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Megabyte's selection of storage news
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INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, TOKYO - April 17, 2002 - Intel Corporation today introduced the world's highest performance flash memory for cell phones and detailed innovative flash memory packaging techniques. The Intel® 1.8 Volt Wireless Flash memory is built on Intel's industry-leading 0.13 micron process technology and is up to four times faster than existing flash solutions. This increased performance results in higher data throughput rates that speed up data-intensive Internet phone applications such as browsing, streaming multimedia and text messaging. The new chip also consumes less power than standard flash chips, resulting in extended battery life. The Intel 1.8 Volt Wireless Flash memory will be available in 64- and 32-Mbit densities. The 64-Mbit density is currently sampling and will be in production in August, while the 32-Mbit density will sample in June and be in production in October. A 128-Mbit density chip will also sample later this year and be in production in 2003. In 10,000- unit quantities, the 64-Mbit density is priced at $14.91, and the 32-Mbit density is priced at $8.97. The chip is currently in production on a 0.18 micron version in all three densities.

"Flash memory plays a vital role in Internet-enabled phones," said Ron Smith, senior vice president and general manager of Intel's Wireless Communications and Computing Group, at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF). "As more data-intensive Internet applications are operated on cell phones, higher densities of high-performance, low-power flash memory are required, and Intel is leading the charge to produce them." ...Intel profile

SAN JOSE, Calif., and ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - April 17, 2002 - QLogic Corp. and Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced the two companies have entered into an alliance, which will include agreements to integrate QLogic technology and components into Cisco systems storage networking products, marketing of solutions, and joint interoperability testing.

"Cisco's goal in storage networking is to combine the best aspects of existing and emerging technologies to deliver the most practical and effective solutions for customers," said Soni Jiandani, vice president of Marketing in Cisco's Storage Technology Group. "By working with companies such as QLogic, we are able to take advantage of the core competencies of both companies, which enables us to advance storage networking much faster for our customers."

"Ethernet switch fabrics are the dominant infrastructure for data networks. Providing a vehicle for file transfer, they already play an important storage role in connecting application servers to file servers and network attached storage," said James Opfer, Gartner Dataquest. "Just as Ethernet is dominant for data networks, Fibre Channel stands alone as the incumbent technology for block-level transfers in SANs. With Fibre Channel entrenched in the SAN space and Ethernet ubiquitous and familiar, Fibre Channel and Ethernet fabric solutions incorporating PCI-based host bus adapters have a credible evolution path."

Convergence of Storage and Networking Leading companies share a vision of globally networked storage by extending their storage networks beyond isolated islands in the data center to campus, metropolitan, and wide-area environments. Cisco Systems' storage networking initiative helps organizations extend their current storage networking infrastructures to realize benefits such as lowered total cost of owning storage and improved business continuance. The Cisco Storage Networking strategy approaches storage networking from a transport, media-independent point of view, incorporating a variety of technologies including iSCSI , FCIP, metro DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing), and Fibre Channel. ...Cisco Systems, ...QLogic profile

TOKYO, Japan and ARMONK, New York - April 16, 2002 - Hitachi, Ltd. and IBM today announced plans to form a strategic business alliance designed to accelerate the delivery of advanced storage technologies and products to market. Under the terms of the preliminary agreement, the companies plan a multi-year alliance to research and develop new open standards-based technologies for next-generation storage networks, systems and solutions. In addition to, and separate from, the systems alliance, the two companies intend to combine various hard disk drive (HDD) operations into a new standalone, joint venture company, integrating their world-class research, development and manufacturing operations, as well as related sales and marketing teams. Upon completion of negotiations, Hitachi is expected to hold 70% of the joint venture and make a payment to IBM for its HDD assets.

"Strong hardware is essential to our company-wide efforts to enhance solutions operations," said Yoshiro Kuwata, Executive Vice President and Director, Hitachi, Ltd. "Now, with the top-quality hard-disk drive and RAID hardware made possible through this alliance with IBM, we will strive to be a world leader in this increasingly competitive industry. Use of HDDs is expanding, not only in PCs, servers and RAID systems, but also in a wide range of emerging digital appliances. As such, it is a critical component in a broad range of important current and next-generation Hitachi products."

