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SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 11, 2001 - Sony Electronics today introduced its first Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) library. The Sony AIT Library 304 system houses two AIT-2 drives (expandable up to four) and 30 cartridge slots (one fixed magazine with 10 slots and two removable magazines with 10 slots). The library's total storage capacity of up to 3.9TB (with average 2.6:1 compression) and data transfer rates of up to 172.8 GB per hour are designed to meet data-intensive back-up and archive requirements.

"We've recognized the increasing demand for hands-off data protection driven by the Internet, e-commerce and the need for storage consolidation," said Nobu Kawasaki, marketing manager for value added products at Sony Electronics' Component Company. "The addition of an automated library to our line-up of standalone AIT drives and autoloaders provides the mid-range market with the flexibility, reliability and performance of a proven technology that has industry-leading storage density and a future roadmap."

Leveraging the 3.5-inch AIT cartridge form factor, the Sony AIT Library 304 is designed for stand-alone or 19-inch 5u rackmount configuration for easy installation into standard-sized data centers and system laboratories. According to Kawasaki, the AIT library features Sony's innovative Memory-in-Cassette (MIC) technology, providing fast access to data. He said that this is ideal for archival and near line storage. The Sony AIT Library 304 also incorporates a user-friendly Barcode reader, an Import/Export Mail slot, and a remote monitoring system.

Pricing, Availability and Service The Sony AIT Library 304 system which incorporates two AIT-2 tape drives will be sold through distributors, value added resellers (VARs) and system integrators beginning this month at a list price of $22,000*. Additional accessories including a 10-pack of 50GB Sony AIT-2 data cartridges will be sold separately. Sony currently offers a three-year limited warranty and optional onsite service support and enhancement programs. ...Sony profile

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - January 10, 2001 - nStor Technologies announced today that its unaudited revenues for the fourth quarter and year-end 2000 were $7.3 million and $40.2 million, compared to $12.7 million and $41.1 million for the fourth quarter and year-end 1999. Larry Hemmerich, President and Chief Executive Officer of nStor Technologies, stated, "We have completed the transition to our new 2U-based product family, with revenues for the fourth quarter almost exclusively being generated from this new generation of RAID storage products introduced during the 3rd and 4th quarters of fiscal year 2000.

As a further result of the shift in nStor's marketing and sales strategy, Mr. Hemmerich noted that the company has reduced its direct sales and related workforce, resulting in a 13% reduction in its overall workforce and a substantial reduction in its cost of doing business. ...nStor profile

MILPITAS, Calif., Jan. 10, 2001 – Quantum Corporation's DLT & Storage Systems Group today announced that Overland Data, Inc. is Quantum's first automation partner to begin shipping Super DLTtape™ units to customers. Super DLTtape technology, combined with Overland's award-winning products including the Super DLT LoaderXpress™, Super DLT MinilibraryXpress™, Super DLT LibraryXpress™ and Super DLT EnterpriseXpress™ will offer customers the most advanced tape storage automation solutions available.

With an installed base consisting of more than 1.5 million DLTtape drives and greater than 55 million DLTtape media cartridges shipped to date, Quantum Corporation claims that DLTtape technology is the de facto standard for backing up and archiving business-critical data for mid-range servers and high-end workstations. ...Overland Data profile, ...Quantum profile

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 10, 2001 - Hewlett-Packard Company today announced that Carly Fiorina, chairman, president and chief executive officer, has been named to the board of directors of Cisco Systems, Inc. "During the last year and a half, she has spearheaded a major transformation at HP and is establishing a new leadership model for big companies. Her background and experience in managing large corporate environments will be extremely valuable as Cisco continues to grow," said John Chambers, president and CEO of Cisco.

HP also announced that Fiorina has resigned from the boards of directors of both Kellogg Company and Merck & Co., Inc. ...Cisco Systems profile, ...HP profile

Editor's comment:- I may only be a mouse brain, but these two companies both figure in my forthcoming Squeak article which will analyse the top 10 storage companies in 2003. I can see that the visibility this move offers will be good for HP, as well as Cisco.

BOXBOROUGH, MA, January 10, 2001 - Eurologic Systems today announced that it has expanded its presence in Japan and has appointed an authorized representative to represent the company's advanced network storage technology to the rapidly growing storage market in Japan. Larry Hemmerich, President and Chief Executive Officer of nStor Technologies, stated, "We have completed the transition to our new 2U-based product family, with revenues for the fourth quarter almost exclusively being generated from this new generation of RAID storage products introduced during the 3rd and 4th quarters of fiscal year 2000. Eurologic has appointed Mr. Takaaki Serizawa, founder and president of Japan Technology Inc. (JTI), as its authorized representative in Japan. Mr. Serizawa, will act as Eurologic's agent in Japan and will head up an office providing sales and support to customers throughout the country.

