GB (Gigabytes) and 60 GB, data mirroring for increased protection of mission critical information through redundancy, and inclusion of Second Copy 2000*, enabling automated data backup for individual PCs. As with all of the Intel® InBusiness™ appliances, the Storage Station has been designed with the small business owner in mind, providing simple installation and management at an affordable price.

"File sharing is still one of the most frequently sought after solutions by our small business customers," said Kirt Bailey, product line manager, Intel's Small Business Networking Organization. "The Storage Station not only offers the lowest cost per Gigabyte of storage in the entry-level NAS (network attached storage) market, but also provides an optimum level of data protection for our customers." The dual-drives within the 60 GB version can either be managed as two individual drives, one large drive (spanning), or may be configured to provide a constant backup of one drive to the other (mirroring). The Storage Station includes a five-user license of the latest version of the award-winning automated backup software from Centered Systems, Second Copy 2000*, which will automatically save copies of data from individual PCs to the Storage Station at regular intervals, eliminating the need for manual backup.

SUNNYVALE, Calif.- March 14, 2000 -, one of the most respected sources for financial and business news and information on the Web, and, the online file experts, today announced an agreement that provides members of Bloomberg's Entrepreneur Network immediate access to click2send's secure, Web-based file delivery, handling and storage services. - click2send services enable business users to send and receive large files directly from their Web browsers, thus overcoming the problems associated with large file transfer via email. With click2send's state-of-the-art technology, Entrepreneur Network users can send large data files of any type to anyone, anywhere from their desktops or portable PCs.

"click2send is a significant value add for our Web site users," said Mark Koba, managing editor of Bloomberg's Entrepreneur Network. "Business people can use click2send to instantly deliver large spreadsheets or presentations including confidential data. We think entrepreneurs will see that click2send is a dynamic element to running their business." click2send's online file delivery services are offered as part of the founding suite of services in Bloomberg's Entrepreneur Network, creating easy access to click2send's unique service offering. By using click2send's universal file delivery service through users have a competitive advantage with the means to conduct Instant Business. "click2send and Bloomberg are solving a serious problem for entrepreneurs," said Charlene Steele Vaughn, president and CEO of click2send. "click2send provides the capability to safely and securely move critical business information to and from customers, suppliers and other trading partners in virtually real-time, regardless of document size or complexity."

March 13 - Overland Data today announced the introduction of tape storage and automation solutions built around affordable DLT1 technology, marking the next step in its corporate strategy to supply entry-level to enterprise solutions. - Overland unveiled a standalone 40 GB (native) DLT1 tape subsystem for $1570 (MSRP) and also announced a DLT1-based version of its LoaderXpress, creating a 400-gigabyte capacity autoloader solution with sub-$5000 pricing (MSRP). The DLT1-based products bring Overland customers economical additions to the company's comprehensive DLT-based solutions and leverage the unprecedented value of the DLT1 format to open up the robustness and reliability of DLT technology to customers that have previously been limited to 4mm and 8mm products. It is backward read-compatible with DLT4000, offering an excellent growth path for currentDLT4000 customers.

"The addition of DLT1 technology to the Overland product line fulfils our mission to deliver the best in entry-level to enterprise storage solutions," said Steve Richardson, vice president of marketing at Overland. "Customers now have the freedom to choose the DLT platform for entry-level server and workstation applications without the price barriers of the past. These customers can deploy DLT-based tape products and operate with a single, compatible, reliable tape platform strategy. And for storage automation, they can now take advantage of Overland's award-winning robotics technology as well."

BOULDER, Colo., and ATLANTA, March 13- Exabyte Corporation today announced that Bay Data Consultants, a network systems integrator, has installed Exabyte's M2(TM) (Mammoth-2) X80 rack-mounted, automated tape library to be used in Bay Data's ASP Incubator programs. - Bay Data, one of Exabyte's largest Exabyte Solutions Partner (ESP) resellers, has developed a dot-com application service provider (ASP) incubator program and will install M2 tape libraries for data availability needs. Through this program, Bay Data provides professional services to start-up dot-coms, including staffing, security considerations and storage products like Exabyte M2 tape libraries, utilizing Fibre Channel and Ethernet out-of-band capabilities. Bay Data favors Exabyte products for installation in co-locations. Many of Bay Data's customers have off-site storage facilities. In a hands-off, lights-out environment, capacity, performance, space considerations and power consumption are highly important. M2's half high form factor gives it the highest rack mount density on the market, allowing the X80 to deliver 600 GB of storage for every 1.75 inches of rack space. M2 libraries also consume less than half of the total power of the closest competing libraries, making them the most cost-effective choice available.

