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Storage news - 2002, May week 2a

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Megabyte's selection of storage news
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Hopkinton, Mass.- May 13, 2002 - The United States International Trade Commission (ITC), has voted to launch a full U.S. Government investigation into EMC Corporation's charges filed April 11, 2002, of patent infringement against Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) and Hitachi, Ltd. This is the first step toward fulfilling EMC's request that the U.S. government exclude Hitachi's infringing products from the U.S. market. EMC also has filed suit in U.S. District Court in Worcester, Mass., against HDS and Hitachi, Ltd. According to both of EMC's complaints, HDS and Hitachi, Ltd., have engaged in unlawful activities by importing into the United States products that infringe six EMC patents. These patents include four that are the foundation of EMC's market-leading SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility) and TimeFinder software products. Two other EMC patents, relating to data migration and the storage of mainframe data, also are included in the suits. The ITC's decision constitutes a finding by the ITC that EMC's complaint is worthy of a full U.S. Government investigation. ...EMC profile, ...Hitachi Data Systems profile

Walnut Creek, Calif. - May 13, 2002 – EVault, Inc. announced that four leading North American law firms have chosen EVault to automate and streamline backup and recovery operations. Using EVault's Data Protection Service, these firms are performing and managing backup and recovery via the Internet and coordinating the entire process remotely, from a central location, at a much lower cost. The four law firms – Fraser, Milner, Casgrain; Weizenecker, Rose, Mottern & Fisher, P.C.; Meyers, Nave, Riback, Silver & Wilson; and Schuering, Zimmerman & Scully – have already reported significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and subsequent management cost savings as a result of EVault's streamlined data protection and recovery process.

EVault's online data protection and recovery solutions significantly enhance business continuity by enabling data to be transmitted offsite to secure, electronic vaults, at preset times. Because all backup and recovery is performed online from disk to disk, backup and recovery windows are dramatically lowered from several hours, or even days, to mere minutes, greatly improving efficiency and resiliency should a crucial recovery need to be started. For law firms with multiple offices, IT managers can leverage EVault's Web-based management to control operations from one location. For example, a manager working in Boston can oversee backup and recovery in a San Francisco office.

With EVault Meyers, Nave, Riback, Silver & Wilson originally used tape-based backup, which, as they continued to grow, began limiting their capabilities. The staff was unable to perform immediate, file-level recoveries, such as email message-level saves. The firm also wanted to speed up the backup process, reduce management time and increase efficiency in coordinating backup and recovery operations across their two offices. The organization chose EVault after calculating the technology would result in a 200% reduction in TCO by reducing man-hours and saving thousands of dollars on the purchase of additional tape hardware.

A 1,500-person firm with more than 200GB of data spread across six locations, Fraser, Milner, Casgrain (FMC), needed a faster, more efficient and company-wide data protection and recovery process that could be managed centrally. After testing and recognizing its consistent ability to deliver those requirements, FMC selected EVault to replace their existing tape-based system to conduct backup and recovery operations.

"With EVault, we are able to backup data and perform restores in about a half-hour," said Lewis Robbins, CIO, FMC. "That's what makes EVault so important for law firms. The true benefit for us lies in the speed with which you can use EVault to recover data, regardless of how much information you are backing up. It's much, much faster and more reliable than tape." ...eVault profile

SUNNYVALE, CA - May 13, 2002 -AMD today announced it has been sampling the company's first MirrorBit™ Flash memory device. General availability of the 64 Megabit product is scheduled for the end of this quarter. MirrorBit technology is a breakthrough that allows a Flash memory device to hold twice as much data as standard Flash without compromising device endurance, performance or reliability. The company is on schedule to deliver 128 Megabit and 256 Megabit devices in the second half of the year.

In AMD's MirrorBit cell, code or data is stored in two discrete and independent locations. By physically separating each bit and maintaining its individual integrity, AMD's MirrorBit devices are inherently more stable and reliable than competing multi-level cell (MLC) devices. MLC devices store fractional levels of charge in one location making them inherently less reliable, and slower to program, read or erase. MirrorBit Flash memory devices are designed to deliver endurance of at least 100,000 program/erase cycles and 20 years of data retention at 125 degrees Centigrade.

"The commercialization of MirrorBit technology is a defining moment for AMD's memory group," said Bertrand Cambou, group vice president of the company's Memory Group. "By delivering a cost structure that is two generations ahead of comparable standard Flash technologies, MirrorBit Flash serves the needs of both the code and data storage markets."

