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M-Systems Introduces Smallest 16MB Single-Chip Flash Disk
FREMONT, Calif., Jan. 4, 2001 - M-Systems. today announced the release of the world's smallest 16MB single-chip flash disk, the DiskOnChip 2000 TSOP 16MB.

Featuring new multi-chip module manufacturing technology developed specifically for the popular DiskOnChip 2000 family of products, the DiskOnChip 2000 TSOP 16MB flash disk is the first product in the series to contain the flash memory and controller in a single 48-pin Thin Small Outline Package (TSOP).

Previously available only in modular DIP or DIMM packages, the 16MB DiskOnChip 2000 is popular among many leading Internet appliance and embedded computer manufacturers such as Inter-Con/PC, Founder Electronics, Bcom Electronics, VCON, Samsung, Integrated Technology Express (ITE), Neoware, Crosstainment, Daewoo Telecom and Boca Research.

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news image - M-Systems
M-Systems' DiskOnChip® 2000 DIP (top)

DiskOnChip® 2000 TSOP flash disk (bottom)
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Like all DiskOnChip flash disks, the new DiskOnChip 2000 TSOP 16MB is supported in all major operating systems and is compatible with other DiskOnChip products. Samples of the DiskOnChip 2000 TSOP 16MB are available now and shipment will begin during the first quarter of 2001. During the second quarter, boot capability will be added, allowing the DiskOnChip 2000 TSOP to function as a startup disk and replace the system's Boot ROM, thus saving cost and board space. Additional features will be added in response to market needs.

A complete flash disk solution, DiskOnChip is available in 32-pin DIP, 144-pin DIMM or 48-pin TSOP form factors with capacities ranging from 8 to 288 MB. This unique product adds flexibility, minimizes integration efforts, reduces engineering costs and shortens time-to-market. M-Systems' DiskOnChip features high reliability, low power consumption and small size.

BBC Leverages WAM!NET

EAGAN, Minn. - January 4, 2001 – WAM!NET Inc. announced today that the BBC Worldwide Americas, Library Sales Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of the BBC, is leveraging WAM!NET® Network Services to provide its clients with access to more than 350,000 hours of archive film footage overnight.

The BBCWA Library Sales Group clients include high-profile film, television and advertising agency customers, such as "Oprah," "Sixty Minutes" and VH-1's "Behind The Music." By leveraging WAM!NET's high-speed, global, fully-managed network, BBCWA Library Sales customers can select archive footage from the vast BBC film and audio library in London and receive the data-rich footage overnight, improving delivery time significantly from traditional overseas courier services.

"Having looked at a number of potential systems to deliver review and broadcast-quality digital clips quickly to our customers, WAM!NET Networking Services seemed to be the best solution to provide quick and seamless overnight service," says Jill Hawkins, vice president of BBCWA Library Sales. "Our news, television, film and advertising clients always need footage quickly, and therefore the ability to rapidly deliver footage is of utmost importance. By using WAM!NET, we are able to improve our turnaround time by as much as five days from traditional courier methods."

BBCWA connects its BBC London headquarters to its three North American offices in New York City, Toronto and Los Angeles, using WAM!NET Direct!™ Service, a fast, secure connection to WAM!NET's global network that joins seamlessly with the BBC's local area network for direct, point-to-point service. This provides BBCWA customers with access to the more than 350,000 hours of video, 500 million feet of film and 500,000 audio recordings that comprise their 75 year old media library.

NTI DriveBackup

TUSTIN, CA - January 3, 2001 - NewTech Infosystems has introduced NTI DriveBackup!, the newest member of its Backup NOW! family of CD-R/RW backup and disaster recovery software solutions.

An entry-level product, NTI DriveBackup! provides easy backup and disaster recovery using inexpensive CD-R/RW media. NTI DriveBackup! is very simple to learn, allowing even novice PC users to protect operating systems, applications and files from malicious viruses or other software/hardware disasters.

The NTI DriveBackup! "Emergency Recovery" Wizard allows the user to create a bootable CD that can be used to recover the system partition in case of a system disaster or hard-drive loss. In operation, NTI DriveBackup! collects the necessary information and system files and then creates the bootable CD along with the backup data. If emergency recovery is necessary, the user simply inserts the CD and turns on the system power. The system boots from the Emergency Recovery CD, presents a prompt for the user to select the target partition (drive letter) on the hard drive - and the "Silent Restore" feature takes it from there.

