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GENEVA, Switzerland, September 14, 2000 - GENROCO, Inc. announced today that the company will show- case its newest, high performance networking and storage area network (SAN) products here, tomorrow, September 15th. Over 120 industry experts are expected at this year's European High Performance User's Group (EHUG) conference at CERN, the European Center for High Energy Physics. GENROCO will unveil its Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) and OC48 Internet Storage Routers (iSR) in a mixed vendor SAN environment. GENROCO and industry experts from IBM, Cisco, SGI, and other organizations will give presentations at this year's assembly. GENROCO's iSR is the first product of its kind to allow clients on a GigE network to behave like clients on a Fibre Channel (FC) SAN. The product provides a transparent bridge between a GigE fabric and FC storage devices, depicting a model for next generation Internet and commercial broadband video on demand.

Based upon industry standard protocols, the GENROCO iSR increases the cost effectiveness and bandwidth in enterprises employing disparate CPU, operating system, storage and networking technologies. GENROCO will also demonstrate its new OC48 long haul storage interface, developed In partnership with CERN, which can seamlessly transfer Fibre Channel traffic over unlimited distances.

"GENROCO's commitment to standards enables timely availability of new technology, investment protection for existing technology, and a thriving partner community," stated Arie Van Praag, CERN engineer and demonstration host. GENROCO and CERN will also demonstrate the first implementation of GSN, an industry standard 10 gigabit network, with an optical interface. "Having optical GSN is important not only for large users, such as CERN, but also for smaller network installations that demand the flexibility of optical fiber," said Michael McGowen, Chief Scientist at GENROCO. GENROCO is also highlighting its PCI GSN controllers, which began shipping this quarter. Demonstrations will be done on UNIX platforms from Sun, IBM, and Compaq. The Company expects to show Tivoli's SANergy software powering the network independent SAN. ...Genroco profile

Editor's note:- Orson Welles is quoted as saying:- "In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed, but they produced Michaelangelo, Leonardo do Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, they had five hundred years of democracy and peace. And what did they produce? The cuckoo-clock." - Luckily, a bit later on, the people at CERN also invented the world wide web, without which, you wouldn't be reading this now.

HOUSTON, September 13, 2000 - Compaq Computer Corporation introduces a new PCI RAID controller architecture that delivers unprecedented flexibility through a modular design. The Smart Array 5300 (SA-5300) controller series meets customer need for rapid data growth, better server performance, robust fault tolerance, and a future connection to the storage network.

"Compaq will soon sell its two-millionth Smart Array controller, evidence of the confidence customers place in the most trusted name in PCI RAID controllers," said Ron Noblett, Vice President, Server Storage, Compaq Computer Corporation. "Compaq's innovation continues now with the SA-5300, offering customers an architecture that enables growth."

The SA-5300's new design allows buyers to increase cache, increase SCSI channels, and add Advanced Data Guarding (RAID ADG), a new RAID technology. Customers will find common software tools that help simplify storage management by offering consistency across the product line and from generation to generation. Offering data compatibility among all Smart Array controller models allows quick and easy upgrades to enhance data performance, capacity and availability, and customers can easily deploy and re-deploy drives with data intact. Pricing and Availability Compaq StorageWorks Smart Array 5300 is now available in three models: 4-channel model with 128MB of cache at list price of $2,499 2-channel model with 64MB of cache for $1,799 2-channel model with 32 MB of cache for $1,499 ...Compaq profile

Baughurst, UK - September 13 - STORAGEsearch changes masthead banner. Regular readers will already have noticed that we've changed our masthead design, to the new one which you should see above. Click refresh if you didn't see the stagecoach. The previous design was 2 years old, and was one of the original images on this web site. The new one is more compatible with our mission statement for this site "mapping the new enterprise STORAGE frontier". You can see an expanded version of this image on our more about page.

We first used Megabyte's bike on fibre-channel adapter cards, and this led to the stagecoach metaphor used on fibre channel routers. The person riding shotgun is Megabyte's niece Killerbyte, who often gets him out of trouble, and she was introduced on our military STORAGE page. You can see more Byte family image thumbnails on our alternative graphics rich contents page, and the whole family together on our advertising info page. If you work in sales and marketing, you may also want to take a look at what does a mouse have to do with storage?. ...ACSL (publisher) profile

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Sept. 12, 2000 - VA Linux Systems, Inc. today introduced the VA Linux 9205 NAS system -a convenient, ultradense 2U (3.5-inch-high) storage appliance that leverages VA's expertise in Open Source software and high-density Linux systems engineering. The VA Linux 9205 NAS is VA's first network-attached storage (NAS) solution, complementing the company's product line - the industry's broadest selection of 1U and 2U rackmount Linux servers.

