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2001, May - week 5, news archive


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Altamonte Springs, Florida, May 31, 2001 – Columbia Data Products (CDP) announced today participation, with other industry leaders, in a panel discussion at Network Storage 2001, in Monterey, California, June 11th.

"The panel will be discussing new technologies in the Data Protection space." Alan Welsh, CDP's CEO continued "I believe a good many of the conference attendees will find this discussion illuminating – particularly as we examine how these new technologies are replacing the traditional roles of data protection in the high-availability storage market"

Created by Peripheral Concepts in 1994, the annual Network Storage conference has established itself as a premier forum in delivering valuable content on storage and storage networking. Over 300 leading industry experts, IT professionals, and vendors will attend and discuss the issues pertaining to storage system innovations, standards, products, applications and solutions.

CDP will lead a discussion on why current snapshot technologies such as CDP's PSM and Network Appliance's Data-on-Tap software are replacing tape backup as the primary data protection for business server applications.

Mr. Welsh commented "This change is imminent because of new business, technical, economic, and political issues that are taking place this year."

Industry professionals unable to attend the conference are invited to the reception and Technology Exhibit Tuesday and Wednesday evening, June 12 & 13. Panel Members Include: Farid Neema, President of Peripheral Concepts said "The emergence of these new, high-availability data protection appliances will forever change the face of backup over the next few years."

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 30, 2001 - SANavigator Inc. announced today that Steve Hindman, Senior Software Product Manager, will present a paper entitled "Optimizing SAN Performance" at the SAN 2001 Conference to be held at Parkside Hall in San Jose, Calif., June 5-7, 2001. The presentation will take place on Wednesday, June 6th, as part of the Storage Management Software Session and will explore the various methods of SAN monitoring and SAN tuning to optimize performance in a heterogeneous environment.

Despite the enhanced performance offered through SANs, there are a number of ways in which that performance can be degraded, especially within a heterogeneous environment. For example, a data path that includes devices mismatched in terms of throughput capacity may degrade performance to the level achieved by the lowest performing device. Constant archival of new data and deployment of new applications and devices may also change the usage patterns of the data paths, resulting in an imbalance of bandwidth distribution. This presentation will explain how a SAN management application, such as SANavigator, can alert the administrator to issues and help identify potential troubles before they occur. ...SANavigator profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. – May 30, 2001 - Cypress Semiconductor Corporation announced today the acquisition of ScanLogic Corp., a provider of USB controllers for embedded and PC applications. The acquisition complements and extends Cypress's industry-leading portfolio of USB products. Cypress is already the industry leader in USB—with the broadest product line—having sold more than 90 million units. Cypress's four families of low-speed USB peripheral microcontrollers—integrating the industry's smallest 8-bit RISC core—are designed to meet the needs of high-volume, cost-sensitive, human interface device (HID) applications, such as mice and keyboards.

ScanLogic's unique host/slave chip family extends USB connectivity to a range of non-PC applications, including PDAs, cellular phones, set-top boxes, digital cameras, Internet appliances and automotive communication systems. ScanLogic's solutions embed host-controller intelligence in a system, enabling it to connect with and send commands to other USB peripherals without mediation by a PC host.

"ScanLogic's product portfolio is highly complementary to Cypress's, reinforcing our number one USB position," said Cypress president and CEO T.J. Rodgers. "The acquisition underscores Cypress's USB strategy: to provide targeted solutions for every USB market segment. The embedded-host market is an exciting, emerging target for USB controllers. It is very common for non-PC applications to use PC technology like the PCI bus to leverage the low cost of high-volume PC products. Embedded-host capabilities would, for example, enable a user to attach a mouse or PC keyboard to a PDA, or to drive a storage device from a set-top box. This would open up a variety of new USB application possibilities and revenue streams." ...Cypress Semiconductor profile

MILPITAS, Calif., May 30, 2001 - Adaptec, Inc. today announced the Adaptec 2005S, a revolutionary form factor RAID controller that simplifies the deployment of RAID in high-density rack-mount servers and full-form-factor PC servers. The Adaptec 2005S is the first RAID product to take advantage of notebook technology in using an SO-DIMM connector in place of a standard PCI slot as a way to reduce the cost and size of the RAID controller. Adaptec's own EMRL technology (Embedded RAID Logic) allows the 2005S to take advantage of the server platform's on-board SCSI channels. This approach reduces power consumption by up to 75 percent and cost by up to 40 percent over traditional single-channel controllers. The Adaptec 2005S breaks thermal milestones, operating at a mere two watts, where competing RAID solutions require up to nine watts of power to operate. This feature is a particularly important consideration for tightly enclosed rack-mount environments. The new RAID product is targeted for shipment to OEMs in the second half of this year, and will be priced at $225.