Sunnyvale, CA - March 9, 2000 - Network Appliance and Yahoo! today announced a strategic relationship under which Network Appliance will provide Yahoo! with Network Appliance™ filer systems and storage networking technology. - Under the agreement, NetApp systems will become Yahoo!'s preferred solution to manage the data access and storage requirements for: Yahoo!® Mail, one of the Internet's most popular Web-based mail services; My Yahoo!, a personalized point of entry to the Web and Yahoo!'s powerful content and services; Yahoo! Calendar, a free, Web-based calendar that allows individuals to schedule meetings and appointments; and Yahoo! GeoCities, one of the best places on the Internet to build and publish personal Web pages.

"Network Appliance systems have helped us to scale our infrastructure fast and effectively," said Farzad Nazem, chief technology officer, Yahoo! Inc. "NetApp supplies valuable tools that help enable us to store the content for select Yahoo! properties and power our systems — safely and securely."

"The early pioneers of the Internet embraced Network Appliance more than five years ago and today we now power 9 of the top 10 web and e-commerce sites. This agreement with Yahoo! strengthens our market leadership," said Dan Warmenhoven, president and CEO of Network Appliance, Inc. "Providing data infrastructure for select Yahoo! properties and their vast user base will give NetApp the opportunity to take our technology to new levels of scalability, availability and shared access."

March 7, 2000 - IDC says Worldwide Fibre Channel Hub and Switch Revenues Will Soar to $2.7 Billion in 2003 - The worldwide Fibre Channel hub and switch factory market is hot – red hot in fact. In 1999, revenues skyrocketed a spectacular 227% to $236.4 million, and the market has plenty of fuel left to propel it even further. IDC says revenues will increase at a 85% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2003, landing at $2.7 billion and making the market among the fastest growing of any that IDC covers.

"Fibre Channel is quickly becoming the preferred host-to-storage interconnect technology for open systems. It's also becoming accepted as a favored storage interconnect for storage area network data pools," said Robert Gray, director of IDC's Worldwide Storage Systems research. "The technology's high bandwidth, redundancy, and capability to support long distance topologies are making it very popular."

According to IDC, Brocade was the market's number-one supplier in 1999, with 39% of revenues. "Brocade's focus on fabric switches positions it well overall and gives the company a technology base that could be applied in the future to the lucrative director class switches," Gray said. McData was second with 22%, and Gadzoox rounded out the top three with 17%. Vixel is the top ranked unit supplier with a 48% share of the hub and switch market. Vixel was also the leading port supplier in 1999.

Director switches and loop switches will be the fastest-growing areas. Director switches will increase at a CAGR of 129%. They will overtake fabric switches in 2001 in terms of revenues, and by 2003, they will account for 52% of the market's revenues. "Fabric switches have become more affordable as prices declined rapidly. In contrast director switches have experienced minimal pricing declines, and because of the product's high-end, support-oriented nature, we don't expect rapid price declines in this segment. As customers focus on more high-availability installations, we expect directors will take an increasing share of revenue." Gray said. IDC's new report 2000 Worldwide Fibre Channel Hub and Switch Market Forecast and Review (IDC #W21806) includes actual data for Fibre Channel hubs and switches from 1997 to 1999 and forecast data through 2003. The report presents historical data on factory revenue, port count, and unit count. Forecasts are provided for market revenue and port counts. Vendor market shares for factory revenue, port count, and unit count are also presented. IDC segments the Fibre Channel hub and switch market into the following five categories: entry hubs, managed hubs, loop switches, fabric switches, and director switches. Each segment is thoroughly discussed in the report. To order a copy of the report, contact Patrick Steeves at 1-800-343-4952, ext. 6787 or at

Dallas, TX , March 6, 2000 - Peripheral Enhancements, manufacturer of Memory EDGE™ RAM upgrades, today announces the immediate availability of 256MB memory modules for the Apple™ iBook 366MHz Special Edition. The iBook 366MHz Special Edition was announced February 15 at Macworld Expo, Tokyo, Japan. Combined with the 64MB of memory built in, the Memory EDGE™ 256MB memory upgrade brings the system's total RAM capacity to an astounding 320MB. Peripheral Enhancements is a member of the Apple Developer Program. All Memory EDGE™ upgrades come with a lifetime warranty and lifetime, toll-free technical support.