MirrorBit products also offer customers an easy to use solution by maintaining complete pin-compatibility with existing AMD Flash families. As a result, current customers can easily replace their current AMD Flash device with a MirrorBit device without having to change their system design. The packages and pinouts provide customers with an easy migration path all the way to 1Gigabit Flash. ...AMD profile

MONTGOMERY, AL - May 09, 2002 - Miltope Group Inc. announced today that they have been selected by Harris Corporation to design and develop a sealed disk system to be evaluated for potential use in the Harris Tactical Airborne Moving Map Capability ("TAMMAC") Digital Map Computer ("DMC"). The portion of the system to be developed and delivered by Miltope is the Internal Bulk Memory Module ("IBMM"). The Harris TAMMAC DMC has been selected as the standard digital map computer for all Navy and Marine Corps aircraft upgrades. This latest TAMMAC DMC enhancement will provide F/A-18E/F Super Hornet pilots with an advanced terrain awareness and avoidance system integrated with a real-time in-the-cockpit digital map display.

The initial development contract calls for the design, development and qualification of the IBMM system by the fourth quarter 2002. This relationship between Miltope and Harris Corporation is intended to support the production and delivery of new and upgraded TAMMAC DMC systems in any tactical environment where extremely reliable mass storage capability is required.

The IBMM will be a customized version of the Miltope Model Mini-Disk (MD4000) series of environmentally sealed and protected hard disk drives. This version of the MD-4000 system is being designed to be 100% forward and backward compatible with the existing versions of the current TAMMAC DMC IBMM. Miltope's unique design capabilities pertaining to sealed, rotating storage media enables the MD-4000 to function under the severe shock, acceleration, and thermal environmental requirements of the Super Hornet aircraft. The MD-4000/IBMM product is a new addition to the family of Miltope environmentally sealed disk products used in Military and Commercial Avionics Computers, Servers, Workstations, and Mass Storage Systems. ...Miltope profile

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- May 9, 2002 - Computer Access Technology Corporation [CATC] announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase Verisys, a leader in SCSI Bus Analyzers for the SAN marketplace. The acquisition will enhance CATC's position in the SAN marketplace, complementing an existing portfolio of analyzers including the IBTracer 1X and IBTracer 4X, both InfiniBand Protocol Analyzers, and the SATracer, a Serial ATA Protocol Analyzer. ...CATC profile

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - May 9, 2002 – H.A. Technical Solutions (HATS) announced today that it has applied for a patent for the technology it developed for its H.A. EchoStream Data Replication Software. This breakthrough technology for replicating and accessing databases in near real time replicates data from database master files and transaction logs and can be used to recover a database from a failed server even when files are corrupted. When combined with the company's H.A. Clusters High Availability Clustering Software, H.A. EchoStream automatically recovers the data and restarts the replication process in the event of a server failure. It is not affected by changes in the database structure, and can be applied to all databases.

According to LeRoy Earl, Executive Vice President, "This technology is key to making our high availability and data replication software products state of the art, completely self-reliant and the low-cost industry leader."

Unlike competitive solutions, HATS' software is not only self-healing during system failure, but also self-installable. In addition to its exceptional reliability, ease of use and low cost, HATS' software is compatible with more platforms than Veritas and Legato in the Unix world and Lakeview, DataMirror and Vision Solutions in the IBM world. ... H.A. Technical Solutions profile

Santa Clara, CA - May 9, 2002 - Auspex Systems, Inc. announced today that the University of Toronto at Mississauga is using an Auspex network server to enable its 6,400 students to retrieve computer-based homework, papers, research and class assignments from any location on or off campus. By consolidating files on a single NAS system, the Auspex solution has eliminated the need for students to carry files on floppy disks or restrict themselves to working at one of the campus's nine computing centers. The system also has significantly reduced maintenance tasks.

"The Auspex network server has simplified data storage and retrieval for our students and reduced the administrative burden on our IT staff," said Joe Lim, manager of computing services at the university's Mississauga campus. "Faculty members now want access to the same system, and we plan to double the storage capacity of our Auspex machine from 500 gigabytes to 1 terabyte in the near future to accommodate the extra users as well as to increase the space allocated to each student." ...Auspex Systems profile