Scalable to 2.1 terabytes in an ultradense 8U form factor, the 9205 NAS provides industry-leading storage density - over 10TB in a standard 42U rack - providing the ideal network file sharing solution for e-businesses in ISP data centers, where space is at a premium. The VA Linux 9205 NAS offers seamless file sharing across multiple platforms - Linux, UNIX, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS - enabling transparent file access in heterogeneous network environments.

``VA Linux is bringing the power of Open Source software - reliability, innovation and reduced costs - to the NAS market,'' said Ali Jenab, senior vice president and general manager of VA Linux's Systems Division. Starting at under $29,300 for 180GB of storage, the VA Linux 9205 is the first in a family of NAS solutions from VA Linux Systems. ...VA Linux profile

DALLAS, Texas, September 12, 2000 - Interphase Corporation today announced that Hitachi, Ltd. has selected the company's 5540 PowerSAN™ 2000 Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter to provide cost-effective storage connectivity for the Hitachi PC Server Family. "Interphase adapters provide the performance and reliability necessary to increase data availability, centralize storage management, and optimize back up and data migration for our customers utilizing Fibre Channel in Windows 2000 and Windows NT environments", said Toru Kaneko, Department manager of Hitachi's PC Server Development Department/ Internet Systems Platform Division. "Partnerships with companies such as Interphase greatly assist Hitachi as we continue to develop superior products and sophisticated technologies that meet the demands of an increasingly connected global marketplace."

Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks (SANs) are important enables of Hitachi's "No-Limits" storage philosophy, and can be used to provide connectivity from any server to any storage asset within an enterprise. According to International Data Corporation, the SAN market is expected to grow by 85 percent annually and top $15 billion by 2002. "Hitachi is one of the world's leading IT companies, and is known for developing solutions that have outstanding performance and legendary reliability," said Greg Kalush, Interphase president and CEO. "Hitachi's confidence in our product stands as testimony to the functionality we've designed into our PowerSAN 2000 products. We are excited to help Hitachi deliver the on promise of leading-edge connectivity for their customers building next-generation SANs using Fibre Channel." The 5540 PowerSAN 2000 adapter enables high-performance, full duplex gigabit Fibre Channel throughput for Hitachi PC servers.

Advanced features such as fail-over, load balancing and FibreView™ Enterprise SAN management provide added reliability and the management of SANs across a global enterprise from a central location. Hitachi PC Servers are Intel-based systems engineered to provide fast performance, scalability, and high availability in Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Linux environments. Hitachi offers several models that range from entry-level configurations to high-end enterprise systems and is currently shipping PC servers to industries such as finance, telecommunications, aerospace, energy manufacturing, services, education and government. The PowerSAN 2000 Product Family was recently introduced by Interphase as part of a key initiative to expand the company's product line to capitalize on the growth of the Fibre Channel HBA market segment. ...Hitachi profile, ...Interphase profile

11-Sep-00 - LaCie will present the fastest hard drive on the market with an overwhelming rotational speed of 15,000 rpm at Apple Expo 2000. This external hard disk is equipped with the new Ultra 160 interface and will be available in the popular 18GB capacity. With a record-breaking transfer rate of up to 75 MB/sec in RAID and 47 MB/sec for a single drive, the new LaCie 15,000 rpm hard drive is aimed at extremely demanding environments such as high end servers and audio/video applications. For the enterprise-storage industry the impressive transfer rates and the 3.9 millisecond seek time translate into improved productivity and profitability. ...LaCie profile

CUPERTINO,Calif. -Sep. 11, 2000- Symantec Corp. today announced Norton Ghost 2001, a fast and flexible utility designed for PC and small business users in need of high performance solutions for system upgrading, backup, and recovery. Based on the industry-leading Symantec Ghost Enterprise product, Norton Ghost 2001 offers users a reliable solution for safeguarding data and saving time. New to Norton Ghost 2001 is its support for the Linux EXT2 file system, ensuring reliable cloning of Linux-based PCs. In addition, Norton Ghost 2001 is now compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium, thereby extending Ghost's powerful imaging capabilities to users of Microsoft's latest operating systems. Norton Ghost 2001 provides users with the following features:
  • Cloning capabilities for an entire hard drive or specified partitions.
  • Back-up feature for hard disk drives with the capability to write disk images directly to many popular CDR/RW drives, as well as a variety of the most popular removable magnetic media, including ZIP, JAZ, SuperDisk, and more.
  • Recovery of individual files and directories.
  • Direct cloning between two PCs via high-speed parallel ports, USB cables, or local IP connections
Norton Ghost 2001 is priced at US$69.95. A US$20 rebate is available for upgrades. ...Symantec profile