According to Gartner Dataquest, the storage market in Japan is the fastest growing market in the Asia-Pacific region, growing at nearly 17 percent a year and expected to reach $4.2 billion by 2003. Growth is being driven by the rapid build-out of communications infrastructure throughout Japan. Japan currently has nearly 61 million wireless subscribers.

Mike Stolz, Vice President of Marketing for Eurologic, said, "To maintain the phenomenal levels of subscriber growth in communications services, corporations and communications service providers alike will require highly effective, yet cost-efficient storage resources. Eurologic already is a partner to many of the world's leading server and communications infrastructure providers, and we are looking to form equally significant partnerships with the leading suppliers in Japan."

Eurologic already has taken steps into the Japanese storage market over the past year. The company established a Focused Channel Partner in Japan to serve key vertical markets like film and video and prepress and publishing and is now expanding its focus to include original equipment manufacturers (OEM).
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"As a leading global provider of leading-edge network storage solutions, Eurologic has recognized the opportunity in Japan and is taking a strong position to be successful in that market. I am both honored and excited to be the representative in Japan of such an advanced and forward-thinking company and its industry-leading products," said Mr. Takaaki Serizawa. ...Eurologic profile Japan Technology Inc.
Sakurai Bldg. 2-7-4 Higashi-ikebukuro
Toshima-ku Tokyo 170.

tel:- +81 (3) 5951-4302
email:- Mr. Takaaki Serizawa

LUMBERTON, NJ, JANUARY 10, 2001 - INRANGE Technologies announced today that it has acquired Prevail Technology, a professional services company with expertise in designing and implementing high availability solutions for IT infrastructures and e-business environments. The acquisition brings all thirty Prevail employees, including 21 consultants, to INRANGE's Professional Services organization. With the acquisition, INRANGE is approaching 450 professionals in sales, service, and consulting positions deployed globally.

Founded in 1997, Prevail specializes in designing and implementing high-availability infrastructures that enable clients - ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to "" startups - to leverage their installed IT systems for use in heterogeneous computing environments. Prevail's solutions cover enterprise storage management and implementation, open systems planning and integration, data management, e-business solutions, and business continuance strategies. The company has experience in the critical disciplines required for managing all phases of a SAN project, including assessment, design, testing, and implementation.

The acquisition adds significant skills-sets to INRANGE's Professional Services organization and is key to INRANGE's storage networking strategy. ...INRANGE Technologies profile

MARLBOROUGH, MA, Jan. 9, 2001 - LiveVault Corp today announced the availability of LiveVault® 3.0 for Windows® NT®/2000 . LiveVault enables businesses to continually back up critical business data and to immediately restore data in the event of a system crash or disaster. LiveVault 3.0 offers significant time and cost savings via enhanced product capabilities including doubled server capacity and increased restore performance. LiveVault 3.0 provides numerous core product improvements that enhance ease of use and product performance, including:
  • Doubled server capacity - LiveVault 3.0 doubles server capacity to 500 GB, which boosts performance and reduces costs. Users with more than 250 GB of data to back up now require less hardware (servers, tape libraries, etc.), which delivers a 40 to 50 percent greater cost savings over previous versions.
  • Increased restore performance - LiveVault 3.0 restores data an average of four times faster than previous releases. The new version has tested at up to ten times faster.
  • Improved write to tape speed, now twice as fast as previous versions Most file sizes now write to tape at 7 to 8 MB/second
...LiveVault profile

Ithaca, NY. January 9, 2001 - Pathlight Technology and McDATA Corporation announced that the two companies have signed a reseller agreement. McDATA will sell Pathlight's SAN Gateway™ and SAN Router™ intelligent storage networking products to expand the range of solutions it offers in conjunction with its own family of storage area network products.

"Pathlight SAN Gateway and SAN Router are excellent complements to McDATA's SAN products," says Jeff Vogel, McDATA, Vice President, Solutions and System Integration Services. "McDATA's switches and directors already set the performance and scalability standards for the SAN market. The addition of SAN Gateway and SAN Router to our product line broadens our solutions portfolio of fully tested and proven SAN products that meet large-scale enterprise levels of connectivity, interoperability and data availability" ...McDATA profile, ...Pathlight Technology profile

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 9, 2001 – ATTO Technology, Inc announced today at Macworld Conference & Expo, San Francisco, CA, their ATTO ExpressRAID software and complete line of ATTO host bus adapters will support Mac® OS X, Apple's next generation operating system. ExpressRAID's interface incorporates the liquid look and uncluttered display of Mac OS X's highly acclaimed Aqua user interface.