May 9, 2002 - The Storage Networking Industry Association Europe (SNIA-E) and Computerworld, Inc announce that the Storage Networking World Eurostorage Conference is to take place from June 5th to 7th 2002 at the Noga Hilton Hotel in Cannes, France. The trade conference, Storage Networking World Eurostorage, is a manufacturer-independent source of information and thus delivers well-founded knowledge. The conference provides objective answers to strategic and critical questions. In the USA, Storage Networking World, has been an established forum for many years and demonstrates the possibilities as well as the limits of storage-technology to the business audience. Last year in September, Storage Networking World Eurostorage, premiered in Europe at Seville and attracted over 400 registered participants. The European trade conference is not just a simple transfer of the US event, but focuses on the very special demands of European corporate clients. European user case studies, like Barclays Bank PLC and Amadeus Data Processing GmbH will not only report on their successful introduction of storage-technology but also talk about how they coped with the challenges they faced. ...SNIA profile, ...Storage Networking World – Eurostorage Conference

ROCKVILLE, MD - May 8, 2002 - OTG Software today announced that OTG's messaging management solution, EmailXtender™, was selected to support Quantum's DX30 disk-based backup solution. The Quantum DX30 complements existing tape libraries, optimizes backup performance and provides seamless interoperability while preserving existing investments in backup hardware, software and operational procedures. This combination provides customers with an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage messaging solution that creates a real-time copy of email, eliminates backup window problems and dramatically increases the protection frequency of email more than traditional backup methodologies.

EmailXtender provides fast access to stored emails, enables quick email restoration after virus attacks and helps reduce server backup time. Working with Quantum's DX30, users now have an affordable storage solution for the management, immediate access, recovery and protection of critical business information contained in Microsoft® Exchange and Lotus® Domino messaging systems. A copy of an email is immediately made on all incoming and outgoing messages while it is being indexed and archived. As a result, all data captured within the message store is protected in real-time from any type of disaster.

"We are excited to continue our established relationship and certify EmailXtender with this new enhanced backup technology," said Amena Ali, senior vice president of marketing & strategy of OTG Software. "Email is the lifeblood of business and is one of the biggest applications driving storage. It is imperative to provide a solution that effectively manages and accesses data captured within messaging systems while providing real-time data protection. That way, organizations don't have to worry about the most important capital they own - their data. With this combination of technologies, we have a pioneering solution." ...OTG Software profile

See also:- Disk to disk backup

LAS VEGAS - May 8, 2002 - The InfiniBand Trade Association today announced that JNI Corporation, Lane15 Software, Network Appliance and RedSwitch Inc. have been elected as sponsoring members of the trade association. The new sponsors will play an important role in the ongoing development of InfiniBand architecture, an industry standard I/O technology that will improve how servers are built, deployed and managed in data centers.

"The addition of four industry leaders to the Sponsoring Membership roster underscores the breadth of development for InfiniBand architecture," said Dr. Tom Bradicich, eServer Director of xSeries Server Architecture and Technology, IBM and co-chair of the trade association's Steering Committee. "The collective expertise of the new sponsors will enable the trade association to continue its excellent history of development and support of InfiniBand technology."

All four companies have proven track records as leaders in InfiniBand architecture development. JNI Corporation, a leader in the Fibre Channel industry, is augmenting its focus with InfiniBand architecture based storage solutions. Lane15 Software, an InfiniBand technology focused enterprise, is one of the primary vendors supplying fabric management solutions to the InfiniBand industry. Network Appliance, a leading supplier of storage filers and appliances, is the leading developer of the DAFS protocol for InfiniBand storage solutions. RedSwitch Inc., a leading vendor of switched fabric silicon solutions, is one of the first vendors to deliver InfiniBand silicon products....InfiniBand Trade Association profile

See also:- InfiniBand

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - May 8, 2002 - BakBone Software announced today the appointment of Peter Eck as the company's new Vice President of Marketing. Eck comes to BakBone with more than seventeen years of senior management experience in the computer software industry delivering results for global companies including BMC Software, NCR, and AT&T. Eck will report directly to BakBone's President and CEO, Keith Rickard. Most recently, Eck served as Director of Marketing for BMC Software and was responsible for leading managers and teams in all marketing roles for BMC's PATROL Distributed Systems lines of business, including the Storage Management "Application Centric" software offerings.

"As we advance to the next phase of our business growth, we felt it important to have an accomplished marketing leader with proven results to help us strengthen our position in the storage industry," said Keith Rickard, BakBone's President and CEO. "Peter brings to BakBone the depth of experience and understanding critical for developing, designing, managing and deploying successful marketing programs." ...BakBone Software profile
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Nibble: Remember Compaq?

It's official, HP is now HPQ, and Compaq is now part of the engrossed HP. So "Compaq" is another word you'll be using a bit less often in the future, and can soon safely forget.

Try... It's actually quite hard to deliberately forget something. Compaq... Compaq... Compaq...

Does it keep coming back? Well whatever, Compaq may have meant to you in the past, your memory will eventually make space for some new ideas to fit into that old Compaq space.