The high density server market is one of the fastest growing server segments according to analyst firm, IDC, which forecasts that nearly 450,000 high density servers will be shipped this year, with shipments growing to 700,000 units per year by 2004. Rack-mounted servers are in large demand by ISP, ASP and web-hosting services because of their ease of installation, maintenance and scalability. ...Adaptec profile

See also:- rackmount SPARC systems, RAID controllers

MONTREAL - May 30, 2001 - Hyperchip Inc. is unveiling a carrier-class core router next week at SUPERCOMM 2001 that offers unprecedented performance and operating advantages to network operators. Using a revolutionary ASIC architecture based on massively parallel semiconductors, Hyperchip's PBR-1280 is capable of delivering unmatched scalability. Effective for applications ranging from gigabits to petabits-per-second, Hyperchip's PBR-1280 is the first MPLS-centric router designed for building efficient and cost effective IP networks.

Displayed for the first time outside Hyperchip's labs at SUPERCOMM 2001 , the PBR-1280 is based on a combination of Hyperchip's scalable software and its Hyperchip Matrix™ , a unique, non-blocking, intelligent switch fabric with massive scalability that offers the most cost-effective evolution strategy in the industry. The Hyperchip Matrix™ offers fractional microsecond latency and controls routing bottlenecks by ensuring balanced traffic distribution throughout the system, thus providing maximum resiliency. The intelligent switch fabric supports hundreds of concurrent operations per ASIC, providing a true non-blocking routing solution with unparalleled scalability. ...Hyperchip profile

See also:- Events & trade shows, Interface IC's

Princeton, NJ-May 30, 2001- Dataram Corporation today announced that it achieved Intel® Advanced Certification for it's 256MB, 512MB and 1GB PC133 memory modules for use in Intel's SRMK2 1U server platform. Dataram is offering three capacities, which are all registered, ECC, 133MHz SDRAM DIMMs: DTM60125 (256MB), DTM60176 (512MB), and DTM60126 (1GB) module assemblies.

The SRMK2, Intel's first 1U server platform utilizing PC133 memory technology, supports up to 4GB of Dataram memory with 4 DIMM sockets. PC133 is the newest memory technology currently available for Intel server platforms.

"PC133 offers a 33 percent performance increase over PC100. It is also a viable option before the new Double Data Rate (DDR) technology fully emerges," states Robert Kanoff, Dataram's marketing director. ...Dataram profile

Chantilly, VA -May 30, 2001 - Network Storage Solutions (NSS) today announced a strategic worldwide distribution agreement with Hitachi Data Systems. Under the agreement, Hitachi Data Systems will resell NSS' award-winning NASengine, µStor-II, and SPANStor-GT NAS appliances into the enterprise market.

In a related announcement today, Hitachi Data Systems unveiled its Hitachi Freedom NAS that combines NSS products with Hitachi Data Systems' Freedom Storage™ Lightning 9900™ or Thunder 9200™. The products allow customers to allocate storage between either the NAS or SAN environment, and permits file-sharing capabilities through a standard Ethernet network for customers operating in Windows® NT/2000 or UNIX environments. ...Hitachi Data Systems profile, ...Network Storage Solutions profile

TORONTO, CANADA - May 29, 2001 - DataMirror Corporation (Nasdaq: DMCX; TSE: DMC) today announced that it was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada by being ranked 17 overall among companies named to the prestigious PROFIT 100 list. This is the second consecutive year DataMirror has been ranked among the top 20 fastest growing Canadian companies. The PROFIT 100 is Canada's most authoritative ranking of top growth companies. The list ranks Canada's best and brightest companies based on five-years revenue growth. Now in its 13th year, the PROFIT 100 celebrates success stories from every sector of the economy.

"To be recognized two consecutive years for our growth and success as a company is a prestigious honor for DataMirror," said Nigel Stokes, Chairman, President and CEO of DataMirror Corporation. "DataMirror has continued to position itself as a thought leader and innovator in today's high technology market despite an economic climate that has presented challenges for this sector. Our significant growth rate attests to our success in delivering leading-edge, cost-effective enterprise application integration and resiliency solutions to our valued global customer base of over 1,400 companies." ...DataMirror profile

SAN DIEGO, Calif., May 29, 2001 - Prisa Networks, an independent OEM supplier of System and SAN software, announced today that they are expanding their operations into an additional building that more than doubles their existing workspace. A ribbon-cutting ceremony at the entrance to the new facility took place this morning commemorating the milestone for the start-up organization.

"We are pleased to be enlarging our facilities to accommodate our growth in headcount," stated Marc Friedmann, president and CEO. "In light of the recent technology sector slowdown, we are delighted to continue hiring in San Diego."