Central to the storage systems alliance, the two companies plan a common approach to virtualization, based on IBM technology, that will allow users to more easily manage all their networked storage systems as a single resource. In addition, Hitachi and IBM intend to jointly develop high-performance technologies and functionality for next-generation high-end storage systems and solutions. Hitachi and IBM will continue to drive interoperability and open standards for the management of multi-vendor networks. In conjunction with existing standards body initiatives, the companies intend to deploy the emerging Common Information Model (CIM) standard for better storage management.

Separately, and subject to the successful completion of negotiations and applicable regulatory processes, the joint venture will combine selected Hitachi and IBM disk drive assets, including employees, facilities and intellectual property. Both Hitachi and IBM expect to source a major portion of their HDD supply from the joint venture. The joint venture will be based in San Jose, California. The new company's management team is expected to include executives from both companies. ...Hitachi profile, ...IBM profile

Las Vegas, NV - April 16, 2002 - NSI Software today announced a software licensing agreement with Compaq Computer Corporation. Building upon the current partnership, Compaq will include an evaluation copy of StorageWorks NAS Data Copy Powered by NSI Double-Take® with each StorageWorks NAS B3000 solution. Customers who select StorageWorks" B3000 solution with Data Copy will now enable the B3000 to have the utmost in protection in case of an outage or system failure. With minimal impact on network or system performance, StorageWorks customers are now able to move data between NAS and servers within a LAN or off-site location as part of their high availability requirements. The growing need to protect data on scalable NAS solutions is becoming more critical to enterprise customers and the need to protect that data is equally important. As more businesses depend upon NAS devices to store business critical data, protection of that data becomes a top priority.

"StorageWorks NAS customers have come to expect the ultimate in performance, reliability and availability", said John Young, vice president of Compaq's Network Attached Storage Division. "Including NAS Data Copy in the StorageWorks NAS B3000 package will allow our customers to extend availability beyond the local site to remote locations, guaranteeing availability in even the most unexpected circumstances. With this agreement, we are delivering best-in-class, scalable NAS solutions with a leadership replication engine that will protect data and ensure business continuity."

"A disaster recovery plan is no longer a 'nice to have,' it is now a required investment. Enterprises are turning to NSI Software and its partners to protect data and applications to ensure business as usual," said Bob Guilbert, vice president of marketing and business development at NSI Software. "This agreement not only strengthens NSI's relationship with Compaq, but StorageWorks NAS Data Copy Powered by Double-Take will help customers develop secure, cost-effective business continuity strategies." ...Compaq profile, ...NSI Software profile

Austin, Texas - April 16, 2002 - today Dell introduced three low-cost versions of the Dell EMC SAN, with prices starting at 9 cents a megabyte (MB) of storage capacity. Dell also has developed a software tool to assist customers in estimating the ROI that can be achieved by consolidating their storage on a Dell EMC SAN.

"While enterprise customers are increasingly concerned about their growing storage requirements, today's economic climate requires them to prioritize every investment based on the benefits to the organization," said Russ Holt, vice president of Dell's Enterprise Systems Group. "The Storage Consolidation ROI Analyst Tool helps our customers determine the right solution for their storage needs. And, with the new low-cost versions of the Dell EMC SAN, Dell can now address the broad spectrum of entry to enterprise level requirements."

Dell EMC storage solutions are designed to reduce the complexity, expense and risk for customers installing a SAN for the first time by providing flexible products and services that allow them to choose a system based on their needs. To help customers address smaller storage requirements for a project-based SAN or to deploy an entry-level SAN, Dell is shipping three low-cost configurations based on the Dell EMC FC4500 platform in the United States immediately, with worldwide availability later in the year:
  • Storage capacity of 730GB for 9 cents per megabyte, starting at $70,000.
  • Storage capacity of 360GB for 16 cents per megabyte, starting at $60,000.
  • Storage capacity of 180GB for 31 cents per megabyte, starting at $57,000.
These configurations are full Fibre Channel SAN solutions and include implementation services, the Dell EMC FC4500 storage array, Fibre Channel fabric switches from Brocade, SAN-management software and support services. Optional software and hardware can increase the overall availability of Dell EMC SANs. ...Dell Computer profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - April 16, 2002 - LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. and Maximum Throughput Inc. (Max-T) will demonstrate a NAS device designed for applications requiring high performance computing environments. The demonstration will be conducted in Booths 16-19 on the University of Maryland campus at the NASA Goddard Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies and IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems.