BOULDER, Colo., March 6, 2000 - Exabyte Corporation, a leading network backup systems company, today released test results showing its M2™ (Mammoth-2) tape drive out performed nine other tape drives during a group test by European magazine PC Pro, one of UK's top computer publications for IT professionals. The article summarizes that, "The Mammoth-2 out performed all the other review products by a huge margin and so could shake the tape drive market to its foundation.". PC Pro tested ten drives from vendors including Exabyte, Sony, Tandberg, Overland Data, Ecrix, HP and OnStream. The review compared speed, capacity and pricing that would help users select the right tape drive for individual needs. The testing matched M2 against DLT8000, AIT-2, VXA tape technologies using ARCserveIT v6.6 and Backup Exec v7.3 applications. According to PC Pro, M2 was the fastest drive tested by a huge margin and also proved to be an extremely good value. The articles also states, "The Mammoth-2 ups the backup ante in both performance and capacity."

"This PCPro article is a strong validation in M2's superior performance," said Farouk Al-Nasser, Exabyte's vice president and general manager for the Data Storage Products division. "Similar testing and feedback from our customers are telling us that M2 is indeed the fastest, highest capacity drive on the market today. Exabyte is committed to protecting data with the best technology, so we are very pleased to receive such endorsements like this."

Editor's notes:- the PC Pro web site does seem to contain a lot of storage product reviews, but it's one of those annoying sites which forces you to input your email address and zip code. However, you can invent log-in data to avoid getting spam from that publisher. Tape backup performance is a good indicator, but there's a 5 to 1 spread in price between some of the drives mentioned here. For the ultimate performance in a tape backup, consider using a tape RAID controller from Ultera Systems . This enables you to choose any tape architecture and get an order of magnitude speedup in backup time.

ARLINGTON, VA - 03/03/2000 /INTERNET WIRE/ - DVD players experienced a tremendous year in 1999, becoming the "fastest selling consumer electronics product in history," and achieving a household penetration level of approximately 5 percent after only three years in the market. Now, in 2000, consumers have overwhelmingly voiced their satisfaction with those purchases, according to the results of the first and most comprehensive DVD Owner Study released today by eBrain Market Research a service of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The results of the study indicate a remarkable 85 percent of owners surveyed expressed satisfaction with their DVD player. That satisfaction stems from several key buying expectations, but most important was enhancement of the viewing experience. Overall, 92 percent of owners stated that picture quality was very or somewhat important to their purchase decision, followed closely by sound quality and interest in digital technology.

In terms of content, the average DVD household owns 13 titles. However, 31 percent of owners who have had their player for at least one year have more than 20 titles, demonstrating that many owners are still in the process of building their libraries. The tremendous DVD sales Have also impacted the rental market. Approximately seven out of 10 DVD player owners rent between one and 10 titles per month, and 15 percent of owners stated an increase in their number of movie rentals. The growth of DVD has also had a tremendous effect on complimentary purchases in the home theater market. DVD led to the creation of, or helped account for, 16 percent of all new home theater systems during the 1997-1999 period. Prior to buying DVD players, approximately 35 percent of current DVD households had a home theater system, a penetration rate that confirms many DVD owners have room to further invest in home theater equipment. That fact, combined with the 44 percent of DVD owners who have only recently bought their player, indicates a solid future for retailers in terms of complimentary purchases of audio/video equipment among owners lacking a full scale home theater system. The survey was designed and formulated by eBrain Market Research, a service of CEA. eBrain is smarter research. The most comprehensive source of sales data, forecasts, consumer research, international research, and historical trends for the consumer electronics industry.