"We are very excited to announce that along with ATTO host bus adapters incorporating full driver support for Mac OS X, our ExpressRAID will be fully-compatible with Apple's much anticipated operating system," said Don Bauch, ATTO Director of Marketing. "Mac OS X, with its ease of use, intuitive features and graphical appeal including the Aqua Interface, will take users to a new level of computing. ATTO's support of Mac OS X further demonstrates our commitment to designing and manufacturing data storage connectivity solutions for the Macintosh® community." ...ATTO Technology profile

TAIWAN - 09, Jan. 2001 - ACARD Technology Corp. today announced its full product line support of Apple's Macintosh OS X. The OS X product support includes the following IDE adapters and SCSI adapters:
  • AHARD 66 - PCI Ultra ATA66 Adapter for Macintosh
  • AHARD RAID66 - PCI RAID Ultra ATA66 Adapter for Macintosh
  • AEC-6712WM - PCI Ultra Wide SCSI-3 Adapter
  • AEC-6712TUM - PCI Ultra SCSI-3 Adapter

ACARD's products mark the industry's first step in bringing high-speed PCI IDE for supporting Mac OS X and will provide the driver for the new operation system in nearly future.

"OS X is a very important milestone for Mac users who are dedicated to DTP and video editing in the new millennium" said Kai Chen, general manager of ACARD Technology Corp. "ACARD has been providing the state of art in Mac I/O technology, and we are proud to announce the support of the latest Mac OS X platform." ...ACARD Technology profile

FREMONT, Calif. - January 9, 2001 - Maxoptix Corporation today announced that it has purchased the business and assets of Breece Hill Technologies located in Boulder, Colo. Breece Hill is an established supplier of entry-level through enterprise-class automated tape loaders and libraries with an installed base of over 14,000 libraries. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. In making the announcement, Maxoptix President and CEO Gary Potts noted a number of strategic benefits that led Maxoptix to make the acquisition at this time.

Jim Watson, President and CEO of Breece Hill Technologies, will assume a senior executive position with Maxoptix. He said "Maxoptix can now offer one of the broadest lines of secondary storage solutions, supporting all of the leading tape formats in enterprise tape loaders and libraries scaling from entry-level to enterprise systems, standalone optical drives, and conventional optical libraries supporting MO and DVD-RAM."

The Breece Hill organization will continue to operate from its facility in Boulder, Col. The sales and marketing organization will be immediately consolidated with the Maxoptix team headed by Fred Bedard, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Maxoptix is committed to providing "best of breed" tape and optical products. Its expanded product line provides customers with an unbeatable breadth of choice and upgrade path in tape libraries and loaders. It now will be possible for customers to smoothly migrate from tape-based storage solutions to high-reliability OSD-based automation as their business needs dictate, all from a single vendor. First generation OSD drives and media will offer up to 20 GB capacity per cartridge and will have the potential to make immediate inroads in applications such as digital media streaming and data capture as well as traditional backup and archival storage applications. ...Maxoptix profile

MACWORLD, San Francisco Calif. - Jan. 9, 2001 - 3ware® Inc. announced today that the company's NSU™ (Network Storage Unit) is the first Gigabit Ethernet SAN solution that allows Mac users to equip their network with storage that runs across existing TCP/IP Ethernet lines. The NSU provides up to 48 hours of DV streaming video capability and can be attached to individual Macintosh (Mac) machines, or existing networks in a matter of minutes. This gives Mac users an extra 600 gigabytes of storage power to handle the graphics, video and audio demands of an everyday workload.

"The incredible power of Apple's Power Mac G4, combined with the Mac OS's renowned ease of use, have made the Mac the platform of choice for creative professionals," said Clent Richardson, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "3ware's NSU was designed with the creative community in mind, and our customers will be pleased that they can now store their large graphic files to a network device, revolutionizing the demand for storage in our marketplace." ...3ware profile

ANAHEIM, Calif.- January 8, 2001 - MTI Technology Corp. today announced the introduction of the MTI Vivant V35 storage server for the enterprise SAN and NAS. The MTI Vivant V35 system offers the highest performance and capacity in the Vivant product line to satisfy the demands of data-intensive applications that require vast amounts of storage. The MTI Vivant family is one of the industry's first integrated SAN and NAS solutions to be classified as a "Disaster Tolerant Disk System Plus" (DTDS+) by the RAID Advisory Board (RAB). Using a high-density design, the MTI Vivant V35 combines eight Fibre Channel RAID I/O engines and serves up to 12TB of SAN/NAS storage to a multiple number of application servers. With the company's proprietary DataShield technology the V35 can easily be configured so that any amount of the 12TB can be accessed as NFS or CIFS (NAS) storage over Gigabit Ethernet.