When combined with LSI Logic's MetaStor® E4600 storage system, Max-T's Sledgehammer product can process up to 240 megabytes per second of mixed I/O. Sledgehammer, which can scale from 500 gigabytes to more than 8 terabytes, supports remote booting and operation of diskless servers with resulting savings in power and capital acquisition costs.

"We are working with LSI Logic Storage Systems to demonstrate a solution that meets our customers' high performance computing and bandwidth demands in NAS applications," said Gautham Sastri, founder and chief executive officer, Maximum Throughput. "The combination of LSI Logic's powerful MetaStor E4600 and Max-T's Sledgehammer clearly illustrates how NAS is now a viable technology for the high performance applications found in government labs, oil and gas exploration, and the media and entertainment industry."

Sledgehammer is designed to maximize data throughput. At more than 240 megabytes per second of throughput over TCP/IP, it can serve a variety of high storage bandwidth needs. Using the latest in high-density storage arrays it can scale to more than 8 terabytes total capacity. Sledgehammer can augment an existing Ethernet network, allowing it to channel data to more clients faster than previous solutions. ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile, ...Maximum Throughput profile

San Jose, Calif - April 15, 2002 - Gadzoox Networks Inc. announced today that it will sponsor and participate in Compaq's ENSA@Work Storage Conference and National Storage Days with the industry's first embedded 2Gb Open Fabric switch for the newly announced Compaq Modular Storage Array (MSA) 1000. The Fabric Switch 6 when installed transforms the MSA1000 into a 2Gb open Fabric SAN. The event runs Monday April 15- Friday, April 19, 2002 The Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. ...Gadzoox Networks profile

TAIPEI, TAIWAN and MELVILLE, N.Y. - April 15, 2002 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced that Wistron Corp., formerly Acer Inc.'s Design, Manufacturing, and Services operation, has deployed IPStor as its network storage infrastructure software to consolidate the provisioning of storage capacity and to centralize the management of mission-critical storage services. Wistron is utilizing IPStor to aggregate storage hardware and provision disk space on demand to its mission-critical application and messaging Notes/Domino servers over the Gigabit Ethernet network. Wistron also plans to implement and fully leverage IPStor's advanced storage services such as mirroring, snapshot, TimeMark and replication in the near future to ensure high availability and business continuity. After extensive evaluation, Wistron concluded that IPStor's unique architecture offers the highest ROI by allowing the MIS department to deploy state-of-the-art network storage equipment and embrace legacy storage networking devices.

"FalconStor provides a very sensible and practical means of accomplishing our IT objectives," said Simon Lin, chairman and CEO of Wistron Corp. "IPStor offers what we're looking for—centralized management of our storage resources and fast disaster recovery capabilities, all while maximizing our investment in existing technologies." ...FalconStor Software profile, ...Wistron

PORTLAND, OR - April 15, 2001 – APCON, Inc. today announced the release of the APCON Fibre Channel Drive Enclosure, which allows customers to quickly and easily begin working in a Fibre Channel testing environment. Within minutes, customers can be up and running with an APCON Fibre Channel Drive Enclosure and a host adapter to create a Fibre Channel environment. The APCON Fibre Channel Drive Enclosure is a single drive enclosure that connects a Fibre Channel hard drive directly to a fiber optic Fibre Channel network. In addition to use in Fibre Channel testing environments, the drive can also be utilized for remote data replication. Plus, APCON's smaller disk drive can be used in place of costly Fibre Channel storage devices that do not require large and expensive RAID or JBOD enclosures.