Mountain View, CA - September 11, 2000 - Rambus Inc. has filed suit in Germany and France, against Hyundai Electronics Industries Co. Ltd. for patent infringement. The suits were filed after negotiations over Rambus' intellectual property rights were preempted by the filing of a lawsuit by Hyundai in the United States. Rambus is seeking injunctions to halt the sale, manufacture and use of Hyundai SDRAM and DDR SDRAM memory devices which infringe the Rambus intellectual property protected by European Patent EP 0 525 068. This patent stems from Rambus' original 1990 disclosure and covers fundamental aspects of high-speed memory invented by Rambus that are currently being implemented in SDRAM and DDR SDRAM. Trial in Germany is anticipated to start in February 2001.

A French Court, today, seized samples of, and documentation and other materials relating to infringing Hyundai SDRAM and DDR SDRAM memory devices as it started its investigation into Hyundai's infringing activities. "IP is our business and we will not hesitate to protect our IP when it is being used without a license," said Geoff Tate, Rambus' chief executive officer. "Rambus develops and licenses intellectual property - since the early 1990s, we established and still maintain the leadership in high bandwidth chip connection technology. Our objective is to continue to produce innovations that will benefit the semiconductor and systems industries, and by licensing these innovations to generate a return on investment to our shareholders." ...Rambus profile

September 11, 2000 - Redmond, WA. Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) announced today that it intends to double the capacity and throughput of its entire line of AIT tape storage products through a plan to integrate the newly announced AIT-3 tape drive from Sony Electronics into all of its major product platforms. ADIC's line of AIT tape technology storage products is currently the broadest in the industry, extending from stand-alone tape drives to scalable data center libraries that can hold up to 70,000 data cartridges. ADIC also uses AIT technology in its StorNext™ Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances, high capacity, low cost storage appliances that allow users to move static data off active disk while still keeping it available to network users.

With the technology roadmap outlined for AIT-3 technology, ADIC's AIT tape storage platforms will provide industry-leading storage density. The Company's Scalar® 100 library, which can hold up to 8 drives and 96 AIT cartridges, will be able to supply nearly 19 TB of capacity (with average 2:1 compression) in only 14U rack space (24.5"). With AIT-3 technology installed, the ADIC Scalar 1000 will be able to offer capacities of from 45 to 236 TB.

Although backup is the usual application for tape, AIT technology's average time to data of less than 30 seconds has made the format a favorite with IT organizations that want to use its large capacity and low cost to keep data available for use in off-disk network locations. Earlier this year ADIC's StorNext leveraged AIT technology, in combination with disk cache, direct network-connection, and a simple file-system interface, to pioneer a new class of high capacity NAS appliances. StorNext puts terabytes of capacity on the network easily and quickly, providing an easily accessed location to store data that is critical but that is accessed infrequently-data like CAD drawings, software revisions, and digital video files. General availability of AIT-3 drives is currently expected in mid-2001. ...ADIC profile

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., September 11, 2000 - XIOtech® Corporation today announced that it will partner with Finisar Corporation in order to offer its MAGNITUDE SAN customers the industry's only long-distance, synchronous remote data replication capabilities. Finisar is a leading provider of fibre optic subsystems that enable high-speed data communications over Fibre Channel SANs. The combination of XIOtech's MAGNITUDE SAN and new REDI SAN Links Replicator software, and Finisar's FLX-2000 Optical Links Extender create the industry's longest distance synchronous remote data replication – up to 120 kilometers (km), or approximately 75 miles. The ability to access or replicate data at long distances enables users to expand their backup capabilities, migrate data remotely, plan for disaster recovery, and efficiently utilize IT resources across the WAN.

Synchronous data replication ensures data integrity by allowing source and copied storage volumes to remain in sync with one another. Other storage vendors who offer a remote data replication capability do so with asynchronous copies over ATM lines, which means that at any given time, data may be out of sync between source and copy, making it vulnerable to corruption. REDI SAN Links Replicator's ability to copy data remotely at a rate of over 1GB/min., coupled with Finisar's FLX-2000 Optical Link Extender, which has a transfer rate of 1Gb/sec., make it possible to efficiently copy large amounts of data in a very short amount of time. For example, XIOtech has demonstrated in its Enterprise REDI Solutions Lab that a 10GB data volume located on one MAGNITUDE SAN can be copied to another MAGNITUDE SAN located 50 km away in less than 5½ minutes.