The new facility, located adjacent to their corporate offices at 6620 Mesa Ridge Road in San Diego, enlarges Prisa's existing office space by 115%. The main office will now be used as the corporate headquarters housing sales, marketing, operations, accounting, and the executive offices. The additional facility will accommodate Prisa's rapidly growing engineering team.

"Prisa's growth in the last year has been strong, and we predict this positive pace will continue as we head into the second half of this year. The additional building will now give us the room to lead the way in the SAN network management software arena," continued Friedmann. ...Prisa Networks profile

SANTA CLARA, CA - May 29, 2001 - Quadratec today announced the opening of the company's North American Operations Center. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Quadratec's Operations Center is now providing 24-hour technical support, customer service, professional services, and onsite training to users of Quadratec Time Navigator, the award-winning enterprise-class backup and restore management solution.

"We're committed to being responsive and proactive with our customers and partners," said Janet Bridges, director, technical support and senior program manager, Quadratec, Inc. "We have established quality practices to ensure total satisfaction, because nothing demands exceptional customer support more than data protection and disaster recovery." ...Quadratec profile

ATLANTA - May 29, 2001 - American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) and LSI Logic Corporation today agreed to the sale of AMI's industry-leading RAID business and intellectual property, including its high-performance PCI-based RAID host adapter controllers. According to the terms of the agreement, AMI will sell its MegaRAID software intellectual property and host adapter board product family to LSI. More than 200 AMI employees, including hardware and software engineers based in Norcross, GA, Fremont, CA and other sales, service and support locations, are included in the acquisition as well.

The cash transaction is anticipated to close during LSI Logic's second quarter ending June 30. The agreement is subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals including the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act.

''We are very proud that the AMI MegaRAID controller has been the number one RAID host adapter for three years in a row,'' said Subramonian Shankar, AMI president, chairman and co-founder. ''This transaction will allow our work to be taken to even greater heights with LSI Logic's leadership and marketing capabilities. AMI will continue to focus on the development of new products, consistent with the entrepreneurial spirit that defines our company.''

''This strategic acquisition will strengthen LSI Logic's product offerings for our customers in the storage components space,'' said John D'Errico, LSI Logic executive vice president for Storage and Internet Computing Components. ''The addition of AMI's market-leading MegaRAID technology and products to LSI Logic's Fibre Channel and SCSI expertise will result in next-generation products that meet the requirements of our customer base.'' ...AMI profile, ...LSI Logic profile

Sunnyvale, CA - May 29, 2001 - Network Appliance, Inc. today announced that General Bandwidth, Inc., a leading telecommunications equipment manufacturer, has deployed the recently announced Network Appliance enterprise content delivery network (CDN) solution throughout its network infrastructure. General Bandwidth previously deployed multiple NetApp® filers at its corporate offices, Web site, and extranet sites, and has now implemented the full suite of NetApp Center-to-Edge solutions, including data storage, content delivery appliances, and management software, to deliver rich streaming content for e-learning and corporate communications.

"We are excited about the Network Appliance enterprise CDN solution," said Gaston Arguelles, director of information systems at General Bandwidth. "It's cost-effective and more efficient for General Bandwidth to deliver corporate communications and training via streaming media, but delivering 300kbps streams over a T1 line to all of our employees at once would saturate our T1s and cripple our networks. NetApp solutions enable us to deliver high-quality streaming media to the edges of our network with their hardware and set policy-based distribution and reporting with their integrated software. It's a complete solution for total content delivery." ...Network Appliance profile

BOXBOROUGH, MA, May 29, 2001 - Eurologic Systems announced that its SANbloc Series of network storage systems has achieved the advanced Microsoft for Windows 2000 Certification. SANbloc network storage systems are now both Windows 2000 and Windows NT certified for JBOD, RAID, and cluster environments. ...Eurologic Systems profile

Bothell, WA, May 29, 2001 - BakBone Software, Emulex, Qualstar and Vixel today unveiled a first-of-its-kind initiative, delivering a multivendor-certified SAN hardware/software solution bundle to the mid-sized market. The initiative makes it easier than ever for companies to quickly implement and benefit from the mission-critical reliability of networked storage, even at the departmental or workgroup level. Since the bundle is pre-certified, product-to-product interoperability is ensured, and the complexities that have traditionally hindered SAN implementation at the mid-tier level have been eliminated. The end-to-end bundle is comprised of:
  • Qualstar's 8466 and 4222 tape libraries.
  • BakBone's NetVault(tm) (Solaris Workgroup Edition): award-winning, SAN-native backup/restore software.
  • Vixel's 7000 Series Fibre Channel Fabric switches.
  • Emulex's LP8000 (and LP8000S) Host Bus Adapters .
"Most people think of SANs as disk storage technology," said Jacob Farmer, chief technologist at Cambridge Computer Services, a storage-centric solution provider based in Boston, "yet backup/restore is arguably the true killer SAN app.