"All you need is our drive along with a host adapter, and you'll be ready to start using Fibre Channel technology," said Richard Rauch, APCON president and CEO. "With the APCON Fibre Channel Drive Enclosure, we've made Fibre Channel access simple."

The APCON Fibre Channel Drive Enclosure incorporates an inexpensive, hot swappable, small form-factor pluggable transceiver that allows it to connect to a fiber optic or copper host. The enclosure is designed to accommodate industry standard 3.5-inch Fibre Channel hard drives. The APCON Fibre Channel Drive Enclosure also comes with an optional 36, 73 or 180 gigabyte drive. Customers can easily incorporate other drives for industry-specific needs. ...Apcon profile
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scsi cards
SCSI adapter cards on
Megabyte found that SCSI was a safe and reliable way to connect between storage systems.

Nibble:- Re: Why It's Good to be Paranoid About Getting Your Data Back

The title of a talk in a recent EVault press release ("Cost-effective Data Backup and Recovery Does Not Lie in the Spool of the Tape") got me thinking again about data recovery strategies. I take very seriously Intel founder, Andrew Grove's premise, which appeared on the cover of one of his many books that "Only the Paranoid Survive." In that context Grove was writing about business survival, but the concept is transportable to data backup and recovery.

We're now living in an age where a large part of most business activity revolves around the linchpin of corporate data. Without that data, most of us are like those many sad actors you see on talk shows. Without a script, you would not pay to watch them for very long... Our customers would soon think we were less than wonderful, if we forgot to ship their products, or even forgot who they are. The magic of data driven customer service would soon disintegrate into a tragic farce.

One of my customers, from data recovery company ActionFront Data Recovery recently commented about the peculiar nature of their business. They promote data recovery, by a variety of methods, but no one considers themselves to be in the market for data recovery until disaster strikes. So much of that advertising goes unnoticed. Now you may say that having a proper backup strategy would avoid many of those problems which require a data recovery company. But that just shows that you're probably not paranoid enough. In a way having a backup strategy is like fire insurance. You know it's a good idea, and you hope that the insurance will pay to rebuild your house if it burns down. But how many of us ask the critical question... "How long will it take?"

There are problems with every type of backup method, and I'm going to list just a few below which are all based on real life examples.

  • The backup tape broke. Then the alternative backup tape broke. Then we found there was a problem with the tape drive and it was chewing up all the tapes.
  • The new web backup company went bust.
  • Someone broke into the building at the weekend. They stole all the PC's, and servers, and the tape drives.
  • We regularly did backups, but only discovered when we tried to restore, that we weren't backing up most of our critical information. Just stuff for applications which are really old and which we no longer use.
  • We used a new style of disk to disk backup system. Then a new kind of worm entered our network and trashed our data, and the backup.
  • The new business plan was on the marketing VP's notebook, which got stolen.
  • There was an electrical fault in our jukebox/tape library which caught fire overnight. Although it self extinguished, many of the optical disks/tape cartridges got somewhat melted.
  • We used an internet based data replication scheme. But the electrical storm which knocked out our server, also knocked out the connections to our local ISP. It will be days before we can reload data down the wires.
  • Our old server broke, so we got a replacement model. The new version of the server OS doesn't recognise or work with our old backup system.
  • The systems administrator who knows all the passwords for restoring everything, is out of communication for two weeks on a walking holiday in the Gobi Desert. He left some notes with someone who got run over by a police car this morning.
  • The systems administrator was tired and accidentally overwrote all the new files with old data.

Are you starting to feel paranoid yet?

If so that's a good thing. It's better to start worrying now before you encounter a real problem. All data protection schemes work some of the time, some of them work most of the time, but no single method of data protection works all the time. If your corporate survival depends on the survivability of your data. then start looking at a diversity strategy now. Use more than one method to reduce the rsiks of the most convenient method letting you down. Is that paranoid? Maybe so. But to recap the references I used at the start:- "Cost-effective data backup and recovery does not lie in the spool of the tape" and "Only the paranoid survive."

Selectronix is a specialist European supplier of Fibre Channel cables, GBICs, MIAs and other related Gigabit products.

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