Richard Blaschke, executive vice president of marketing for XIOtech, said, "About 90 percent of businesses who have installed SANs need remote data replication capabilities of 120 kilometers or less. Our new partnership with Finisar will enable us to fully cater to this sweet spot in the open systems market."

"We are proud to be a part of this ground-breaking SAN solution," said Ron O'Neal, applications engineer at Finisar Corporation. "We developed our fibre channel extender technology with the idea that it could help facilitate new and exciting technology advances. This advance in remote data replication for the open systems market is a significant step toward the promise of 100 percent data availability for SAN users." ...Finisar profile, ...XIOtech profile,

Bristol, West of England, September 11, 2000 - ESPeople now provides a new perspective on recruitment services for companies that focus on selling high-value, non-stop Enterprise Systems and Storage computing infrastructure to achieve their business goals. The ESPeople mission statement is 'right people, right time, right reasons'. This is a simple message but one that brings it all home to the owner Len Greenwood after 25 years in the business as a computing professional. Len is the first to admit that over the years he has himself, on occasions, been in the wrong job for the wrong reasons. As Len explains "It's sometimes a hard fact for managers to accept but nobody keeps the same job forever, especially in a sales environment. In today's IT commercial culture, the smart manager will include this variable in his business plan".

Loyalty, or lack of it, has become a real issue as IT companies strive for commercial viability and efficiency. In a commercial culture that demands instant and sweeping changes in business practice to remain leaner, fitter and more dynamic than the competition, job security and loyalty can come second place to the wishes of the management team and the shareholders. A lack of loyalty puts a strain on the traditional relationship between employer and employee especially when companies are required to drastically reduce or increase staffing levels in order to maximise profitability and growth. Compared to only a decade ago, this change in job culture has meant that the number of jobs in a successful salesman's career is on the up. Managers are notoriously wary of these so-called 'job hoppers' but there are now compelling arguments to suggest that the salesman who changes his job every few years so should not be viewed as such a business risk. It is exactly this paradox between commercial culture and job longevity that highlights the role of the recruiter.

The ESPeople service is web-based but unlike other web based recruitment services there is no registration, no exhaustive database of tentative CVs and no primordial soup of candidates. What you will find is focus and simplicity, as Graham Turner, VP for Enterprise Systems at Fujitsu Siemens Computer Ltd confirms:

"Len Greenwood's approach to finding the right people is completely different. ...My time is my most valuable asset, Len offers to attend each interview. This now saves me valuable time after each interview and it's useful to have a third party perspective of how well or badly the interview went. In addition, the Espeople website is a good one and a useful asset to have. It lets me preview the employment history of many candidates at each visit, whenever it suits me. I can also avoid the usual tidal wave of CVs you get from other recruitment agencies. Sometimes I think agencies attempt to justify their charges by the number of CVs they send. After all, I'm not buying by the ton! Espeople is small, focused and efficient and comes with the feel-good-factor that you're actually getting a personalised and valued service. And that's what makes the difference." ...ESPeople profile

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, Sept. 8, 2000 – Ciprico Inc. announced today the first NETarray RAID systems began shipping to visual computing customers worldwide. NETarray 1000 is the newest member of Ciprico's Fibre Channel Family of Digital Storage Systems. It represents a leap forward in the development of high-performance RAID storage combining the best technologies of storage solutions for visual computing environments with those normally found in the enterprise computing world.

"All of our markets will benefit from NETarray because in a single scaleable platform, we provide our customers both high-bandwidth and transactional storage," said Ciprico President and CEO Robert H. Kill.

Storage capacity and application needs keep growing, but Information Technology management is expensive and scarce. NETarray recognizes the need for storage to be managed like other IT resources. The NETarray is the first storage solution to provide the option of seamless out of band management, freeing up processing and increasing I/O performance. Storage can be easily managed by linking to the Ethernet through any web browser to tools already used for other IT resources. Whether used for broadcasting, streaming video over the internet or running an application within government, NETarray's out of band management revolutionizes storage management by keeping it simple.

NETarray is designed with high storage density. Each NETarray enclosure supports one or two high-performance hardware RAID controllers and can be configured with any combination of half-height Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) disk drives, from a minimum of four, to a maximum of ten. A single rack scales to holding up to 100 drives in less than a 30U rack space, totaling 7.3 TB per rack, using 73 GB drives. In a small footprint, NETarray delivers screaming I/O performance, and provides open scaleable storage for growing video streaming, Internet and other I/O intensive environments. The NETarray is equipped with performance, reliability, availability and servicing features demanded in today's sophisticated, high I/O computing environments. All active components are duplicated and hot-swappable, including power supplies, fans, loop by-pass cards and RAID controllers. ...Ciprico profile

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