"CD-R/RW drives and media provide the least expensive storage method for the Windows desktop/notebook environment," said Bill Yao, NTI President/CEO. "All information on a desktop or notebook is important to the user, whether it's audio, video or data. Protecting it is essential in this age of malicious viruses. NTI DriveBackup! offers users an inexpensive, reliable way to protect against these attacks. It's designed to be the easiest way to create a backup and, in the event of a system disaster, restore the system to its condition when the backup was performed."

NTI DriveBackup! operates in Windows environments, including Windows 95, 98, ME, NT Workstation and 2000 Professional platforms. NTI DriveBackup! is available through distributors and popular high-tech retailers at a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Ideal Hardware Emphasise Enterprise Solutions

UK - January 2, 2001 - following a radical restructure of its sales force last month, Ideal Hardware has re-iterated its commitment to the dynamic and ever-growing enterprise solutions market.

The Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) focuses on providing Ideal's resellers with the expertise and ability to engage with its customers on the complexities of SANs. These new fibre storage solutions introduce resellers and IT users to new ways of deploying and managing their storage requirements. Ideal, recently voted Storage Distributor of the Year 2000 for the second year running, has the resources, products and services resellers need to deliver appropriate solutions to their clients.

"Storage is Ideal's core business competence and it has been for 13 years, "says Mark Walker, enterprise solutions director. "The majority of IT spend will soon be directly related to storage, especially in the enterprise marketplace, and we have significantly geared up to ensure that Ideal remains the dominant force in UK storage. Our parent company, Bell Microproducts INC, is the largest storage-focused distributor in the world and can already claim leadership in the enterprise storage sector."

BakBone reports VAR survey results

SAN DIEGO, January 2, 2001 - A recent phone survey of 100 US data storage-centric systems integrators and resellers - sponsored by BakBone Software reveals a majority believes that their clients' storage needs will continue to sharply escalate in the new year, by as much as 75% over their current requirements.

SANs, the survey also reports, are being adopted by more companies than ever before as a way of dealing with their increasing information loads. In spite of that growth, however, the survey determined that many integrators think their customers still have strong concerns about installing SANs throughout their companies, with two-thirds of respondents reporting their clients have immediate worries about issues such as the complexity of SANs and problems in making software and hardware from various vendors work together.

"The response from integrators clearly confirms what we see in the marketplace," said Jack Corrao, BakBone¹s President/Chief Operating Officer. "Companies are aware of the benefits that SANs offer, especially as they continue to store more corporate-critical information of all kinds. They also understand that, in many cases, the path to SAN adoption will be gradual, and that they require both hardware and software that meets their escalating needs today and tomorrow."

BakBone's NetVault is storage management software that addresses those issues, by reducing the complexity associated with data storage. Companies around the world have chosen NetVault, with its unparalleled ease of use, to backup and restore their information across multiple computer platforms, such as Unix, Linux and Windows NT, doing so with a single, point-and-click user interface. The forthcoming version of NetVault, to be commercially introduced later this month, will feature support for network-attached storage (NAS) and Windows 2000, ensuring users the widest range of compatibility. The BakBone survey of integrators also found that their customers continued to be frustrated by the complicated nature of making existing storage hardware and software work together, as well as shrinking backup windows. They also rated ease of use as one of the most important attributes needed in today's storage configurations.

Acer Communications names new President

SAN JOSE, CA- Acer Communications & Multimedia America announced today that it has named Ralph Tang as the new president.

Tang joins CMA after running operations for Acer Computer Middle East Ltd. since 1992. Former Vice President in charge of day to day operations, Michael Wang, will continue with Acer in a new venture capital role for Acer Communications & Multimedia Inc., the parent company of CMA based in Taiwan. A twelve-year veteran of Acer, Tang took control of Acer Computer's Middle Eastern division (AME) based in Dubai, UAE and expanded it from a 7 person sales office to a vast operation including multiple branch offices and distribution & assembly centers covering 17 countries in the Middle East. As well as expanding Acer's Computer distribution into the Middle East, Tang was responsible for launching Servex Middle East Ltd., the component business entity for AME in 1997.
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