SAN JOSE, Calif.- March 3, 2000 /BUSINESS WIRE/ - Cypress Semiconductor Corporation today announced that it has satisfied all closing conditions for the acquisition of Galvantech Inc., a privately held company specializing in ultra-high-performance memories for data communications applications. Cypress announced its intent to acquire Galvantech on a pooling-of-interests basis in January, and will issue 3.26 million shares of stock in exchange for all outstanding Galvantech stock and options. The acquisition, which is expected to be immediately accretive to Cypress's earnings, was effective March 2, 2000. Galvantech has important design wins at strategic Cypress communications accounts, such as Lucent and Cisco, and at startup communications companies, such as Redback and Extreme Networks. Galvantech's products target specialized applications that require ultra-fast memories at the highest densities with maximum bandwidth. The acquisition marks a milestone in Cypress's strategy to focus on specialized memories for data communication markets. Galvantech's acquisition gives Cypress a product line second to none in functionality and breadth.

"In 1996, Cypress announced its intention to dominate two high-performance memory segments: ultra-low-power memories for portable, battery-powered applications, such as cell phones; and networking memories with the bandwidth to support emerging applications, such as cutting-edge ATM switches and IP routers," said T.J. Rodgers, Cypress president and CEO. "We built the capabilities for low-power memories internally, culminating in our MoBL(TM) (More Battery Life(TM)) family with half the active power of the second-best competitor. "We built our position in networking memories the same way, with the introduction of NoBL(TM) (No Bus Latency(TM)) SRAMs and plans to deliver next-generation Quad Data Rate(TM) (QDR(TM)) SRAMs. Then in a single move, with the Galvantech acquisition, we doubled our position in synchronous datacom memories."

PALO ALTO, Calif.--March 1, 2000 - /BUSINESS WIRE/-Digital camera sales will continue to grow at a 30+% annual rate through 2004, thanks in no small part to inexpensive storage devices, according to research just published jointly by TrendFOCUS and the Institute of Information Technology of Tokyo. - Market analysis by IIT and TrendFOCUS forecasts that over 5 million FLASH storage products were sold into the digital camera market in 1999. The market will grow by more than 25% annually by 2004. Moreover, FLASH card capacities will continue to double every 18 to 24 months. But rising demand and the need for more storage capacity is drawing the interest of the HDD industry.

"IBM and Halo Data, pioneers of the 1" HDD, are eyeing the digital camera market," adds Mark Geenen, president of TrendFOCUS. "We expect more companies will sense the opportunity in small form factor drives, which will ultimately drive down storage and camera prices." The long-term trend favors HDDs in this application. The emergence of 5+ megapixel cameras and motion picture-enabled units plays well into the strengths of HDDs. "Capacity requirements will be spiraling upward in the next several years, and HDDs are far better suited to higher-capacity needs," states Geenen. Prices for 1" HDDs will fall precipitously to under $100 by 2002, compelling both camera makers and add-on buyers to consider HDDs in place of FLASH. "But Flash makers will fight to hold share -- this is a critical market for them," added Kubokawa. "Regardless of which storage technology wins, the consumer wins with better camera functionality, higher storage capacity and lower prices."

Martinsried/Munich, Germany. February 29, 2000 - ADVA AG Optical Networking today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Storage Area Networks (SAN) Ltd., a leading privately-held U.K.-based designer and manufacturer of intelligent storage area network gateways. - This acquisition strengthens ADVA's leadership position in the enterprise and metro access optical networking market by adding complementary products to ADVA's portfolio. In addition, SAN provides ADVA with in-depth knowledge about switching and routing technology for storage area networking applications, Fibre Channel protocol, and transmitting information over longer distances to remote storage facilities. Under the terms of the agreement, the acquisition will be made at a total purchase price of approximately $83 million United States Dollars (USD).

"This is an important first acquisition in ADVA's growth strategy, which complements and strengthens our leadership position in the enterprise and metro access optical networking market," said Brian L. Protiva, ADVA's Chief Strategy Officer. "By adding SAN's technology to our Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) and intelligent optical networking solutions, we are now not only able to offer full wire-speed transparent Fibre Channel optical channels up to 30 km, but also a high performance switching product that enables enterprises to send local FC network information over high-speed optical, IP or ATM network clouds to remote storage facilities located anywhere in the world. Storage area networking (SAN) is a vital application to enterprise businesses today, as the exponentially-growing amount of mission-critical information needs to be transferred to remote back-up locations for storage."
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