Compaq... Compaq... Compaq... It keeps coming back, but it won't last all day. Trust me.

I'm not going to dwell in this article on what Compaq achieved, or what the merger will do for the storage market. That's all been analysed before, and much of the speculation is going to be wrong anyway. Instead I'm going to reflect on just how easy it is for the name of a significant computer company to disappear without trace. That'll help you get "Compaq" out of your system, and if you're an older reader (like me) you may actually have come across some of these names below in real life, and not just in a text book or marketing case study. This is meant to be fun and not really serious. But do these names mean anything to you?

Burroughs? Osborne? Data General? Imprimis? Apollo? Digital Equipment?

Well let me remind you, from my own memory, which may be faulty, just who they were.

Burroughs used to be the world's #2 maker of mainframes back in the 1970's. There used to be an acronym to help you remember IBM's mainframe rivals. It was the "BUNCH" for Burroughs, Univac, NCR, CDC and Honeywell. Burroughs and Univac merged into Unisys, and then kept very quiet, hoping that no one would cause them any trouble. (That's a different idea of stealth marketing to that which we see nowadays in many new VC funded startups. It's kind of a post marketing peak stealth mode. Find a few vertical markets where you are well known, then dig in and hope no one else comes round to take them away.)

Osborne was a publishing company in the mid to late 1970's which did reference books on newly emerging microprocessors. The same Osborne then launched the world's first Intel based portable PC. That was before Compaq, and before Microsoft became an operating systems company. The Osborne PC used the #1 Intel operating system of its day:- called CP/M. I don't think Osborne survived much longer than CP/M.

Data General was a minicomputer manufacturer in the 1970's which was #2 to Digital Equipment. Their design of the Eclipse range using AMD's bit-slice (4 bit) microprocessor technology was immortalised in the book "Soul of a New Machine." In those days, bit-slice gave you a slight performance edge over ready made chips from Intel, Motorola etc, but the lego like building blocks hit a technical and architectural dead-end when companies like LSI Logic made it easy and cheap for anyone (like Sun) to design their own completely customised single chip RISC processor in low to medium volumes. One of Data General's brands still lives on in the Clariion, which was acquired by EMC.

Imprimis. I put Imprimis in this list, because I thought we should actually have a storage company. Imprimis ws the short lived name given to the disk drive operation at CDC. It was spun off as a separate company sometime in the late 1980's and made the fastest 8" and 5.25" drives. It was then acquired by Seagate, who carried on the tradition of making the fastest drives in popular form factors.

Apollo was the #1 workstation company in the mid 1980's. But it used its own proprietary operating system instead of Unix. The company was acquired by HP, which also had a sizable workstation business. In the busy period which followed the Apollo acquisition by HP, and while people were still doing the new organisation charts and rearranging the deck chairs, little old Sun Microsustems came along and blew them all away. By the time HP recovered in the workstation market, a decade later, there wasn't really a workstation business any more, and Sun had transformed into something more difficult to ignore.

Digital Equipment (which everyone called "DEC", but which liked to call itself "Digital") was the #1 minicomputer maker in the 1980's. In fact the first edition of Unix and the C programming language were developed on DEC hardware. DEC had an idea that it could ignore the IBM PC when that came along, and that it could ignore Unix too. Unfortunately, for DEC, both were cheaper than its own offerings, and both were eventually faster too. DEC confused and alienated its server customers by lots of bad decisions, false starts and dead ends. But meanwhile another part of the company had developed a well respected and fast multi-platform storage family called StorageWorks. DEC was acquired by Compaq in the mid 1990's, and gave the company a very bad case of indigestion. The StorageWorks brand is still, at the time of writing, probably the best legacy still surviving from the older company.

And now after our trip down memory lane, we return to the subject of Compaq itself, which if you remember, we are trying hard to forget...

How will we remember Compaq in 10 years or so, using the brutally short style I've used for these other companies?

Well, here's a possible summary, circa 2010.

Compaq designed the first IBM compatible portable in the early 1980's and showed that Wintel compatibility was the important factor for success on the desktop. You didn't have to buy an overpriced PC from IBM after all. But then Dell came along and showed that you didn't have to buy an overpriced Wintel PC or server from Compaq either. Then Compaq was acquired by another company which made storage and printers. I think that company was called HP. HP later split into two parts which are now known as...

You see. It's easier than you thought.

Radiant Resources
Radiant Resources sells new and used Storage Area Network and Data Backup and Recovery Solutions from Sun, Cisco, Veritas, Brocade, and Hitachi.

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