MTI is currently accepting orders for the MTI Vivant V35 integrated SAN and NAS solution. Prices for the minimum configuration start under $800,000 for the MTI Vivant V35. The MTI Vivant V35 is compatible with open systems such as UNIX, HP, Sun and Windows NT/2000. The company expects the product to be available by the end of February 2001. ...MTI Technology profile

San Jose, Calif., January 8, 2001 - Nishan Systems today announced that Walt Blomquist has been named vice president of product management. Mr. Blomquist has over ten years of industry experience in engineering, product marketing, and product management, with an emphasis on internetworking products. He joins Nishan most recently from Cisco Systems, where he was director of product marketing for the highly successful Catalyst 6000 switch family.

"Walt is a significant addition to our marketing team," said Randy Fardal, vice president of marketing at Nishan Systems. "His experience with both enterprise customers and service providers will prove invaluable to Nishan as we lead the growth of the IP storage industry."

"Storage area networking is absolutely a hot segment, but what is so attractive about Nishan is its product approach," said Blomquist. "By combining proven and ubiquitous networking technology with existing storage elements, Nishan has solved the problems previously associated with SAN switches and has seamlessly extended the SAN fabric to the metro area and beyond, while protecting its customers' multi-billion dollar server and storage investments." ...Nishan Systems profile

Boulder, Colo., January 8, 2001... CreekPath Systems announced today that it received $23 million from TeleSoft Partners, Sequel Venture Partners, and Exabyte Corporation in its first round of venture funding. The funding, which includes $17 million in equity, as well as up to $6 million in debt financing, reflects investors' recognition of CreekPath's unique position in the growing managed storage services market. Dataquest Gartner projects that companies will spend $7 billion a year on outsourcing information storage by 2003.

The investments are slated to finance continued product development and market roll-out of Creekpath's products. The funding will enable CreekPath to substantially increase its software development staff, as well as build its sales and professional services organizations. CreekPath has recently entered into agreements with a number of Global Service Providers (GSPs) to produce advanced solutions that will automate common storage functions and integrate those capabilities with the GSP's overall business platforms. This development is accelerated by the equity financing CreekPath received.

"Our investors quickly recognized that CreekPath has built significant differentiation in the storage service market by creating advanced tools that make managed storage services easy to deploy and easy to integrate into a set of global service offerings," said Michael Koclanes, president and CEO of CreekPath Systems. "In the recent past, we've seen a lot of companies jump in to provide storage services by brute force, independent of other IT services. CreekPath views that market environment as short-lived. Our GSP partners want to install, maintain, and sell storage infrastructure as part of their overall services. They need us to provide the tools to do it right."

CreekPath's technology addresses the market demand for scalable managed storage architecture at an affordable cost. Instead of purchasing and maintaining storage hardware on their own, many companies are looking to outsource their storage needs. This minimizes hardware and IT operation costs, allowing companies to focus on their core competencies. GSPs are emerging in this market to add storage services to their line card of IT services ranging from wireless networks to website hosting to e-mail management. CreekPath has built a powerful set of solutions that GSP partners can use to add outsourced storage services to their offerings. ...CreekPath Systems profile

Editor's note:- in a related announcement today Exabyte Corporation announced the spin-off of its subsidiary, CreekPath Systems, into an independent, privately held corporation.

DALLAS, Texas, January 8, 2001 - Interphase Corporation has been chosen by Neartek, Inc. as a provider of Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) for its new virtual storage solution. The Virtual Storage Engine offers diverse server connectivity options and is using Interphase's PowerSAN™ Line of products for Fibre Channel interface connections. The virtual storage solution from Neartek is already deployed in over 50 sites throughout Europe and is currently being introduced to North American markets.

"We chose to use Interphase HBAs for a number of reasons," said Clement de la Jonquiere, chief technical officer of Neartek. "First, they use quality parts including the Tachyon chip on their adapters. Second, by working together, we were able to develop the driver target, which emulates the tape drive on the top of the adapters, in a way that increases performance. And third, unlike some other options, Interphase had a development kit that was ready and available."

Interphase's PowerSAN Fibre Channel family of HBA products have become part of the flexible and customized Virtual Storage Engine that gives customers interoperability, performance and availability to Storage Area Networks, Network Attached Storage and Direct Attached Storage environments. The much anticipated system architecture provides clients benefits including greater reliability, improved performance, reduced access time, improved security, automatic data management and cost control. Neartek's system is one of the first true enterprise virtual storage architectures because it releases storage from the constraint of mapping memory from the mainframe. It offers almost unlimited storage capacity and accessibility by decoupling storage from server and operating system dependencies thereby allowing data to be located anywhere in a physical storage layer. The system also centralizes storage management functions including backup, archiving, disaster recovery and hierarchical storage management. ...Interphase profile, ...Neartek profile

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