The bundled solution will be sold through Qualstar resellers. ...BakBone Software profile, ...Emulex profile, ...Qualstar profile, ...Vixel profile

The End of Backup as We Know It ?? Columbia Data Products to Generate Controversy at Network Storage 2001

SANavigator's Steve Hindman to Present "Optimizing SAN Performance" at SAN 2001 Conference

Cypress Acquires USB Specialist Scanlogic Corporation

Adaptec Reinvents RAID for Fast-Growing High-Density Server Market

Hyperchip Unveils High-Capacity Core Router Based on Revolutionary ASIC Design

Dataram Achieves Advanced Memory Qualification For Intel's First Dual-Processor 1u Server System

Network Storage Solutions Signs Worldwide Distribution Agreement with Hitachi Data Systems

DataMirror Recognized in Profit 100 as one of the Fastest Growing Canadian Companies

Prisa Networks Expands Operations; Fast Growth Requires Doubling of Office Space

Quadratec Opens U.S. Customer Service Center

American Megatrends Inc. to sell industry-leading RAID business to LSI Logic

General Bandwidth Implements Enterprise CDN Solutions from Network Appliance

Eurologic Systems Gains Microsoft Windows 2000 and NT Certification For Its SANbloc(tm) Series

Bakbone, Emulex, Qualstar and Vixel Deliver Multivendor-Certified SAN Backup/Restore Bundle for Mid-Sized Companies

earlier news (archive)
Backup software on
Megabyte's uncle Spellerbyte was a wizard when it came to software. He'd given Megabyte a magic potion for copying critical data.


Re: STORAGE is a discontinuous market

Discontinuous = "Being without sequential order or coherent form" - is one of many definitions from But in this article I'm using the term in its formal marketing sense, as in a market which breaks links or has no roots with the past.

Here's an easy question for you...

When was the last time your company bought its web hosting services from the same company which made your PC's?

For most of you, the answer will be "never" and you probably think this is a nutty question, and that my brain has finally cracked. Yup, those mice were just were first symptom.

Fact is, that most of the discontinuous new markets which emerged in computing during the last 20 years didn't replace anything else, they were, by definition, "new". You know PC's... The web... If they replaced anything at all it was probably equipment or services which weren't part of the computer industry. But mostly they created new markets. Anyway, you might ask:- How can I claim that the storage market is discontinuous? It's been around for decades. Definitely a case of eating too much bad cheese.

Well, I'm guessing that in about 5 years time, if I asked the question - When was the last time your company bought its storage systems from the same company which made your PC's and servers? The answer, for 90% of you would be "never". And that's where the discontinuity comes in.

As our readers know, during the last few years technical developments have meant that there is no particular reason that your data has to reside in the same box as your server, or even be managed by the same operating system. As long as you can get at the data fast enough when you want it, and it's easy to back up, manage and maintain, that's all that really matters. It doesn't matter if the processors inside your storage boxes are Pentium, SPARC or PowerPC. It doesn't matter if the operating system inside your storage boxes is Windows, Solaris or Linux... and it doesn't matter if your browser is IE or Netscape.

What does matter, is that your company is probably going to spend more of your IT budget on those storage boxes, than you spend on servers, or even maybe desktops.

If you look back 3 or 4 years, storage was a little bit of other parts of the computer market. Every computer maker sold some storage as part of their product line, and in most cases they could expect to be the main supplier of storage systems to their their end-users. Most of the 3rd party independent storage companies accounted for only a tiny part of end-user sales. Most independent storage companies were smaller, in revenue terms, than the companies which made PC's or servers.

When we started STORAGEsearch in 1998, we talked about a "STORAGE market" but it didn't really operate as a cohesive market. It was a lot of little independent markets each of which was being serviced by specialist or niche technical journals. Mac storage, PC storage and mainframe storage were usually different products, marketed differently and not easily interchangeable currency. To add to the market fragmentation, companies also specialised in storage for pre-press, and other vertical applications.

Nowadays, we all own a mountain of data, and even SME's need to look at "big iron" products like tape libraries, jukeboxes, RAID and NAS. The "STORAGE market" is starting to develop its own identity, and it really doesn't matter whether your servers have "Intel inside", or are "SPARC driven" or run on elastic bands. Your needs as users are starting to converge. The companies which are solving those needs are not necessarily the same companies you have been used to doing business with. Another clue is that venture capitalists are throwing bucketfuls of money in new storage start-ups (a subject which will be discussed in my next Squeak! article). That's why I think this market is going to be discontinuous, and quite interesting for those of us who spend most of their time working in it.

click to see storage advertiser profile Curtis, Inc.
Curtis, Inc. is a leading supplier of solid state disk products.

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